Spring Break

WELL make another check on the Fuck-it List, see pictures "Spring Break"

Beautiful spring morning sun was warm wind was calm my cock was itching to get some rays. Laying nude in the sun has always been a turn on for me. Filling the warm rays of the sun relax my cock and balls. WOW it feels so good to nude bathe. Ray called and asked if I had any plans for the day. I told him that I was doing it right now "nude bathing". He said "sure like to see that". Told him "cum on".

Shortly after Ray call Reese called. Wanting to know what I was doing, told him same thing "nude bathing", and that Ray was on the way over. They know about each other but never met. Told Reese to cum and sneak up on us and take some pic's. He said "see you soon". Ray was here within an hour, by then I was hot sweaty and horny. I had Ray cool me down with the water house. Now that felt great, the heated water in the house. THEN it cools down and my cock got hard, knowing there was about to be another. Ray dried me off with his tongue from top to bottom. Nibbling on my nipples, liking my ass, sucking my cock and rubbing my balls.

I sat down and grabbed his fat head cock and slapped myself in the face. From cheek to cheek and lick in between. Slowly ran my hands up the back of his legs gripping his ass and pulling him as hard as I could towards me. This ramming his fat head cock deep into my throat and holding him deep. While his fat head sat perfectly in my throat, my tongue was going crazy. Wrapping all around his shaft like a black snake mating. I can see his knees bulking some, so I start to make a real deep hummmmm. Ray about fell out in the sun, so I had him lay down in the shade.

There I treated him like a ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET. I sucked and sucked his cock and balls for about 20 minutes. I then heard Reese walk up on us but not were Ray can see Reese, only me. He started taking pic's and I was SO EXCITED. The pre-cum was flowing from my stiff cock steadily. Reese walked into Rays sight and he never flinched. Maybe because his cock was all in my mouth being slowly milked. Reese got in on the action and sat under me and sucked my cock and balls from behind, DAM this was so awesome.

Reese said he wanted to play with some ASS's. I told him well here are two for you. Ray and I rolled over while Reese massaged our ass's. Working down in between our cheeks, working a finger at a time into each of us. I was watching Ray's face as he took another and another. I started kissing him on the neck biting his ear and sucking his tongue. He had three full fingers in him, while Reese turned and pulled he started on me. Working three fingers in, I was tight and wanted it.

I started slamming my ass against Reese's hand while he worked two more in on Ray. DAM I was having fun and wanting more in me. Reese had worked five fingers to the last knuckle into both of us. Ray said "fist me I want it now" and I said "yea I want to watch". So I took pic's of Ray getting fisted. Reese said to me "when are you going to open up and take a fist".

I laid in front of Ray so he can suck my cock while I watch him get fisted. That was awesome to see in person. I was going to fuck Ray but he was to loose for me. So I said "my ass is hungry for some fat head cock". I mounted Ray as Reese took Ray's cock and teased my juicy ass hole. I wanted him deep in me, BALLS DEEP. Reese finally got me squirming as he had Ray all the way in me. I rode him like there was no tomorrow.

Reese started sucking my cock with every thrust I gave. I was face fucking one man while I fuck another mans cock. This was so awesome I wish I had pic's to show. Started thrashing so hard Reese could no longer suck my cock, so he jacked me while I milked Ray's balls. Making me moan louder and Louder to the point I was screaming with PLEASURE. Shooting my hot load all over Ray's stomach.

Reese started jacking Ray's cock in my ass, as I laid there. He had his cock working me real good, I kept moaning listening to Ray's breathing getting deeper. I chomped hard on ray's nipple, so hard he arched his back driving his cock deeper in me. I chomped as hard on the other, Ray was now moaning his face was red pounding his hips into mine.

Before I knew it he was shooting a hot load right with mine on his stomach. That was some awesome Spring Break being and getting fucked all at once. Sure is one that makes the charts for the FUCK-IT LIST.
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great story