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I stopped in this xxx theater one time. There were these over sized lather love seats and couches. On one side there was straight porn and on the other side was gay pron on these big projector screens. In between the two theaters was these single booths with glory holes and were you can smoke.
A few guys would sit down and watch the movie for a few and move on. I sat there watching this big tit older woman get fucked and getting aroused. Once that movie was over I went over to the gay side. Sitting there along the side wall watching the movie and able to see the other seats. I started to rub myself through my pants. Catching a few eyes as my cock started to grow. This guy sits right across from me and pulls his cock out and starts to jack off. This other guy comes in and stands there watching me rub myself and the other jacking off. The movie had to hot guys fulling around. I then free my cock from it's chambers balls and all. The guy standing dose the same, a few more guys walk in. The first guy jacking off gets up and sits next to me and plays with my cock. Pinching my nipples and rubbing my chest. I then stand up and rip my shirt off and throw my pants on the next couch. Now I am standing there buck naked in a gay theater with two guys jacking off to me and a few more just watching. This was so hot and the first time I have ever done anything like this before. Had thought about it but never followed through.
The guy sitting next to me reaches out and grabs my cock and starts sucking it and my balls. The other guy sits were I was sitting and smacks me hard on the ass. I stand on the love seat with one leg on the head rest and ride the first guys face. Burying my cock deep in his throat, while my balls dangled on his chin. The other guy starts sucking my balls and still smacking me on the ass. Now there were 5 guys standing there watching us. The excitement I was having fucking an mans face while another sucked my balls and more watching, all the while I was watching the movie. LOVING IT this was so awesome.
The guy sucking my balls spreads my cheeks and runs his tongue into my sweet tasting deep ass. As I thrashed my hips into the guys face I hear him choking on my cock. Then I would ram my ass into the other guys face hearing him moan while he licked me from the inside out.
I felt the guy sucking my cock start to moan and pump his hips. He then cums all over his cock and balls. I just made him cum and that made me even hotter. I grabbed the back of the head of the guy eating my ass and pulled his whole face deeper into my ass as I pumped both of their faces harder. He then started to moan, I looked back and watched him shoot a big load of cum all over the others guys cock and balls. WOW..... I just made two guys cum that is so hot.
The guys on the movie started to moan and cum all over each other. Watching two guys eat my cock, balls and ass cum on each other. With 5 others standing there watching all the while I watch a gay porn movie. I am so HOT, I get that feeling in my balls and I start to moan louder than the movie and blow a load of cum all both of them guys faces.

Best live show ever.

96% (12/1)
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1 year ago
wish I was there I could have joined you and destroy that theater. loved it!
2 years ago
Glade you liked my trip to the xxx theater.
2 years ago
Mmmm nice
2 years ago
Sounds like fun