First time FAIL

6/13/2012 *name used pseudonyms, but based on true events*

One of my friends, Brad, was having a kickback. Nothing major Him 3 other friends me and our female friend in the group Veronica. SO as you can imagine from a bunch of game artists and programmers it was a pretty standard night. Video games, beer, music, a comic book argument about Before Watchmen which almmost came to blows and so on. 2 of the guys left early around 11 p.m. because they had work in the morning. Leaving Veronica, Brad, Tyrone, and myself. Tyrone had the most to drink that night and violated the alcoholics sacred hymn of "Beer before liquor never sicker, Liquor before beer your in the clear," and it was some harsh central american liquor too...Quazelteca especial or something. He ended up vomiting and passing out on one of the couches. Veronica, Brad and me are the only ones left awake, it's late, she's d***k, he's d***k, i'm buzzed and high off some Purple Urkle.
Now Veronica is a very friendly 19 year old girl. She'll make out with you if ask and even let you grab her ass and shit like that but she never really lets it go pass first base unless she likes a guy, but she loves to play. Me and her are kind of slow dancing and getting close, smooching etc. kinda feels my boner and then the song ends and she laughs turning away. Laughing at the idea of leaving me high and hard.
Veronica sits down at Brads laptop in the chair next to him to look for another song to play. At the same time Brad and i are lightly giving her shit because she always picks random Romanian techno, she's Romanian born American raised, we can't understand or slow song with a loop of raindrops playing along side to make it more sad or emotional or whatever. At this i motion to playfully grab her face as if i was some brute about to instruct her on how it's gonna be and she instead dodges all my fingers but one which she promptly puts in her mouth. She sucks it slow and deep. She even sensually uses her tongue along the bottom on my index finger illustrating she knows how its done. And all the while brad is sitting next on her other side at the same dining table. when she pulls back she starts to kiss Brad while still holding and stroking my hand. i slowly grab her left breast and start caressing the areola and her nipple instantly goes hard. I pull her top and bra down in one motion and start sucking on her nipple and rubbing her crotch over the pants. After a while its my turn to start making out with her while Brad sucks her right titty and fingers her. The youtube track of rain falling plays all the while and Tyrone soundly snores in the back oblivious to whats going on in his dream state. We switch again and i unbutton her pants and pull the zipper and finger her while she moans and makes out with Brad.
"Looks like we need room for this," says mike as we both pull her to her feet and push her towards Brads bedroom. She softly states "no," but she does not resist and is the first one through the door. we stand in the bedroom next to a king size be with enough pillows to fill a harem while the action continues. While sucking on her lovely b-cups with big nipples i pull her already undone pant down all the way. Brad is behind her kissing her with her head turned. She turned back around and kisses me while Brad pulls down her panties and continues the digital penetration of this wet horny young woman. While kissing me she quivers and shakes, moans loudly in ectasy and drops to her knees and Brad drops with her. She's had her first orgasm a mild one and a good soon as this happen i pull my dick out and she promptly puts it in her mouth giving me a hummer while she gets finger banged. Brad holds up his hands and we High five *SLAP*
This totally kills the mood for Veronica and she stops and asks "Did you guys really just high five?!" "No, he slapped your ass. You didn't feel that," i replied with the worst poker face. she began to motion as though she wanted to stop but a couple slaps on the face with my cock and it was right back in her mouth. At this point Brad Says "You can go ahead and go first [gamerdick], I'll get next" I guess he wasn't down for a tag team off the ropes.
He leaves us alone and it is then i realize she's been sucking my dick for like 2-5 minutes and I'm not hard at all!!! I find this disconcerting and it does not help for my anxiety in the situation. She tells me "I'm not really feeling it."
"C'mon at least let me finish." i reply
"But your not even hard" she says
Women like a man to take charge and i also thought it would help with my confidence so i pick her up and toss her on the bed and do that one guy move where you crawl up like a predator and flex your pecs all the while. we start making out and i rub my dick against the outside of her pussy to no response. After a while we both just decide to call it quits and she promises never to tell anyone nothing happened because really nothing did happen. while she was putting her clothes back on she stated "Well at least for the 2 seconds your dick was hard it was big, i didn't know if I'd be able to take a hard pounding from it. And that's the way I like it. *lol*." She then asked if it was something she wasn't doing right and i told her "No it felt fantastic," and it did.
"It must be because we were friends first or something then. it did get weird when Brad left" she said. I felt really embarrassed and kinda of like a faggot and i think she could see it before we left the room she kept saying don't worry about it just don't worry about it. Driving her home after we left Brads shortly after was the most awkward drive with someone I've ever had. What really confuses me about is whenever we dance my stick is stuck on hard. She even jokingly told one of our friends Chuck at a kickback while dancing with him, "[Gamerdick] is the best dancer but he always gets hard, i feel like i'm gonna walk away pregnant *laughs*" There was one night we grinded to the song "Birthday Sex" and i almost came when she slid my hand under her shirt. So what does this mean am i Gay?

Please comment, and Feel free to laugh at my pain.
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2 years ago
damn, epic fail!
2 years ago
I forgot to mention Brad didnt even get his turn, they started arguing about something while i was smoking a cigarette outside and THEN we left.