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[Story] Road Side ASSistance

Traveling the interstate warm summer, some clouds, nice day. I am 3 lanes over to the left when I see this pick-up truck with the hood up. Just as I start to pass the truck this Dirty Blonde, Big Titty, Long Leg Older Woman steps out and waves down cars behind me. I have a clear shoot straight to the shoulder, and that's just what I did. Get to the shoulder and all the cars and big trucks pass me, I am about 25-30 yards from the truck. Put my 4 way flashers on and back up slowly. As I get closer that dirty blonde older woman keeps looking better and better. She comes walking up to my truck and... Continue»
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[Story] Double Stuffed oreo

Met these two dark rich ebony beauties in this roof top bar, sweet and petite they were. Brown Sugar is what they called themselves. Brown has these baseball size titties with hard nipples. She stands at 5'9 with 3" heels, some of the fullest softest lips I have seen. Six pack, bun of steel WOW she can put a hurt-in on me. Sugar has long wavy hair mid of her back, eyes any man can get lost in. No tits just very large nipples,the kind to chew on. Thighs and cafes I would love to sink my teeth into. And some of the most sexiest feet and toes. These girls had something special going on.

We tal... Continue»
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[Story] Spring Break

WELL make another check on the Fuck-it List, see pictures "Spring Break"

Beautiful spring morning sun was warm wind was calm my cock was itching to get some rays. Laying nude in the sun has always been a turn on for me. Filling the warm rays of the sun relax my cock and balls. WOW it feels so good to nude bathe. Ray called and asked if I had any plans for the day. I told him that I was doing it right now "nude bathing". He said "sure like to see that". Told him "cum on".

Shortly after Ray call Reese called. Wanting to know what I was doing, told him same thing "nude bathing", and that R... Continue»
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[Story] Cramming for finals

Finished two finals early this morning and now cramming for the last one of the semester. This was the big one of my class's and have 3 hours, We Are Good. Drive down to the river and park facing the water. Nice sunny day with cool breez off the river felt relaxing. While studying see a few a.m. runners a few dog walkers and a couple sexy mommies other than that really quiet. It has been about two hours studying and had the need to release some tension and be fully relaxed for this final.

Listening to a song that reminded me of a girl once played with. I start rubbing my chest and pinch my... Continue»
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As we pull into my driveway she is hanging out the window of my truck letting the warm breeze hit her hard nipples. All the while her sweet ass is up in the air and that beautiful camel toe ready to be eaten. No sooner did I put the truck in park I was laying on my back under her flickering my tongue across her clit. WOW was she juice and smelled so sweet.

She got real quite as I licked her camel toe up and down, side to side. I could start to hear her moan as she lowered her sweet pussy down on to my face. Before I knew it she ... Continue»
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[Story] Satin Panties

It was a full moon spring night and wanted to go dancing. I was wearing this tight tank top with a button up dress shirt, dress pants with no underwear and timberlands slide on's. Hit the local club before they started to charge cover. Ate oysters on the half shell with shots of tequila. Talked to a few people waiting for the crowd to get in. This one club is known for having Bachelorette party groups just about every weekend. As it was getting closer to 10 pm the girls were making their way in, along with the four bachelorette groups. Then this one group of 5 women came in, WOW...

They all... Continue»
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[Story] Good Samaritan

Cold, windy, raining make for a good day to stay home. I was doing just that when I saw this petite older looking woman struggle with the straps on one of her bags. She looks as if she just got off the bus. Rolled down the window being blown with cold rain. I asked her if she need a dry ride? She looked up from all of the layers she was under from head to toe and said yes. She put her two bags in the back. As she climbs up front of my suburban. She says to me real soft spoken "Yes Thank you Sir" So where are you going? she says down town, is that ok? DAM..... I don't want to go all the way int... Continue»
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Cock Knocker


Shelly has this bag of stainless steel cock rings of all sizes at her house. And needed me to hold on them for a few days. For he mother was visiting her for a day or two. Mary is a very controlling person and will go through her daughters stuff just to go through it. Her mom would freak if she found them rings. I say let her find them, that's what you get for being snoopy.

So I took them home and had to play with them. I put on a few large rings around my balls before I started to get firm. Walked around the house for a bit waiting to go limp. Once I was limp sta... Continue»
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[Story] Lap Dog

It had been rolling around in my heads for some time now "I want to suck some cock". I don't go looking for men to have sex. Don't know why just the way I am. But this day was all different from the rest.

I had two hours to kill so on the way home I looked hard for some man to hit on. Old / young I didn't care. Three in fact caught my eye only one stopped and talked a few (seconds). Police drove by and he darted off. OH well.... So I stopped by the Adult Store. It had been a long time being there.

As I walked in the Arcade there stood two older men Jamie, Moire watching another older ma... Continue»
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[Story] Old Friend

An old friend Jeff reached me and we meet up. He had belts, bandannas, ruler paddle, lotions all set out. All I could think is "you read my mine", YES, I am getting tied up today. Some pictures are posted "Old Friend".

