A short kiss on the lips. A quick exchange of phone numbers. Off she went on the bus. Or should I say: climbed d***kenly onto the bus?

I didn't expect much of the party where I met her. She was hilarious and there was enough silliness in our conversation to suggest some sort of attraction. The neighbours complained and we were already pretty d***k and so everyone left. I asked for her number which she gave me. I jumped for a kiss on the lips. She kissed back, looked at me and off she went. Not enough attraction, I thought to myself and made myself on my way home.

Of course, the phone number wasn't the real phone number. She wanted to get rid of me or, more probable, she was just too d***k to remember her real number. The next day I convinced myself that texting that number would be an absolute waste of time. I am a rational fellow, I thought to myself. Clearly nothing was there. It would be even demeaning to message her only to be ignored by her.

Of course, I took my phone and spent the best part of an hour to compose a message for her that was harmless and suggestive at the same time. I pressed "Send" and felt guilty.

When a few hours later, my phone got an answer from her I was sure that this was a hoax. Probably it was a false number but, accidentally it reached someone else? The subsequent exchange of texts revealed: it was indeed her. And: she wanted to see me again. I suggested a bite to eat and quickly chose a French film to watch, to impress her with my cultural prowess. Her answer: "Great! See you then!" which translated means probably something like: "You want to bore me to death on our first date?". Google Translate should really have an option for date-speak.

There was a nervousness in her looks when I met her in the restaurant. What a relief because I had been tense about this meeting the whole day. "Did you get home alright?" I asked. She said: "I missed my stop and slept all the way through to the end!". "It's these bl**dy comfy bus seats...they just make you feel all cozy and sl**py. I don't blame you." I replied and we laughed.

I planned just an hour for the dinner to get it over with in case the whole encounter turns out to be an awkward disaster but we started to continue where our d***ken conversation ended - but without the alcohol.

We got into the cinema and it was almost empty. This was the last week for this film and interest seemed to have waned. We took a seat and continued teasing each other during the commercials.
She joked: "You are one of these pseudo-intellectuals who only go to these films because they are naughty but then you go on about the depth of the story telling or the brillance of the camera work". I was not quite sure what she meant and replied: "We all agree that the brain is the one and only true sex organ. If it is stimulated in any way it must therefore be naughty". She laughed but I was still unsure what her comment meant. On the other hand, she gave me a suggestive look, smiled and kissed me on the cheek. "So great literature, neuroscience, philosophy,....all naughty?". I replied: "Henry Miller: naughty great literature. Neuroscientists want to find how we find love - almost naughty. And philosophy...well...Cunt-ian philosophy?" I blushed. Not only because I made a terrible pun involving Immanuel Kant but also because it was a bit too obscene for the usual tone of our conversation. However, she laughed at me.

I was surprised by myself. We were in great form. We exchanged puns and retorts. All of it was truly terrible and wouldn't make us a great comedy act But we had a fantastic time. But, abruptly, our firework of humour was interrupted by the start of the film. I looked at her but she already turned her looks at the screen. Here we are. A fun girl and I could banter away and what do we do? We have to sit silently next to each other through this probably pretentious film.

Her openness, her humour, her eyes - I was electrified by her and I was too distracted to really follow the film. I put my arm next to hers on the armrest. It took me 10 min to summon all my courage to "accidentally" touch her arm. She didn't flinch.

On the screen, a 50something Parisian university professor struggles with his midlife crisis. He laments how his youth will never come back for which his friend suggests a cure: there is usually only one solution in France for this type of despair. You have to seduce a young stunning student of yours.

While the two academics discuss the troubles of middle age men. I summoned all my courage and brushed the back of my hand against her hand. I looked at her but her eyes were fixed at the screen. My fingers ran over her arm and rather strangely she didn't pull it away, she didn't looked at me or made any other move.

The film dragged on. The professor character has a meeting with one of his hot students. Her miniskirt was as short as the one of my date. Her hair was the same. Even her top. I whispered my observations into her ear. She whispered back: "You are lucky that you look no way like him", pointing at the professor. On the screen, the professor and the student had a fight over her academic ambitions or her conduct. She just stared at him and opened her legs to give him full view. I blushed. I started to understand what her earlier remarks about the film meant: there will be sex. This will be juicy. She will probably think that I dragged her into this to get her aroused by the sex on screen and then into bed. An obviously ludicrous plot. She will smell the rat, she will never want to see me again. I started to curse myself for not having read the reviews before choosing the film.

Suddenly felt something at my leg. It turned out that my date had opened her legs wide. Almost too wide. Just like the student on screen. Her leg touches mine. She whispers into my ear: "So I am like her?". I looked back at her, electrified and under shock but she just stared back at the screen. As a sort of test, I pressed my leg against hers but she wouldn't give way. I was speachless which is probably not a major issue in a cinema.

