Gay Cross Dresing Sex

This is the true story about the first time that I had gay sex in latex.

I have always loved to cross dress. I am not so much interested in wearing the average female street clothing, but I am extremely aroused by sexy, naughty outfits. I love sexy platform stretch vinyl boot an heels with a pair of sheer pantyhose. I love sexy, shiny and stretchy PVC dresses and gloves with them and a wig and full makeup. If I wear a full, long sleeve sheer nylon body suit the lining of the PVC dress rubbing against my nylon under garment feel so sexy and makes my cock hard for so long it starts to ache! But, more than anything, I love to wear a thin, shiny latex catsuit that covers every inch of my body and a latex dress and boots over it.

I have had an extreme latex fetish from my earliest memories. It loos and feels so sexual, but more than that, it's just the sheer fact of wearing latex next to my skin that is so horny for me. I have had a few encounters with other Guys and TVs, but I had never had a real and complete sexual experience with someone who felt the same as I about latex.

I had had an online friend in my area that I would chat with that also liked to cross dress and was very turned on by the thought of having a gay sexual experience. When I sent some pictures of me in latex he was ecstatic. He told me of how he had always been super turned on by wearing latex but had never had the pleasure of trying more than gloves and a few minor items.

we arranged a day to spend together soon after our mutual love of rubber was brought up. I told him about my many outfits and that he could wear any and all of them that he liked. I was sooo hot all week thinking about actually being able to be next to another latex clad body in person for the first time!

The morning arrived at last! I met him at the door wearing a long sleeve, high neck latex jump suit with pants cut legs, latex socks, rubber shoes and gloves all in shiny black. I could see that he was immediately taken with my outfit. I was also taken with him. He is a very good looking and sexy guy!

Within five minutes I was showing him an outfit that I had laid out on the bed for him to try. I is a skin tight full footed, hooded thin catsuit with attached gloves in transparent blue latex. In no time I had him suited and was pulling up the back zip. As soon as I started slipping his feet into the smooth latex legs his semi hard cock sprang to full attention and I knew that I had a true latex lover on my hands. I slipped a condom on him (to prevent leaks inside of the suit) and quickly finised dressing him! He was in bliss, and so was I!

We sat in front of my computer and looked at some rubber photos I have saved on my computer. Needless to say, it wasn't long before our rubber gloved hands were roaming over each others latex covered bodies. We stood to do something and were close and facing each other. The next thing I knew our arms were around each other holding each others rubber covered bodies thigh together and I could feel his hard cock through his suit poking me in the belly! I felt sooo crazy with lust!!!

I told him, "Here, sit on the edge of the bed, I want to help you". I knelt between his legs and worked his hard on out through the slit in the front of his suit (I don't like stiff zippers interrupting the smooth stretch of latex over my cock and balls so I make an overlapping jockey short type fly there).

At long last, I am with someone and we are both dressed in latex. I have his sexy, shiny, transparent condom covered hard cock in my rubber gloved hand!!! I can feel it so hard and pulsing with his heart beat and the sexy warmth of it in my hand! I rub it against my cheek and over my face and stroke the head with the tip of my latex gloved thumb. I see precum already oozing from the tip inside of the condom. I am going crazy and never want it to stop! I take the head into my mouth and suck on it hard, then I work it deep into my mouth as I stroke the shaft. Deeper, until I start to gag with my thumb and forefinger still gripping the base. I suck him a little deeper each time as my gloved hand strokes that wonderful hard cock in my mouth. I pull back slowly, lightly raking the underside and the top of his cock with my teeth as I withdraw. I clinch my teeth together and suck him between my teeth and cheek! I feel like I am in another world and never want to go back! He is moaning, his legs are quivering and I am loosing it! I can't control myself and have been humping his leg and feel myself going over the edge! All of a sudden my body is racked with orgasm and shoot thick hot pulses of cum into my condom. Utter BLISS!!!

I recover some for a few seconds and find, to my relief, that he hasn't cum yet. I give him a few minutes to come back from the edge some and tell him I will be right back and not to do anything without me.

I go into the bathroom, remove my outfit and replace the condom with a fresh one and slip into anther suit. This one is a thin black one piece latex catsuit. It has full feet that have individual toes like a toe sock , a hood with the the face open and attached gloves. I work the back zip up which starts at the small of my back and goes to the top of the hood. I work my cock and balls into the attached cock and balls sheath. The crotch is cut so the it fits up snug into the crack of my butt where there is a small 1 1/2 inch slit. The slit cannot be seen unless I bend over and spread my cheeks. I work the tip of the applicator on a tube of lube into my rear passage and squeeze a generous amount inside myself and rub a little over my hole inside of the suit.

Back in the bedroom, I find him laying on the bed, still hard and his eyes fix on me. I tell him how fantastic that was and how hot he looks laying there in rubber and his cock all nice and hard yet. I show him the tube of lube and a smile spreads across his face and I know that my preparations going to be rewarded. We had not talked about exactly what we were going to before and sort of left it as playing it as it came and seeing what happened. I wasn't absolutely sure that when it came right down to it if the prospect of actually fucking me would still be as appealing to him as the thought of it had been since this would be his first time having gay anal sex. You can imagine the relief and excitement I felt upon reading the intentions on his face!

I handed him the lube and, while he slicked up his cock, I laid down next to him on my side with my back to him and bent my upper knee up toward my chest. I felt him roll onto his side, move next to me so our latex suited were tight together, wrap his rubbery arms around me (sheer bliss again)and hook horny, sexy rubber suited top leg over my outstretched bottom one. His hard cock lay along my crotch with the head poking against my latex covered balls in their C/B sheath. Going crazy with excitement, butterflies in my stomach and my body literally quivering, I reach between my legs, grab his rock hard slippery cock in my rubber gloves hand and guide the tip against my exposed lubed hole through the slit in my suit.