As I undressed down to my bikinis. Really all they are is a cock sling. Stood there and had an instant wet undies. On my way into the shower. I brushed my package just in front of his lips as he turns around. He reached up and grabbed hold of my cock sling and said "I'm going to enjoy this". All I can do is smile and instantly become his TOY. This is my first time being tied ... Continue»
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[Story] Nude Beach

Been a long time since I had been to the nude beach. Was in the area and had time to kill. So I made my way to the beach. Got there and the county had put up signs saying no public nudity. I was bummed out about that, but I was here so need to enjoy the beach anyways.
Use to be the first half be clothed and the second half was clothing optional. Parked towards the end hoping to see some rebels nudist. As I am getting my swim trunks out of my bag. This mid / high 50 year woman comes walking across the lot. Wow she was hot, as she is leaning into the back seat I can see her nice big titties. I ... Continue»
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[Story] Friends Mother

Jeff and I where at the bar, everybody we saw out was older crowd 35 and up. Didn't bother me I like older people, they are fun, mature and know how to tend to your needs. I had enough to drink to say I'm not driving. Jeff said I can crash at his place and get my car tomorrow. He said his mom was visiting and that she will be in the guess bedroom. Told him no problem I'll take the couch, plus that's where the projector screen is :)

Jeff's mom is pretty hot for 61 years ripe. She has mostly sliver hair with natural blond highlights, Sexy green eyes, big tits, thick ass. Big flirt, straight ... Continue»
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Lights Camera Lots of ACTION!!!

Looking for a Camera Person???

I have always wanted someone to video me in the moment. I fantasize about be filmed, gets me so excited. Don't need any pro just someone that can get the good shots.
If there is anyone that would like to video me and is in the nearby area lets see what we can do.

Only serious people please.... Leave me a post or Private Message.
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Puss n Boots

There is one thing in the fall and winter that drives me crazy. Women wearing boots with tight jeans and cotton leggings. Something how them boots draw that ass tight and legs firm up. All the while the jeans show every little detail. The only thing missing is a camel toe.

Wow talking about making my balls tingle and cock throb.
Love the PUSS n BOOTS ladies.
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[Story] Mom's Friend

My mom and her friend came and visit for a few days. Her friend stands about 6 foot tall, long dirty blonde hair that hangs below her large succulent 48 DDD breast. Beautiful blue eyes, sexy facial features with a tummy. Her ass is so full, white girl got back.

One night we sat around drinking wine and talking about sex stories of each other. After a case of wine my mom headed to bed, while her friend and I finished the last of wine. She moved closer to me and said "I am buzzed and extremely horny". I told her "yea all this talking about sex has made my balls tingle and my cock being firm".... Continue»
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[Story] Another Vacation

Have you ever had that friend that you imagine what they look like naked? Well my s****r's mother-in-law is a woman I wanted to see naked. She is 62 years of sexy, soft silky legs, reddish brown curly hair, nipples that poke your eyes out with pleasure. As we spend Labor Day weekend at a Resort. Relaxing in the indoor water park, watching her float on the lazy river all spread out on a tub. OH... how I like to feast on that camel toe, she was sporting. I had to get a tub and float on my stomach and catch up to her as she floats on the back side through a tunnel. She had her back to me as I pad... Continue»
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[Story] Live Show

I stopped in this xxx theater one time. There were these over sized lather love seats and couches. On one side there was straight porn and on the other side was gay pron on these big projector screens. In between the two theaters was these single booths with glory holes and were you can smoke.
A few guys would sit down and watch the movie for a few and move on. I sat there watching this big tit older woman get fucked and getting aroused. Once that movie was over I went over to the gay side. Sitting there along the side wall watching the movie and able to see the other seats. I started to ru... Continue»
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[Story] Vacation

Gone to the mountains for a vacation with some friends. We had a two bedroom condo with the most beautiful view. There was my female friend Kristy and the other couple, Steve and Megan. Kristy's parents spent two nights with us. So I gave them our room, nothing with them being my friends parents. More of how sl**ping on the pull out sucks, plus Kristie's mom is extremely hot for 62 years old grandma. Plus I want to smell her moms sent in my bed mmmmmmmm. She has this sweet smell without using any perfume.

That first night we all were getting cleaned up and ready for bed. I had on loose cott... Continue»
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Wacking Wally World

Driving down the interstate extremly horny and hungry. I had seen a sign for a burger joint. Didn't see the whole sign, got off on the wrong exit. While sitting at the light this car pulls up to the driver side. I look back over my shoulder through the rear passenger window and see this handsome older gentalmen. I say he was early 50's clean cut lightly salt & peppered hair. We caught eyes, I then made a little more effort to see him over my shoulder. Looked back at him and again we caught eyes and he has his right arm extended over the headrest of the passenger seat.

Light turns green he ... Continue»
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[Story] 2012 New Years Party

I was invited to this private New Year Party. Not a News Years Eve Party a NEW YEAR PARTY. This party did not start until 12:01 am 2012. This house was packed out with beautiful woman and nice looking guys all over the place. Some were fully & partially dressed, while others were nude in the buff :)

I walked around checking the entire house out. Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, pool house, cabana hut, pool, hot tub, out-in door bar, game room. You had the full run of the house. This house was NICE, and so were the owners. The Hostess of the house was an older classy sexy woman, in her late 50... Continue»
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