Good Samaritan

Cold, windy, raining make for a good day to stay home. I was doing just that when I saw this petite older looking woman struggle with the straps on one of her bags. She looks as if she just got off the bus. Rolled down the window being blown with cold rain. I asked her if she need a dry ride? She looked up from all of the layers she was under from head to toe and said yes. She put her two bags in the back. As she climbs up front of my suburban. She says to me real soft spoken "Yes Thank you Sir" So where are you going? she says down town, is that ok? DAM..... I don't want to go all the way into town. But it was cold windy rain and she looked pitiful. I told her not a problem.

She was a nicely dressed woman, pretty face, in good shape. Carrying them bags like she was you know she is strong for her size and age. I tell her to unbutton her coat so she can warm up some. She removes her hat and ear muffs, unzipps her coat trying to get warm.

As we are going to town I notice she is a very good looking older woman. We small talked - whats your name JACKIE, where you from WINSTON SALEM, where you live LOOKING, sure like to be where it is warm YES I WOULD, nude on a beach NO ANSWER. She looked at me and said "I bet you like to on a nude beach!!" I told her YEA. Wouldn't you, filling the sun warm you skin as your nipples get hard? She just laughed. I asked her how old was she. She said 59. My cock was stirring around my sweat pants. Little more small talk. Moved back to the nude beach talk.

I told her that I really enjoy sex with older women. Her face is now getting red-er than the make up she is wearing. NO ANSWER.... I would like to give you an orgasm. Her eyes grew so big. I told her that I would stay full cloth. I just wanted to bring you to an orgasm that you deserve. She said I never heard a man say that before most men are out for their own. I'm not most men, I want my partner to be just as satisfied.

I asked her if I can see her little pussy. She looked at me and said " you are not going to stop are you?" I told her NO, it's HARD to stop when you look as good as you are. She says "I bet it is hard?" I pull down my sweat pants in A FLASH and said "YEP it sure is" she about jumped out of her skin, hiding her face. I told her don't be ashamed. Be proud a younger man finds you sexually attractive.

She looks over and says "OH MY GOD" I said to her when was the last time you saw a young man nude in front of you. She says " A VERY LONG TIME". The precum is flowing balls are all tingling. I look at her and say " you can touch me!!" She looks like a scared k** but on the other side she looks like a HUNGRY COUGAR.

Jackie reaches over and lightly touches my hard cock. I told her not to be gentle, but I will be gentle with you. She looks up at me and says I will be gentle as well.

Folded down the back seats as she gets naked. Me 5 seconds flat to get naked. WOW....... She says don't laugh at me. WHAT I NEVER WOULD. AGAIN WOW..... this petite 59 year old lady has a smoking body. Wish I had a camera to show you how hot she is.

She plays with my cock as I play with her tight sweet smelling little pussy. I can't wait to slowly put my hard cock in her. She is starting to warm up to me like and kiss my cock and balls. I can't wait it is killing me I need to taste her. I mount her chest pull my cock all the way backwards and lung my face in her pussy. SHIT THIS IS AWESOME HER PUSSY IS SO WET SMELLS SO SWEET TASTE EVEN BETTER.

I pull her legs up as high as I can. Lock my arms in behind her knees and slide my cock between her tiny tea cup titties and down her throat. She is moaning as I can feel my balls on her chin. I ram my tongue deep in her juice pussy eating it like there is no tomorrow and ram my cock and balls deep in her throat.

She has worked herself into the corner. I turn her around and play with her pussy with the head of my cock. I like to fuck the clit, it is so awesome. Her pussy is so sloppy wet I press the head against her lips. Looks as her pussy just opened up and swallowed my cock in one gulf.

Shit she was tight, I was kinda of afraid I would hurt her. She grab my ass and pulled me in deep. Well that was the end of that pussy. I fuck her for two hours straight in the back of my suburban. The window were fogged up with sweat dripping down the sides. We both were wet from cum and sweat.

I gave Granny the best ride of her life. As I sit here I am getting hard again. I want to find JACKIE GRANNY again. MAYBE

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1 year ago
It's all good but I was particularly struck by the term "tea cup tithes" What a lovely term. Makes me want some tea. Thanks
2 years ago
Great story !
2 years ago
Hot story!
Wish it was a little longer...