The Favor

It started the summer I turned 16. My mom got me signed up to go to one of those summer camps for disadvantaged k**s. I was going to spend a month in the woods with mostly black and Hispanic k**s, and I was one of the few white k**s. I'm not a bigot, its just that when you are white and a minority in those groups, you get pushed around. I was assigned a tent with a black guy who was 18. He was nice and I figured it would be OK to be at camp, until I started getting pushed around by other guys in camp. My tent mate stood up for me and told the guys to leave me alone, so they did. Later, when we were in the tent, getting ready for bed, he stood there naked, while I looked at his big hairy cock. I thanked him again for standing up for me, and he said it was OK, that he would take care of me if I took care of him. I asked how he needed taking care of, and he just said he had needs. I had sucked cock in school so I figured I was going to get to suck him off. I told him I'd do whatever he wanted. He told me to take off my clothes, and when I did, he started feeling me all over, and pressed a couple of fingers against my ass. He asked if I had ever been fucked and I told him I hadn't. He said the first time it will probably hurt, but after that, I'd be wanting more of it. He spit on his fingers and slid two of them up my ass as I stood there. I was turned on by his fingering my ass and I got hard. He slid a third finger inside me and moved them around to stretch me open. He had me lie on my back on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders. He spit on his cock and pressed it against my ass. He told me to relax and push out like I was taking a shit. As I pushed out, I felt his cock sliding inside me. It felt like i was about to take a shit and got worried until he was fully inside me and that sensation passed. As he fucked me, waves of pleasure went through me, and I stroked my cock as he fucked me. I moaned softly as he slid in and out of me. I started breathing heavily as I stroked my cock and felt his big manhood deep within me. I started to cum and as I shot my load, my ass clamped around his cock. He shot his load deep within me. He pulled his cock out of me and said he was glad I liked it because he planned on having my ass a lot.

On average, he fucked me twice a day, and I would always jerk off as I was being fucked. It got so I couldn't get excited enough to cum unless I was being fucked. He invited one of his friends to fuck me, so between the two of them I was able to cum three to four times a day. When camp was over, I went home, and had a problem. I had no one to fuck me. I just couldn't go up to a stranger, and I didn't want to explain it to my friends, so I asked the janitor of our building who I had been friends with since we moved there. He was about 40, hairy, and in average shape.

I asked him what those things were called that were the shape and size of a guy's cock. He laughed and said it was called a dildo. I asked where I could buy one. He started laughing and asked why I wanted one. I didn't know what to say, and turned red. I was going to leave, but he stopped me and said he had one a friend had left there. He got it out and handed it to me. It was big and thick, and he told me it was the same size as his cock. He asked why I needed it, and I made him swear not to tell anyone. When he promised, I told him how I got fucked every day at camp and how good it felt, and that I couldn't cum unless i was being fucked. He smiled at me and said he would do me a favor. He said he would be willing to fuck me every day, on the conditions that we never told anyone about us doing it, and second, that he got to eat all my cum. I agreed and then asked him to fuck me right away because I hadn't cum in a couple of days. I took off my clothes and stood there naked, while I watched him get undressed. He had a pretty hairy body and a thick bush around his big cock. He got some massage oil and lubed his cock and had me lie on my back as he slid his cock inside me. I moaned loudly as his cock moved deeper inside me. I stroked my cock hard as he fucked me. He kept saying how hot I was. He thrust harder and faster inside me as i stroked harder. I felt my cum building up inside me and I shot my load on my stomach. He started moaning, and I felt his cum shooting inside me. When he pulled out of me, I sucked his cock clean. He licked my cum off my chest. I hugged him, enjoying the feel of his hairy body against mine, and thanking him. He hugged me and said he would fuck me anytime I wanted it. I told him I would need it at least twice a day. I came over to his place again before my mom got home, and he fucked me again. I loved the different positions he would fuck me in, and loved lying naked with him on his bed.

One day, while we were lying on the bed after sex, he asked if I was getting enough sex or did I need more. I told him I wouldn't mind getting fucked once or twice more every day, He said twice a day was as good as he could do, but he had a friend who might want to fuck me if I wanted. I told him I wouldn't mind as long as we were doing it with him there. He said he could call the guy and he could come over now if I wanted. I said sure. He called the guy and twenty minutes later he walked in.

He was a red haired guy in his 40s. He took off his clothes. He was smooth with very pink skin, bright red pubes and a long thick cock. He came up to me and fingered my asshole, feeling my janitor friend's cum in me, and said it was good that I was prelubed. He asked me to suck him hard so i felt his balls and pubes as I sucked his cock. When he was hard, he moved around and pressed his hard cock against my hole. He told me how hot I was and started pushing his cock in and out of me. I started stroking myself as he fucked me. He was wider than other guys i was with and every thrust excited me more. I told him I loved him being inside of me. As I was getting fucked, the janitor started sucking my cock. I felt cum flooding my ass as I shot my load in the janitor. I lay there covered in sweat. The redhead licked my armpits and sucked my cock clean.

For the next few weeks I got together with the janitor and the redhead every day and they fucked me enough so I could cum 3-4 times a day. I especially liked lying on my back with my legs spread while I watched them slamming their cocks into me, seeing their pubes move in and out between my legs while I stroked my cock and unloaded.

