stormy night

We have met a couple of times by this point when this story takes place.

Your visiting me and iv decided to show you my most favourite place in the world. Now a 10 minute walk from my house is the beach. Along the coastline theres small cliffs in one of these cliffs is like a cubby hole where from the non coast side you can get into. this hole in the cliff runs all the way through so you can sit there and just watch the sea come in

So wev brought a couple of blankets and some snacks and drink. So we spend a couple of hours just talking and watching the sea and watching the clouds roll over head. And watch the sun slowly dip westward your resting your head on my shoulder and we are not saying anything at this moment as were just taking the sunset in as the sky is full of colours reddish orange, orange, purples and blues we both notice though that the clouds are getting grey and almost black. The wind begins to pick up and the heavens open and it starts absoutely lashing down and all of sudden the sky is black and its raining that hard that the water is now dripping into the hole so cuddle up closer its that dark we cant realy see each other. Then FLASH! A great folk of lightening hits the sea and we both do that thing where you count how long the thunder takes to follow and we get to 20 then CLAP BANG! And though the storm by that method is quite a way away it does make both of us jump by how loud it is. So we got rain lashing down we cant see the way out and its dripping in the hole and theres a huge storm approaching so i lift your head and kiss you and the kiss lasts for ages and we only see each other when the next flash of lightening strikes then we stop kissing but we keep close by our foreheads touching and we start counting and we get to 17 the BANG! And the thunder is louder again so i pull you closer and start kissing again but this time a little more passiontely and we lay down on tbe blanket and our kissing immeadetely becomes more intense and purposeful then FLASH! In that moment of light i look down at you and just take in how beautiful you are and how much i want and need you so we start counting and get to to 12 then bl**dY HELL BANG! We start kissing again but this time its more than just kissing its as if nothing else matters other than you and me every movement has a reason and every moan has a meaning and every touch has an importance that borders on critical we get so lost within each other we dont notice the next 3 flashes and thunder strikes and with out either of us knowing or when your skirt is hitched up and my flies been undone and my hard throbbing cock is inches away from your very wet and warm pussy and as i pull your knickers to one side and slowly slide inside you and my whole cock is filling you a huge flash of light explodes around us and we count 1, 2, 3, 4 BANG the rumble of thunder is so loud it feels like the cliff is revirberating so we start kissing and instantly lose ourselves again with each other and our bodies automatically find the perfect movements and rythymn that takes our pleasure to new hightend levels which makes both of our bodies the most sensitive its ever been both our bodies covered in goosebumps and neither of us know whether its because of what we are doing or because of the storm but theres a sense of intense electricity in eveything we do we start moaning into each others ears and our movements become more primal and powerful and we both tense up then the brightest FLASH of light then you scream in pleasure i shout your name as i explode and then the biggest CLAP BANG of thunder rumbles across the sky and the storm is right over us and lasts for what seems like forever you cum the hardest you have ever cum you squirt with my cock deep inside as im cumming the most i have ever cum as it seems to never ever stop exploding as the thunder ends we just collapse holding on to each other never wanting to let go of each other just looking into each others eyes as the moon now shines as the storm passes over us and our eyes say everything as words are not needed
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