How I became gay pt 1

When I was in my teens I was only interested in girls and thought that being involved in a gay experience was completely disgusting. I never would have even thought of it if it wasn't for what happened when I turned 17.

On my birthday me and a few friends got fake I.D.'s and went to a bar in town. We all started drinking and getting as shitfaced as we possibly could. There was 4 of us and my three friends had all spoted the girls they wanted to fuck that night so I was left alone at the bar.

Within a few minutes this girl sits next to me and I immediately started checking her out. She was wearing a short skirt that showed her beautiful slender legs and she had dark brown hair and a gorgeous face. I decided to myself that im gunna try to fuck her tonight. Except I was in for a huge surprise. . .

We started talking and we really hit it off probably we both had some alcohol in us.

I ended bringing her home and we started making out passionately just when we got in my bedroom. We got onto the bed and took eachother's shirts off. She had a great pair of tits so I dove right into them and sucked on them for a few minutes.

I was getting so hard through my jeans that she pointed out the bulge and told me to take them off. I did so to reveal my 9 inch rock hard cock. She licked the tip at first teasing me then slipped her lips over and went back and forth on my cock. Her lips were absolutely amazing wrapped around my dick and just when I was about to come I noticed that there was a bulge coming from her skirt. I pulled away and she got very embarrassed.

I was about to give up having sex that night just when she recommended getting into the 69 position. I was a little skeptical at first, but then I layed back and she flung her 6 inch cock over my face while she was blowing me at the other end. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, but something made me not want to leave. Suddenly the thought of a girl with a dick got me really horny.

She was really get into it so I decided to return the favor. I slowly slipped my mouth over her cock and began bobbing my head up and down slowly. I heard a soft moan from her end so I sped up a little. I began to like the feeling of her cock going in and out my mouth. I went all the way down and gagged a little, but I liked it.

I turned her over and started fucking her. I went slow and then faster and faster. She was practicaly screaming and this to me was a huge turn on. Just when I was about to come she started yanking my dick and took in every last drop of cum. It was an incredible orgasm. She gave me no time to enjoy it and she asked if she could fuck me. I wanted to say no so bad, but I submissevely turned over onto my hands and knees wanting for her to be the first to ever enter my asshole.

She put her cock inside me and at first there was a jolt of pain, but after a little while it began to feel good. The feeling of having her cock run in and out of me felt amazing. She fucked my ass for about five minutes before she started moaning. I knew she was about to come and completely out of character for myself I told her to come in my asshole. She did so and I felt her warm cum ooze into my ass and it was one of the greatest feelings I'd ever felt before. I turned around and sucked her cock for a couple more minutes tasting her cum. It felt so right to have a cock in my mouth.

I stoped and kissed her passionately and she left to go home. This experience made me wonder if I was gay. I was extremely tunred on by the thought of a cock in my ass and motuh so I decided I would have to experience it with a real man very soon. . .

pt. 2 coming soon
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2 years ago

2 years ago
made me so hard
3 years ago
Short and very hot!
3 years ago
Short but sweet
3 years ago
great story...
3 years ago
Part 2! I can't wait!
3 years ago
Great story...can hardly wait for part 2..