When school started, I pretty much kept to myself. I developed a crush on my biology teacher. He was a tall thin olive skinned guy with hairy arms in his mid 20s. I'd daydream in class trying to imagine him naked. When I would go home, I'd go to the janitor's apartment and lay there while he fucked me imagining it was my biology teacher. One day I stayed after school to help my teacher set up a project we were doing. He chatted with me to get to know me better. I told him I didn't have a dad, and my mom worked two jobs, so I was on my own most of the time. He asked how I spent my time after school, and I told him I could tell him, but it was a secret. When he promised not to tell no matter what, I told him about my problem not being able to cum unless I was being fucked. He tried to not act surprised, and asked if I was doing it with other k**s in school. I told him no. I liked being with adults. He asked if i really couldn't cum unless I was being fucked and I said yes. I told him when someone fucks me its like they are doing me a favor so I could cum. He asked if I ever have a problem finding someone to help out. I said I had a neighbor who helps, but I'd rather do it with someone I really like. He said he would offer to help me, but for him fucking was sharing intimacy and there would have to be a desire to share intimacy and not just a way to get off. I looked into his eyes and told him he's the one guy I really want to be with.

He offered to drive me home, so we went to the parking lot and got in his car. I asked if he was going to tell anyone about my problem, and he said he wouldn't because it is a private matter, and he felt honored that I took him into my confidence. As we drove towards the poorer part of town where I lived, he asked me what time my mom got home from work, and I told him about 11pm. He asked if I wanted to come over to his apartment for dinner, so I agreed.

His apartment was very simple. He put some frozen dinners in the oven and we sat on the couch. He said he felt bad for my situation but he thought he could get me to cum without getting fucked, but it would have to be our secret. I told him I'd appreciate any help he could give me. He told me I would need to take my clothes off, so I took off my clothes as he watched me. I noticed he touched his crotch a couple of times as he watched me undress. My cock was hard being naked in front of my hot teacher. He started feeling me all over with his fingertips. He had me lift my arms and he gently ran his fingertips over my pits. He moved his hands down my chest and stomach and played with the head of my cock with his fingertips. He wrapped his hand around my cock while he played with my balls and pubes. He said it was good that I didn't trim my pubes because long pubes were much hotter. He started stroking my cock slow at first, then stroked me faster and harder. It felt really good and he reached between my legs with his other hand and massaged the area between my balls and asshole. He asked if I minded him feeling him and I told him I loved it. He kept stroking me harder and faster and it felt great but I wasn't even close to cumming. When he saw I wasn't going to cum, he asked if it would be OK for him to suck my cock. I told him I'd like that but I felt funny standing here naked while he was fully dressed. He agreed, and started taking off his clothes. I watched him get undressed and he was even hotter than I imagined. He had a hairy stomach and legs and a very thick black bush. His cock was about five inches soft.

He stood in front of me and asked what I thought. I told him he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. He smiled and said he wouldn't strip down for just anyone, and he thought i was special. I asked if he would let me feel him like he felt me. He said he would love sharing his body with me. I felt his hairy chest and armpits and moved down his body, feeling his hairy stomach. He commented that I like hairy guys. I told him I thought hairy was very sexy, and the fact that it was him made it even hotter. I felt his hairy crotch and his hairy ass cheeks. I buried my face in his pubes, taking in his masculine scent. He said he would like to try sucking me to see if he could get me to cum, and I said that was fine, and asked if I could suck him too. He opened the couch into a bed. We got into a 69 position and started sucking each other. His cock was a thick eight inches, and I loved eating his precum and feeling his pubes in my face as i deep throated him. He sucked my cock hard and fast and fingered my ass as he sucked me. He stopped me from sucking him because he didn't want to cum, and he went on sucking me for over 15 minutes. He gave up sucking me, being totally out of breath. As he lay next to me I asked him for a favor. He looked at me and I said I really was worked up and needed to cum. I asked him to please fuck me so I could cum. I told him yes I wanted to cum, but more than that, i wanted to cum while his cock was in me. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me too. He got on top of me as I parted my legs wide. I felt his cock grinding into mine as he lay on me, letting his hairy body caress my smooth chest. He positioned his hard cock head against my ass hole. I started to push out as he moved his hard cock in and out of me. I watched his thick dark bush move in and out between my legs and he tongue kissed me as he fucked me. He fucked me with hard slow strokes and we moaned together as we shared our intimacies. I started to stroke my cock hard and fast. He started fucking me harder and faster and said he was going to cum. I said I was going to cum too, and I started shooting my load on my stomach as he shot a huge load inside me. He tongue kissed me as his cock got soft and slipped out of me. I thanked him as I lay panting on the bed. He said he really liked being with me and hoped this could grow into a relationship. I told him I liked him for real, and also hoped this would grow into something, but I hoped he wouldn't mind meeting my needs. He said a relationship means taking care of each other's needs.

Dinner was ready, so he got the food and we ate nude at the table. When we were done, he let me feel and lick his hairy ass. We lay together then I asked him to fuck me again. He lay me on my side and fucked me from behind as he stroked my cock. I moaned continuously until I shot my load. he pulled his cock out of my ass and I started sucking him. I felt the underside of his cock throb as he shot his load in my mouth. I smelled of his sweat and got dressed. He drove me home and I enjoyed the scent of his body on me. I showered and got dressed just as mom got home.

The next day in class he acted like nothing ever happened, so I did the same. After school, he drove me to his place, and we made love for hours. We kept our secret until I graduated from High School. I went to a local. college and moved in with him. We are still together.
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2 months ago
Sexy story, well written. Well done - thanks for sharing
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Your stories are so great!
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10 months ago
Nicely written and great subject matter!

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Good stuff!
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great and arousing story!
10 months ago
really good hot story loved it
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That story was good that it got me horny I wish u two could fuck me so hard now!