Mother Daze

If the idea of a mother being made to fuck her own son offends you, please read on

I have always wanted to fuck her and now she was turning 69. I don’t want to wait until the nursing home lets me give her a sponge bath on Mother’s Day years from now, until I feel her naked breasts and lick her pussy. She is 5 foot tall and weighs around 150 with 45 DD and a huge bubble ass with a barbie doll waist, and I have found a way to fuck the holy shit out of her.

For 30 years I have wanted to fuck mom. I make sure she accidently see my cock every five years or so and she has never dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. She has found tapes labeled MotherFucker when I slept over and never said a word. She knows her son wants to fuck her but knows he would never cross that line. But what she does not know is that for 69 days her son has abstained from sex including masturbation and planning a way to cross the line.

Its Saturday morning as I act like I’m picking up two Mexicans at Home Depot to help me pull weeds in Moms back yard. So mom thinks that I am paying them $10 an hour for there labor, Sorry Mom but they are her to help me after all these years, fuck you.

After two hours of the 3 of us working we all begin to yell and scream until I get my mom at the back window to look what the hell is going on. She then watches me kick on of the men out the gate as he cusses at me in Spanish walking away.

I explain how this guy was crazy so I paid him and asked to leave, he got mad and I asked him to leave. I told her not worry , every thing was fine and to go inside. She smiled and went to make us coffee. That was the last she thing she would volunteer to to for me or anybody else for the rest of the day and well into the night.

It had been an hour as far as my mom knew that I kicked the angry one away. What she was soon to learn that he had snuck into the house and was about to put a rag over her face and look deep into her eyes as she goes to sl**p.

She is passed out cold as me and my to friends hurry to strip her naked and tie her to her reclined open lazy boy chair. The gas lasts 5 min max till she wakes up. We strip her and gag her mouth. Moms legs are bound open and her hans are bound behind her head.

I stand in the back of the room as Crazy Jose rubs his hard cock on my moms face. It is driving me crazy but I have to watch and not even think of my throbbing cock. My time will cuuum soon enough.

Fuck it has been more then 5 min as Jose’s cock grows harder and even bigger. As I was afraid of but really wanted --His cock is soooo much bigger then mine. I dont give a fuck I will soon have moms pussy, asshole, mouth and tits for hours to cuuum tonight.

Oh fuck she is waking up and Jose is slapping his hard on across her face and I feel pre cum on my cock. The plan is for me to walk in and catch him on top of my naked mom. I overpower him and pull him off but am given the same rag from his friend from behind. But in front of mom she sees me drop out cold. They put a collar around my neck and put me on my knees with my face in moms pussy as I act to be passed out.

My eyes were wide open as soon as I knew she could see my face. I wanted to bury my tongh as deep and as fast as possible and lick her pussy for as long as it takes to make her cum but I do not call the shots any more.


I felt the pressure on the back of my head and soon my face was being rubbed up and down and back and forth over her pussy lips faster and faster he made my face rub over mom course pubic hairs. My cock was aching as I let my tongh find her hole and stopped the fake resistance. It was pussy eating time.

I licked up and down over her hair and finally found her sweet hole. It was dry but hot as my lips quivered and tongh darted. Her heat became moist as her odor began to fill the room. She was hot and her breathing became quick and shallow as I slipped deeper and deeper up inside mom. OH FUCK SHE TASTED GOOD.




Oh fuck my mom was going to cum on my face cause I am being f***ed to eat her out-Dreams do cum true
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looks forward to more please
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1 year ago
Just starting to get good...I hope there's more to come...