On screen the professor stared at the student's face and the shadow between her legs and he walked towards her. She stares at him and there is coolness in her look and control. She is in power.

He stands next to her and touches her arm. I couldn't resist to think what my date told me: "So I am like her?". If she is like the student, well, what would happen if I put my hand on her arm just like the professor? This is crazy but without realising it I move my hand back on her arm and caress it.

The professor strokes the student arm with his fingers and I copy his moves. Again, no movement from my date. In the film, the professor is speechless and mesmerised by this gorgeous girl. The student just looks at him provocatively and opens her legs further. So does my date. I swallow. Oh my god. He moves a finger over her thighs and stares and them as if a supernatural phenomenon took place in front of his eyes. My fingers shake as much as the professor's but they make their way down to the beautiful thighs of my girl. When I run them over her stockings and I can feel a slight flinch but her legs are wide open again.

The professor now massages one of her thighs with one hand and starts to kiss his student's face. I don't dare to kiss her. Not in public. Not in this situation. But under the cover of darkness I dare to carefully massage her thighs and run my hands over her knees. I go back up and softly touch the inside of her thighs. The professor kisses the young woman and his hands wander up between her legs into the forbidden shadow of her mini skirt. You should always do what your professor does. Therefore, my fingers move further up until I feel her undies. I hear a little moan from my date but otherwise the student and my friend both just sit there with legs open while the professor's and my fingers running up and down the crotches of two amazing women.

The student suddenly stands up and slowly removes her stockings. She has never worn any panties - just stockings and suspenders. While she tortures the professor with a striptease she stares at him half mocking,half lascvicious. Suddenly my date jumps up and walks out. I am confused and disappointed. I played a game and I lost. Should I follow her? There was a big erection in my trousers and the bulge was quite clearly visible. And what would I say? When I finally decided to get up and follow her I see her walking back. I take my seat again and she sits next to me again without even acknowledging me and opens her legs. I put my hands back on her thighs: there are n stockings anymore. Instead there is warm soft smooth skin. I thought it impossible but my erection becomes even harder. I slowly move my fingers up inside her miniskirt. Instead of undies I feel the thick fur. Her fur. In that moment I feel droplets come out of my penis. My hand moves further down: I am not the only one who is wet.

My date's undressing took place during the foreplay on screen. The characters have progressed to the next stage. The student is lying on the desk, legs open. The professor's erection is in his hands, about to fulfill his desire. My fingers try to move between her thighs but it is difficult-there is little space even though she has opened her legs and now she even moves her pelvis slightly forward. We both stare at the screen. The moment the professor enters into his student, my finger moves inside the wet, warm, glorious inside of my date. I hear her swallowing but she wouldn't move or look at me. My finger has just completely moved inside of her. I cannot believe it.

The film shows the seduction in full length. No cut. No moving to another scene. Instead the professor pushes slowly into his student and so does my wet and sticky finger. Surely his penis is bigger than one finger I think to myself and I move a second finger inside her and my thumb tries to slowly rub her clitoris. It must be the most clumsy fingering in the history of human kind. But we are in a cinema, we have to be calm, I have to be careful. There aren't many people here but there are some.

The student let the professor do his work. He is moaning and moaning and pounding her harder and harder. The student is only staring at him. She tries to pull herself together and only a subdued moan comes out of her throat every now and then. She wants to show him who is in power.

There is another power game taking place between me and my date. Or is it? I just want her to come. My erection hurts but I see her chest moving under her heavy breathing. She has such a beautiful bust. And she is brave. And crazy. She is too good to be true and my thinking is: I need to thank her by giving her release.

I move my fingers faster and my thumb rubs at what I think is her clitoris. Not too fast. I pace myself. But I feel her legs shaking. She is very very wet. I am so horny that I am looking forward to licking my fingers afterwards. What will happen after this? Are we going out now? Will we never see each other again? I cannot waste time thinking about it. My fingers pump into her and then I decide to move them out and rub her clitoris and lips with my hand. She breathers faster, her legs are still open, she still stares at the screen but her mouth opens. The next moment, the professor and his friend walk around a very noisy part of Paris passed some building site. Perfect timing. She doesn't make much of a sound but there is breathing and an occassional moan. Her hands grab the armrest very tightly. Her back arches and her pelvis pushes onto my fingers. I can feel lots of liquid coming out of her vulva. She has just come. I feel her seat. It is soaking wet. She must have even squirted.

I watch her relaxing but maybe it is impolite to stare at her and I try to focus on the screen again. Of course I can't. Suddenly, I feel her hands around my face and she draws me to her lips and kisses me. It is a short but passionate and warm kiss.


If enough people like the story....I will continue

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