dominating an xhamster in 2012

I have another profile but i cannot post under it...So a young hot asian couple from ny messaged me about dominating the wife infront of her husband..

I had this hot young asian couple message me here on xhamster based on another profile's comments and videos.. i told this smoking hot asian to email me photos herself in all types of poses, ass spread, inside pussy, wet pussy, on the toilet, and anything i could think of to see if she'd be my sub. he was 5'6" 105 lbs small b's zero fat and looked like tera patrick. after a few weeks of fucked up photos i had them meet me on the 5 floor of the W Hotel in downtown manhattan. The lobby doubles as a night club so its kept real dark and has a low ceiling so i knew i could violate her in public to make sure they were legit.

In an email I told them where to stand when they were ready to meetup. As i walked over to meet this husband i completely cut off the wife as if the bitch wasnt even there. As i shook his hand and gave him a room key i told him i now owned his wife until he wanted her back. Until then i was going to use her as my own personal meathole. without any objections i backup to address my holes. I got real close and gave her a kiss on the cheek while pulling her hair just above her neck ever so slightly since the bar was crowded. as a slight moan comes out of her mouth i tell her she's my piece of meat and has to do anything i want. as he bows her head i make her repeat and say yes master. Before we go upstairs i run my hand down her back to make sure shes not wearing a bra or underwear. since we are in a secluded corner im able to slip my hand under her dress to make sure the filthy is soaking wet. i rub her asshole round and round to lube it up with some pussy juice before i slide my thumb in. I finger cuffed her while giving him instructions to unwrap the butt plug i pulled out of my pocket. after smelling my fingers i grabbed the plug and just slightly pushed it into the ass but not entering completely. i wanted until she pushes back to tell her she didnt ask permission and shes in a lot of trouble.. since the plug was smasll i pushed on the end while jamming my fingers back into her wet pussy and told her shes about to be punished real hard.. then i told the husband to make his way over the the elevators so i could violate his wife upstairs.

in the elevator i tell her to stand in the corner under the camera. before the doors are closed im already back in her pussy with my thumb joining the plug in her ass. i start to give her all the instructions on what she will be doing and what she's not allowed to do.. how she was just a piece of meat, a hole, there to do whatever i can think of and that she can only breath without asking...... but she couldnt breath, i was already choking her at that exact moment...

the doors open...
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