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Driving down the interstate extremly horny and hungry. I had seen a sign for a burger joint. Didn't see the whole sign, got off on the wrong exit. While sitting at the light this car pulls up to the driver side. I look back over my shoulder through the rear passenger window and see this handsome older gentalmen. I say he was early 50's clean cut lightly salt & peppered hair. We caught eyes, I then made a little more effort to see him over my shoulder. Looked back at him and again we caught eyes and he has his right arm extended over the headrest of the passenger seat.

Light turns green he moves over in front of me and turns right, so do I looking for something to eat :) He turns right going away from the food stores. I watch him drive away as I decide what I want to eat. I look back towards him and notice he is flashing his break lights. So I follow him he turns into this parking lot. I pull up to him asking if he knows were this one burger joint is. He replys no I think they are closed. So I said ok well thank you have a good day.

I start to pull off when he asks me "is there anything else you are looking for"? You look horny? I told him 24/7. He says yea I'm not far from cuming I reply with a hummmmm and a smerk. He said he has a new liking too. Newly divorced he likes to jack off with good looking men. I told him that would be nice.

I get into his car, wow he even has nice legs. I watch him pull out is meat stick mmmmm DAM am I HUNGERY thinking to myself. He starts to tug and twist on his nice looking cock. I pull my cock out of his hiding place and I am just oozing with pre-cum. I run my finger tip around my p-hole and lick the sweet clear juices from my cock. I play with my ball sack watching him jack off. There is something about watching a man jack off next to you while sitting in a busy parking lot. As I was thinking that he says it "this is actualy hot, jack off like this.

I reach over and gently grip his balls. They were heavy full of cum, soft freshly shaved and extremley hot. He moans... throwing his head back... wiggles his hips. I grab hold of his cock and gently slide my hand up and down his shaft. He reaches over and grabs my cock and jacks it off fast and hard. OH YEA... I yell. He is moving all over the place, saying this is so exciting.

All of a sudden this car pulls up behind us and he says "oh shit a car"
and then he cums flowing like a fire hose. I pull down the passenger visor mirror and look at the car behind us. It is a young 20's blonde hair cuttie.

As I watch him clean up and the cuttie behind us is putting something on her lips. I jack my cock hard pre-cum is just flowing down my shaft. He is now rubing my balls and tugging on them. They start to tingle my head is swelling, the cuttie is licking her lips. I blow a load of hot man juice all over my stomach. WOW that was awesome.

Posted by Gehld 2 years ago
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2 years ago
The excitement is realistic. You write these short stories with just the right amount of sexual energy. Keeps them arousing right to the end.
2 years ago