Jo,s Interview

Jaonne was back at work 3 days after nightshift, she got changed into her uniform dress and went onto the ward, she had a quick chat with the other nurses before she was called into see the ward s****r. Jo walked into the matrons room and she was surprised to see that the hospital administration executive was also there, Jo realised something was amiss when she was told to sit down.
The admin exec introduced himself and said to Jo to use his first name Paul, He was about 30 years old and was quite good looking, the matron Jo knew well, she was about 28 and also a blonde, she was very pretty and Jo liked her, she was called Debbie.
The admin exec began by telling Jo that Debbie had walked into Graham,s room and found that he and Martin were watching something which she saw a bit of, they tried to hide it quickly and it made Debbie suspicious, she demanded the video camera and reluctantly Graham handed it over, that was this morning. I have watched the video with Debbie, it appears to show Graham and Martin abusing you while you were asl**p.
Jo doesn't know what to say, she is speechless, Paul carries on, Martin has been suspended and he wont be coming back to this hospital, Graham is in the process of having his belongings collected and he is going to another Hospital, both have been warned that if they speak of this to anyone they will be in big trouble, I want to go through this with you and then we need to make a decision on what action you may want to take against them. It appears you were sl**ping, you do realise that sl**ping on duty is instant dismissal Joanne.

Joanne blurts out " I wasn't asl**p".

Paul says " I though as much, So what are we going to do about this, Debbie has deleted the video, but we need an account of what happened, so lets go through everything that happened that night.".

Debbie says, "why not recreate it, it will be easier to remember everything, If Joanne lays on the bed as she did the other night and then recount what happened.".

"Thats a good idea, lay on the bed Joanne".

Joanne lies on the bed and relaxes.

" So Joanne tell me everything you remember" says Paul.

" I laid on the bed and closed my eyes, I was very tired, but I was just relaxing, Graham and Martin had thought I had gone to sl**p and began to talk about me, Graham said he had fantasies about seeing up my dress while I was sat opposite him in the chair, while I was laid on the bed, Graham asked Martin if he could see up my dress, hearing them talk about me this way was very erotic, I never realised they fancied me at all".

" You are a very beautiful woman Joanne, I would think nearly all the men on the staff and the patients think so", says Debbie.

" You are gorgeous", Paul chirps up.

" Do you really think so, my husband has never said anything to me like that at all, I thought I was frumpy".

"You couldn't be more wrong", Paul replies. "Lets get on with what happened next".

" Martin must have had a look up my dress, but he says that he cant see far, for some reason I move my legs a little, I dont know why, Martin then says that he can see up my dress and comments on the panties I am wearing, they were lace red brazillian, he said that they looked fantastic and said to Graham he should come and have a look".

Paul moves to the bottom of the bed and looks up Joannes skirt, she has moved her legs open without thinking and he could clearly see up her dress, it was a fantastic view, she had pink satin knickers on today.

" Graham gets out of bed and he is stood next to Martin and they are both looking up my dress, I feel a hand on my leg and it is pulled further apart, Martin warns Graham that he might wake me, but I didnt flinch, I was enjoying this too much, I can hear them saying how much they want to touch me, Graham pulls my skirt up more to get a better look".

Paul pulls Joannes skirt up more and says "Like this".

" Yes, I can feel his hand on my leg now and he strokes the inside of my thigh, he moves it up to my cunt and traces the outline of my pussy with his finger, This is turning me on again, just talking about it".

Paul moves his hand onto Jo.,s leg and begins to move it up to her pussy and feels the outline of her cunt through the satin material, "Like this".

"Yes, Just like that, Martin says he wants to put his cock in my mouth, Graham tells him to do it and within a few seconds I feel his cock against my lips, I so much want to suck it".

Paul had moved up the bed and placed his cock to her mouth.

Joanne carries on, " Graham puts his hand inside my knickers and begins to rub my clit and finger my pussy".

Debbie takes up this task, she has never had any leanings towards another woman before but this is so horny she joins in eagerly and slides her fingers inside Joannes panties, she is so wet, she feels for her clit and then slides two fingers into Jo,s pussy, Joanne moans and takes Paul,s cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it.

" Fucking hell Joanne you are good at this", he cant believe his luck, never before has he done anything like this, Debbeis is frigging Jo, while he has his cock in her mouth.

The feeling of a another woman fingering Jo is making her go into another world of eroticism, she feels for Debbies legs and begins to slide her hand up her dress, she pulls Debbies panties to the side and sticks two fingers into her cunt and rubs her vigourously.

Paul feels himself begin to come and Jo sucks even harder, he pushes his cock further into her mouth and nearly down her throat as he begins to come inside her, he can hear Joanne gulping down his come, mouthful after mouthful, she doesn't spill a drop.

Debbie and Joanne are now frigging each other to orgasm, both of them coming together. Debbie climbs onto the bed and begins to kiss Jo, they both writhe together rubbing themselves against each other, Debbie turns around and pulls Jo,s skirt up further and begins to kiss her pussy through her satin knickers, Debbie moves so her pussy is over Joannes,s face, Jo can see her wet pussy lips, Debbie,s white lace panties are soaking, Jo begins to kiss Debbies pussy lips and lick the juices from her cunt, Debbie has now pulled Jo,s knickers aside and is sticking her tongue inside Jo,s cunt and licking noisily at her pussy.

Paul sits down to watch, this is fantastic, two gorgeous women licking each others pussies right in front of him, his cock is getting harder again.

Jo pushes her tongue right inside Debbies cunt and sucks all her juices into her mouth, she then begins to kiss and nibble with her lips on Debbies clit, debbie does the same to Jo bringing each other to orgasm Jo sucks and licks Debbies pussy and Debbie comes again.

Paul climbs onto the bed behind Debbie and pushes his cock into her cunt, this is right above Jo and she watches as Paul slides his cock into Debbies pussy, this close up view is very erotic, Debbie is licking Jo,s cunt with new vigour, Jo watches debbie get a good fucking off Paul, her juices are dripping out of her pussy and Joanne lets it drop into her open mouth.

Paul pulls his cock out of Debbie and places it against her bum and begins to push in, Debbie says "not up my bum", Paul stops and looks down at Jo, Jo nods her head to say yes, he tells Debbie to pull Jo,s legs up to her chest and hold them, doing this Debbies cunt is right over Jo,s face, she is being smothered by pussy, she licks and sucks at Debbie while Paul begins to push his cock into Jo,s arse, Debbie pours some lube over Pauls cock as it slides into Jo,s bum. He pushes his cock all the way into Jo,s arse and it is heavenly so tight.

Debbie is coming like a train as Jo licks her pussy, Debbie rubs Jo,s clit as she is being fucked up the arse, Debbie slides two fingers into Jo,s pussy and rubs the soft flesh inside, Joanne feels like she is going to pass out with pleasure, so many things happening at once, she is drowning in Debbies juices and can hardly breathe, Paul begins to fuck her harder and Debbie follows suit frigging Jo at the same pace as she is being fucked.

Paul comes inside Jo,s tight arse, they all hear the door open and they hear Graham say, " Just come in to say Goodbye, bl**dy hell, I am not going anywhere Matron am I".

"I suppose not", Debbie replies.
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