Double Stuffed oreo

Met these two dark rich ebony beauties in this roof top bar, sweet and petite they were. Brown Sugar is what they called themselves. Brown has these baseball size titties with hard nipples. She stands at 5'9 with 3" heels, some of the fullest softest lips I have seen. Six pack, bun of steel WOW she can put a hurt-in on me. Sugar has long wavy hair mid of her back, eyes any man can get lost in. No tits just very large nipples,the kind to chew on. Thighs and cafes I would love to sink my teeth into. And some of the most sexiest feet and toes. These girls had something special going on.

We talked at the bar for some time and a lounge opened over looking the main strip. There we can see it all as we had a Awesome corner seat with just enough privacy 3 stories up and some living decor. Ordering apps and beverages the conversations started to get loose. The girls were more freely about the answers they gave me, to the point it was all about sex. Positions, sizes, parts of the body, colors, toys, oils, sex cocktails you name it we talked about. They brought it up so of course I am going to keep it flowing.

They both were BI sexual which turned me on even more than I was all ready. They kissed and rubbed their chest together were anybody on the strip could see. Told them I love to be watched whether it's sexual or not. But when it is sexual I get all into making a awesome live show. Told them some stories, they told me some. It was about 3pm and all the bars in town close but not this one. Three Sheets is a all niter club (after hours club), the name says it all. This place gets wild from what Brown Sugar told me.

It didn't take long for the mood to change from loose to FORWARD once the clock stuck 3. The great thing with our lounge was that it was huge enough for all three of us to stretch out naked. This lounge was a extra large plush leather couch with matching extra large ottomans all put together makes a king size bed :) I have been sizing up the lounge and it's privacy for the fun we were about to have.

Brown sat on the left and Sugar sat on the right of me. Brown rubbed my chest and arms while Sugar rubbed my legs and feet. This is awesome I am about to get a nude massage in this club. As they rubbed I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Told them "makes it easier to rub the upper body". Sugar would run her hands up my shorts massaging my cock and balls. Our server reloaded our drinks as she said to me that I looked very comfortable and that she would not bother us anymore until we call on her. She knew what was about to happen in the corner lounge. Rubbed my cock on Browns lips across her tongue and deep in her throat. Sugar sucked both my balls into her mouth and ran her tongue all around them.

I removed Browns top and them baseball titties stood solid. Ran my tongue all around her titties, nibbling on her nipples, squeezing them together. Sugar was kissing my back, ass, legs. Making her way up she spread my cheeks and ran her tongue up and down my crack. I rubbed my cock in between Browns tits as she would lick my head. Sugar was enjoying herself playing with my ass. I could not complain but only moan with pleasure.

I worked Sugars skirt off of her showing off them sexy little panties. Started on Browns skirt when she asked me do I want to fuck or be fucked. I told them that this is my first time with two shemales. And that I want to be the DOUBLE STUFFED in a oreo cookie. They both looked at me with some surprise. You knew we were shemales? Yes from the very beginning. And what is a double stuffed? I told them that they were the cookie and I was the creamy center getting stuffed.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!

We fucked til the sun came up LITERALLY and I did not want to stop. All of our liqueur was gone both of them had two orgasms each and I was like the Energizer Bunny. They said that Three Sheets has some of the best breakfast to offer. I am loving this place Drink - Eat - Party & Play. Sure dose live up to it's name. This is another one for the Fuck It List x2. Wish I had the camera because they would of been awesome.
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8 months ago
nice story thanks for posting
8 months ago
Fantastic story!! Thanks!!
8 months ago
so erotic and sensual I would jusy love tobe with you nexttime