How I became gay pt 2

After my experience being fucked by a shemale I became very curious if I would enjoy being with a man. I had absolutely loved sucking her cock and tasting her cum that I would get hard at the thought of somene's cock cumming in my ass or all over my face. The way it happened however was way different than I would've thought.

Just a couple weeks after having been pounded by a shemale I had to travel upstate for a wedding. I figured to myself maybe there would be a guy there I would be interesed in. Or maybe a guy that would come on to me.

As I was driving I noticed I was running out of gas so I pulled up to a gas station. I told the guy to fill the tank and I went inside the gas station to go the bathroom. Just before I walked in I noticed that two guys were moving furniture into the vacant building next door. They looked very strong and were both black. They caught me looking at them and smiled at eachother. I got embarrassed so I hurried into the bathroom.

I got into the nearest stall and started thinking to myself. I thought that both of those black guys outside were really hot and wondered how big their cocks were or how amazing it would be if they fucked me. The thought got me hornier and hornier so I took off all my clothes, sat in the stall and began masturbating slowly at the thought of the two gorgeous men outside.

Just then someone one opened the door and walked into the stall next to me. I didn't think anything of it so I kept stroking my now erect 9 inch cock. I was about to reach an orgasm when I heard moaning from the stall next to me.
I looked over and saw two holes in the stall with eyes looking right at me from each one. They were the two beautiful black men from outside!

One of them spoke saying to me, "You interested?" I nodded and knew that this was my chance to be fucked by a real man. Each one of them then stuck out their cocks through the two gloryholes and HOLY SHIT!! One of them must have been 11 inches long and 3 inches in girth and the other 10 inches long and 2 inches in girth. I was very impressed at how huge their dicks were and my asshole was screaming at the thought of them penetrating me.

Without hesitation I grabbed both monster cocks and began stroking them slowly. I wanted to savor every moment of this because I knew this was going to be one hell of a fuck. After a while of good stroking I slipped my eager mouth over the 11 inch cock first and my god did it feel great having such a huge dick shoved in and out my mouth. I continued stroking the other cock while I was blowing the other guy. I heard a "OO yeah." come from the stall so I knew I was doing a good job. I licked his balls and up and down his shaft constantly gagging on his cock. His moans grew louder so I knew what was about to happen. "OOO YEAHH! FUCK IM COMING!! MAKE ME COME YOU LITTLE SLUT!" This dirty talk got me so hot and with that he spurted out his come all over my face and inside my mouth for about 8 seconds. I licked the remaining spurts of cum off his cock and thought to myself that his cum was the best tasting thing on earth. I knew I would have to have him reach another orgasm later. . .

The other man feeling almost neglected I moved over to his huge cock and began working him in the same way I had just worked his friend. As I sucked, spit on and gagged on his cock I kept stroking the other guys cock that had just came all over me. The second man shot a load all over my face as well within minutes and he must've shot all over me for at least 12 seconds. I thought to myself I'm ready to be fucked hard by these men. I released both their cocks after eating all their cum. "What the fuck you think you're doin? Suck our cocks bith!" I knew just how to respond. "Why don't you two get in ths stall and take my ass."

Within mere seconds they burst in, locked the stall door and looked down at me with their monster cocks hanging in front of my face. I, to my amazement took them both in at once. They moanded so loud and began tounge kissing eachother. "Enough. Get off my dick so I can fuck you!" This was the man with the 11 inch cock so I turned my ass to him waiting for him to fuck me. The other man moved around to the front of me and had me continue to suck his cock. This was it, the first time I would be fucked by a man and he had probably the biggest cock I'd ever seen!

He wiped any remaining cum he saw off my face and slapped it on my asshole. A little precum juice dripped off my cock. I was so turned on by now. He shoved his cock in my ass and I can barely explain the immense pain I felt at first. He started out slow so my asshole could get used to his monster. The whole time I continued to suck the other man's cock. From behind I heard, "You ready to really get fucked my little cum slut bitch?" "Yes. fuck me hard you sexy bitch. Make me your slut." I was so surprised at how I was talking, but it made me hornier. He began to speed up and the amount of pleasure I was getting from his cock. Oh my God. I never wanted him to stop fucking me. The whole stall was shaking at how hard he was fucking me. I was gagging on the other man's cock but I pulled off and he started stroking his own cock while watching me get fucked. I was screaming with pleasure. "OOO YEAHH!! YOURE COCK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE ME!! YESSS!" "Yeah you like that you little bitch." And I did like it. I loved it so much that it was in that moment I knew I would only ever have sex with men ever again. After 10 minutes of hard fucking he came in my ass. His cum was warm and it seeped out my asshole after a little bit. I rushed my mouth to again taste his delicious cum. By now the other man was reaching an orgasm and he came all over my mouth again. Mmmmmm it tasted so good.

Now the man that was stroking himself got behind me to fuck me and the man that just had fucked me made me suck his cock just as his friend had before. This man was not so gentle with me. He immediately pounded my asshole, but I felt only immense pleasure at his cock being thrust in and out of me. I kept sucking the other guy's cock and was going to reach an orgasm myself within minutes probably. He kept fucking me faster and harder and I could feel his cock continue to grow inside me. "Yeahhh. OO yeahh im cumming in your asshole you slut. Yeahhh Yeahhh oooo YESSSSS!" With that he shot into my hole and at the same time while I sucked the other man's cock he had his thrid orgasm too right inside my mouth. None of his cum got on my face this time and I drank every last drop.

The amount of pleasure I was receivng and giving made me want to cum a million times.

They decided it was time to return the favor for my hard work. We all fucked eachothers mouths with our tounges and then it was time. They both at the same time went down on my 9 inch cock. One used his mouth on my shaft and the other sucked and licked my balls while fisting my now very wide asshole. I moaned so loud. They kept sucking, licking and fingering me for about 5 minutes. I felt a HUGE orgasm coming on. "OH MY FUCKIN GOD!! YESSS IM GUNNA CUM! OH FUCK FUCKK YEAHH OOOOO" With that I had the greatest orgasm of my whole life. Cum spurted out of my cock for 15 seconds and it landed all over their faces and mouths. I felt so good right then and I licked all my cum of their faces. We shared wet kisses for a few more minutes then they just got up and left me there. But not before I gave them my number and told them they would have my ass and mouth whenever they wanted.

I played with myself thinking of their cocks and having them fuck me. I had another orgasm and drank all the cum that flowed out of my cock. With that I got up got changed and drove back to the wedding. I stoped one last time to again masturbate at the thought of their monser cocks inside my ass and mouth, their warm cum ozzing inside me and tasting it. MMMMMMM I love sucking cock and getting fucked, tasting another man's cum. . .

I only ever saw them two more times and we greatly enjoyed those encounters. ;)

Ever since then I became an absolute slut for men. I will offer myself to any man for a good fucking. If anyone wants to dominate the fuck outta me PLEASE message me ;)

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Awesome story! Would love to
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