Changing Room Blowjob

As of late, I've been visiting the local gym in order to shed a few pounds, being the chubby lad that I am. After training for one or two hours, I decided to dip into the gym's Jacuzzi to relax and warm down. Now, obviously, I wasn't alone in the Jacuzzi, there was a couple who I could tell were fitness freaks, and an older man, around fifty, with a slight pot belly and grey hair.

After making small talk with the other people in the Jacuzzi, I decided that I was going to head home and relax in the house. As I was walking to the changing room, I heard footsteps behind me and turned round to see the same older man I shared the Jacuzzi with. Turns out he had the locker next to mine so we carried on the conversation we shared in the Jacuzzi.

He asked me if I had any plans over the weekend, and being the boring sort I am, I told him no as I have to work over the weekends for overtime. Turns out the man was a swinger who was travelling to Barbados for a week with his wife for what I assume to be some sort of orgy.

What baffled me is that after hearing of his activities, I became weirdly attracted to him. When he was changing I found myself checking him out, especially his short, fat, uncut cock. I've experimented with males before but never ones who are more than double my age. He must have saw me checking him out because as I was staring he turned round and stared at me, fully naked, with a semi-erect cock. He must have knew I was fond of it because he approached me and asked me if I liked it with a sort of sarcastic tone in his voice. He grabbed my hand and placed it onto his cock, and almost, instantly I started to stroke his member. He told me to get naked and get on my knees. He must have knew I was a sub, the way he was talking to me got me so hard.

He took his cock and shoved it in my face and ordered me to suck it, which I did to my heart's content. He started to fuck my face and after a while, came down my throat. I made sure to swallow every last drop of his cum. Never before have I known anyone to cum that much, but I knew that I wanted more. I pulled his cock from my mouth and cleaned it from shaft to head and thanked him for the pleasure of his cock. He helped me up and gave me his number. So as soon as he gets back from Barbados, I know for a fact I'll be drinking his cum in no time.
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7 months ago
there must b more
8 months ago
would like to know what happened when he got back from Barbados
10 months ago
Good story
1 year ago
how did the following visit go? did you get to meet his wife?