Punishing Ms. Stone

I had this sex fantasy after hearing Sharon Stone
say something sexist about men.. I can't remember
exactly what she said, and I don't remember where
I heard it online... but it was something like, the
more rich I get the better chance women have
at enslaving men... Anyways the story goes
as follows.

I met Sharon Stone, after a Red Carpet
Awards Show, and we talked, and it
became very clear, that she was extremely
sexist towards men, and the whole point of
my little adventure, was to pay her back for
being so sexist to men, so I acted as if I were
interested in her sexually, to turn her onto me.

And so the both of us went to her guest
mansion, I didn't know the exact
location, because she wanted to blind fold
me, because after we were done fucking, she
said she didn't want to see me again.. so
again I played along..... she had no clue
that before I arrived at the Red Carpet
Awards, I called up 5 highly paid
e****ts, and told them... follow me at every

So finally we arrived at the mansion, where
Sharon, called for her body guards, to come
and take me to a room, she called.. The Sex
Room.. then after I was put into the room, Sharon
left for awhile, because her, maid told her she had
a very important call... turns out it was the
actress.. Angelina Jolie, who had just finished filming
the movie Salt.

The reason I know this, is because, I had picked up
the phone, and over heard everything... I even heard
Angelina Jolie, say she wanted to take a turn fucking me
after Sharon, because Brad, just wasn't able to satisfied her
anymore, and most of the men she had slept with recently, just
couldn't either.. WOW... but the thing is, I had to stick to my
plans... after all, I needed to PuNiSh her, for the statement
she made about men.

Ok, so she was on the phone, for about 30
minutes, while I was waiting, I decided to cell-phone
the girls, and tell them to meet me at the back
window, on the first floor, that way I could let them
in... so after the girls came in... I told them to make
sure and hide, until about 20 minutes into our sex
session... then 21 minutes exactly.. the girls came
out of hiding, the girls and I then, grabbed Sharon, and
tied her down to this black leather chair, then gagged

The 5 girls and I, fucked for about 8 hours, It was so
erotic... during the Fucking.. before I shot my BiG LoAds
Of SpERm SeeDs, I would pull out of each of their
pussies, and CuM In Sharon's Mouth, On Her
Face, On Her Tits, On Her Pussy, In Her Hair, In
Her Eyes.. Just All Over Every Square Centimeter
Of Her, Hot, Sexist, Milf Body.

After it was all over, I unbound her, and
told her... So what have we learn today, Ms.
Stone, she replied, To Do As I Am
Told, And... To Get On My Knees, And
Spread My Legs, As Far And Wide, As They
Will Go, To Receive Cock, And Then Get Back Down
On My Knees, To Swallow, All Of Your Hottt SPeRm, also
to always stare you in the eyes as you Fill My Mouth, And To
Suck Out Every Last Drop, Then Ask.. May I Please Have More
My Master.

(This Is A Fictional Story, None
Of The Events Actually Took Place)
48% (2/3)
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4 years ago
I chose to spell certain words that way on purpose, and for this being my first story, I did pretty good, so ha ha, Lol.
4 years ago
interesting funny
4 years ago
total crap and very bad spelling! Go back to school!!!!!!