I tell my lover not to move, go slow and let myself onto him until the head of his cock is in me. I had done this before and was no stranger to toys and dildos. I have always been able to take things up my ass with relative ease and, although I have never been one for wanting really, really large things in me there, I have never experienced pain or real discomfort during or after. Still, I was just too ready for this to want to take time to get opened up properly. I just wanted him in me right now!

I pushed back onto him and squeezed out. I felt the tip of his cock start to push in a little and begin to open me. I backed off just a little, squeezed out again and pushed a little deeper this time. A couple more times, each a little deeper and all is good. No discomfort, just a little snug. A real cock always seem to slip in easier in my experience anyway. One last time and I feel that familiar "plop" as the head of his cock slips past my sphincter and nestles just inside of my ass. OMG!!! How I love that feeling. After I am being fucked for a little bit and am more loose,I don't feel that "plop" sensation as much as the initial entry, but I still love to feel my partner pull all the way out every little while so I can feel him stick it back in me again.

I moan with pleasure and tell him how exquisite his cock feels in my ass and how horny it is to be having sex with him while we are dressed in latex. I ask him how the experience is compared to what he imagined it would be and am answered with some sort of a****l noise that says more than any words could have.

I tell him I'm ready and to just shove it into me as deep as he can get it! He didn't really ram it in me, but he did slide it in all the way in one smooth motion. It literally glided into me so smooth and easy, farther and farther until he had buried it in my depths! It seemed like if I pushed my fingers into my tummy just above my pelvis I should have been able to feel the tip of his cock with my finger tips! OMG! What a glorious feeling, a cock deep inside my horny rubber covered ass fucking me!!!!!! I feel so alive, so full of emotions and sexy sensations, my whole body quivering with lust!!! I tell him "FUCK ME, long deep strokes"! "Ram your cock in me and fuck me hard".

Spoon position isn't the best for me for deep penetration, but it's one of my favorites. You can fuck for a long time without tiring your limbs and body. You can fuck hard and then slow and leisurely. You can stop and rest without either person being in a tiring position and just lay for a while relish the feeling of being full of cock and let your partner come back from the edge a little so he doesn't cum too soon. Then you can do it all over again. Riding my partner while he is on his back is really good for me too. I love to grind my ass down hard on his cock getting him in me deep and wiggle my ass around in little circles and back and forth sideways. I love the feel of that sideways pressure of his cock in my ass. It makes me so physically aware of the presence of his cock in me. I love positions where you can have lots of rubber body to rubber body contact, but for sheer depth of penetration doggy is the best for me. Best is if you can last long enough in each session to do it a number of ways.

He fucked me that first time for way over an hour and it was sooo fantastic!!! We switched and he fucked me on my back for a while and then on my belly while laying on my back. Mmmm, his weight pressing me into the bed, each thrust rubbing my cock against the mattress, our latex covered bodies rubbing, snapping and squeaking together as his cock stabbed in and out of my hungry ass!

When he finally came, we were doing it doggy. He groaned out that he was going to cum and made few hard deep rams and then shoved his cock all the way into me and held it there! I didn't really feel him cum, (plus the fact that he was wearing a condom), but I could feel his cock twitch and throb as he groaned and filled his condom with cum. What a glorious feeling and so horny knowing what he is doing inside me! At that moment I think I really became aware of the reason why the girls that I have fucked always enjoyed it the most when we did it without condoms. When he started to shoot his load I was wishing so badly that he wasn't wearing one and that all that thick, hot, sticky and slippery white cum was actually pumping directly into my ass pussy and I could keep it there as long as I possibly could! That's another story.

Probably the very best feeling of all for me is when I cum with a hard cock in my ass! The feeling is like a double orgasm for me. When I cum with nothing in my ass I really don't feel anything there but, with a cock int me is a whole different thing. My sphincter starts to spasm and it contracts powerfully with each shot of cum. I feel it clinch down and clutch hard on his cock with each shot of my cum and the feeling is as intense, sexual and orgasmic as the other feelings from cumming that I have in the other sense from my usual feelings of an orgasm.

I am not a writer so please don't be too critical of my grammar and construction. The story is true and that is the important part. The outfits are real also and you can see some of them if you like in my pictures and profile. I am Gaycrossdresser if you care to see some of them.
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8 months ago
Thanks for the comments!

I have since met a nice guy who feels the same as I about wearing latex. He is my steady Boyfriend and we are only seeing each other. We have started doing it bareback. OMG, how I love his slick load deep in my ass!!! That's another story though.

9 months ago
Very nice!
10 months ago
very hot story. never did latex or rubber but would with you.
11 months ago
I just came reading your story. You are so lucky to have had an experience like this!
1 year ago
Wonderful Experience. !!!!!!
1 year ago
excellent. and yes to cum with your ass full is intense!
2 years ago
Very Hot story I got a good cum load from this true hot story
2 years ago
That was incredible would like to try that soon
2 years ago
My anus gets wild when I get teased like this...yummy!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Love your hot staamy story!
2 years ago
luv it! great story, had me hard in my hose and wet at the end!
2 years ago
Wow what a day would like to try that sometime
3 years ago
OMG I want to try that,sounds wonderful
3 years ago
I luv having sex in rubber too!!!!I luv your kinky story! You made me so wet!
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Thank you for posting this hot story!
3 years ago
Very very hot adventure. Love it.