2012 New Years Party

I was invited to this private New Year Party. Not a News Years Eve Party a NEW YEAR PARTY. This party did not start until 12:01 am 2012. This house was packed out with beautiful woman and nice looking guys all over the place. Some were fully & partially dressed, while others were nude in the buff :)

I walked around checking the entire house out. Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, pool house, cabana hut, pool, hot tub, out-in door bar, game room. You had the full run of the house. This house was NICE, and so were the owners. The Hostess of the house was an older classy sexy woman, in her late 50's. She had a body on her that did not stop; WOW....... The Host was a gentlemen in the ruff. Strong, rugged, and handsome man in his late 50's as well.

The hostess rounded me up by some of her friends. They told me everybody must cum and see her. When I say cum; well you know. She was at the bar making drinks when I was directed to her. She stood there wearing this long flowing see through gown. "WHAT IS YOUR PREFERENCE?" she yelled over the music. I asked her what kind of tequila do you have? She said the kind you do body shoots with. All I could do was SMILE :) POINT BREAK w/ Patric Swayze & Keenan Reeves came to mind :} I had a few great margaritas when the hostess says to me you need to meet the host.

I would follow her sent any were. MMMMMMMM.... We go into the game room were the host is getting a blow job from a hot woman. The hostess introduced us and he told the woman that was giving him the blow job that they would continue this later. The three of us are talking and he asks me what do I think of my wife? OH YES very beautiful. Then we must have a body shoot says the host, BUT only problem is you need to be in less clothing for this shoot. Not a problem for me, as the hostess helps undress me down to my undies :)

The hostess drops her flowing gown. Like dropping the curtains to art sculpture, WOW..... and lays back on the pool table. The host makes him and I a shoot set up. Double shoot of tequila, lemon wedge, sea salt. The hostess pours some of the shoot into her belly button, runs the lemon up her stomach to her breast sprinkling sea salt on the lemon trail, places the wedge lemon in her cleavage and the rest of the shoot glass in between her thighs.

The host says guest first. SO I suck out her belly button, lick the salt off her stomach and eat the wedge from her suckling breast. All to take a deep breath and pull the shoot glass out from her thighs with my mouth. He said nicely done. Then he did the same but she was playing with his balls and stroking his cock. I told him I like your shoot better than mine. The host says "don't you worry she has not have her body shoot yet" :} So I lie down where the hostess laid. She ran the wedge of lemon around my nipples down my stomach and up&down my cock and balls. WOW.... was that hot and places it in my mouth. Then she sprinkled salt from my nipples to my balls. Filled my belly button full of tequila and moaned with a smile. She sucks my belly button dry, runs her tongue up my chest and licks my nipples and sucks the salt of my cock and balls and eats the wedge out of my mouth. WOW... that was awesome :)

The host says he's all yours see you two later. The hostess pours us another double shoot. She then starts to lick and nibble me all over. She raises my legs up high and runs her tongue up and down my balls and ass hole. Buries her tongue into my ass hole and make me moan like a LION in HEAT all the while stroking my cock and pinching my nipples. She gets my ass all wet and eats my ass like a juice watermelon. She even rubbed her hard nipples around my ass hole WOW>>>>

The hostess sucked both of my droopy balls into her mouth while fingering my ass and looking at me as I moan in pleasure. I was moving all over the place it felt so good. She would take every bit of my cock into her mouth and try for more as she would choke it down. I skull fucked her to the point of her eyes popping out of her head. She told me to slap her titties and pinch her nipples harder and harder.

I was getting to the point of eruption when she had a few fingers in my ass and choking on my cock. I filled her mouth full of my MAN JUICE; when she raised up, sat on my cock and had an squirting screaming orgasm while kissing me with my cum. WOW..................... She then cleaned all of her juice off my cock and kissed me some more. We had cum all over that pool table.

She then crawled off of me with her ass high in the air. I was ready for another double shoot. She was on all fours on the pool table with me mounted behind her. We both slammed our shoots while I rammed my cock deep into her soggy pussy. All you could hear was her wet pussy farts and deep moans as I thrust-ed my cock and balls deep into her loins, licking both of our cum off her face.

She was the best HOSTESS I had ever met. Now I see why every body cums to their parties. That night was the best way to start the new year off right. I had an awesome time and can't wait till next years NEW YEAR PARTY.
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2 years ago
i want to go to your friends party
2 years ago
oh man can i cum next year?
great story.
felt like i was there.
thanks for sharing
3 years ago