"Adventure in the school toilet"[ENG]

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Below, you can read the story "Adventure in the school toilet"(Przygoda w szkolnej toalecie PL), I wish you a pleasant reading.

Adventure in the school toilet

Last lesson at school was coming to an end. I could not wait to leave. The bell rang and everyone ran out of the class. I went to the cupboard for a jacket, and along the way found that ascend to the toilet. I did not expect that anyone I meet there; this time no one at school was not. I started to walk toward the urinal to do your need. Then I went to the toilet Bartek. Short hair, cheeky face, dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt with the inscription. Class tracksuit, strong and very intelligent. I was a little surprised that there is but did not say anything, but then appeared in the doorway Oskar, a boy from another class. Another school Heifer - muscular and handsome. They both looked at me and Oskar locked the door, which ensure rolled out of the room before housekeeping. - What's up bitch? - He asked with a smile on his face Bartek. I was dumbstruck, I did not pay any attention to me, and now they locked me in the toilet. - You have nothing to cry out for help, no one is present in the building. - Added Oscar. - What do you want from me? - I asked. - Entertain with you, - said Oscar - and Bartek walked briskly toward me and threw me his hands on his knees. - You want to tell anyone about it, and you will have no life at the school - said Bartek then unzipped his fly. - What are you waiting for? - I heard for the moment. I did not know what to do, my heart was pounding like never before, and his breathing quickened. Bartek apparently pissed off a little, because he took his dick out of my boxers and wpierdolił it to his lips. He put it to me so deeply that I started to choke, but it was not interested. He began to fuck me in the throat his cock, which was not small. He was probably of 20cm. The saliva flew out of my mouth, I felt like his chump bounces off of my palate. I began to feel the excitement, I realized that I stood. I started to enjoy it. Landed himself his cock down your throat. Oscar, who previously stood at the door, pulled out his gun now and started banging the horse looking with a smile, as I deal with the machining of dick Bartkowi. I stretched myself a fly and started banging on it. After about 5 minutes of oral **** me, Bartek accelerated and soon grabbed my head from behind and pushed his cock deep into my throat. At the same time, I felt like I tapped into their mouths. Sperm was so much that some of the spilled my mouth. I looked from the bottom Bartek, who was smiling. - Polish it; how will track it will get in the face - he said. I grabbed his dick in his hand and licked it clean. Oscar came to me and now he had treated my dick. Mouth hurt me, but I did what I had. He was of 18cm but it was very thick, so I had a problem with fit it in their mouth. I thought it can not be worse but the worst was still to come. Bartek put me on my feet and slid out of me pants. Scared not joking. This guy was fucking with a length of 20cm, and I had it put in his've never ruchanej ass. Bart smiled at me wickedly, then turned to me and spat on my hole. Oscar went into a backpack, which laid the early near the door and pulled out a dildo. He came back to me and put me them in my ass. - For your sake, you better it fits in the ass before you my ass kicked -said Bartek. I felt cold on my dildo inside the hole and the pressure on her. I felt like comes into my virgin hole. It hurt like hell. When you put them all, he began to fuck me with it, and when he said that's enough, I pulled the dildo out of your ass and one swift movement entered me. The pain was immense, I thought my ass tear. Bart began to fuck me, and I began to moan in pain. I began to jerk off. Oscar apparently did not like the noise, I began to push my cock into her throat with a vengeance, which effectively stifled my moans. Bartek Jebal me around, and I felt his huge cock penetrating my ass from the inside. Filled every cm of my ass. Sometimes watched gay porn on the net, but I never thought that someone can fuck with such f***e as he is now. Jebal me mercilessly with 15 minutes. Already staggering on his feet when he took his dick Bartek, Oskar pulled away, and he came up to me and told me to open my mouth. Obediently, I did what I had, and the second time he dropped me on the mouth. This time the charge was less so obediently swallowed whole brackish sperm he gave me. Now Oskar tried on to my ass, and Bob told me to lick his dick clean. Oskar wpierdolił me his dick, and I yelled at the top of his lungs. - Do not yell he said Bartek and wpierdolił my mouth his dick. Oskar fucked me on the whole in spite of my groaning. I felt like I penetrates his huge, thirsty bullshit masculinity. Then he sat down on the toilet and began to fuck me sitting down. He told me to jump in and make fun at his dick. Ass hurt me terribly, but I did what I had. His chump touched unless my abdomen from the inside. After 10 minutes of fucking in this position threw me out of myself on the floor and then knelt down, grabbed my hair, pulled my head up and lowered my face. Then we both dressed, opened the door and came out laughing. I was lying on the floor, finished jerk off and lowered to the floor. Then he got up from the floor, put on clothes that broke up with me and with the sperm on the face came out of the toilet and directed his steps to the house...

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