Hot sex on a Train

Hot sex in a train carriage

A man came into the smoking compartment without removing his cigar from his mouth. "It's nice here," Beatrice shook her head and laughed at him kindly. "I do not understand English!" "And ick only Biske German. But no matter. You beautiful woman, "he grinned broadly and gave her his huge paw. For a while they stood silently side by side and Beate thought he could feel the entire concentrated power and muscle of this giant. Heat waves durchjagten their bodies and made them nervous. Between the legs itched it and it felt distinctly like her lips were filled with bl**d and become heavy. Furtive sighed. In a curve, she was suddenly thrown against the Negro, who also held immediately, regardless his big hand rested on her breasts and she smiled satisfied. Confused, Beatrice tried to free himself from the man, but he held her on. He pulled her close to her and rubbed his hard groin against her body. Beate had to close my eyes and made them even unwittingly circular movements, which they brought more closely into contact with the Negro. He had now put his other hand on Beate's buttocks and squeezed her firm buttocks. Then he came with his face close to yours so that Beatrice could see the brown speck in his iris. Later, she did not know was how it happened, but suddenly her small hand was between his powerful thighs and looked for his penis. What she felt was incomprehensible for Beate. The Negro had to have a monster by the tail. Beate groped and fumbled and the long rod would never end. It was so thick that Beatrice could hardly put her hand to her. Finally, she touched the root, under which hung a monstrous sack. Beate was dizzy. The Negro now pressed tightly to him, rubbing his chin against her hair and breathed heavily. He made imperceptible Fickbewegungen. He opened his pants invisible to other people and led Beate's fingers in his fly. "That's better," he laughed rough, when Beate's hand pressed against his tail skin. The long flogging was warm and pulsing, which Beatrice felt quite clearly. Anxiously they looked around the corridor, whether they are not observed, watched their play, their play has been noticed, but no one seemed to be for them and the negro to care.

"Regalia," said The hoarse. Mechanically Beate began with a fingertip to Nillenkopf stroke and move the bulging hood up and down. She let her fingers around the big mushroom head circling, kneading gently and felt the long pole in how herunterflossen their love juices from her panties to her thighs. Faster and faster now whacked off the huge black piston, the wildly beating in her small hand began. "Wonderful," groaned the heavy man, and bit her ear. Beate expected every moment to the hot stream of male sperm and increase their Wichsarbeit. "Tickets please," a voice suddenly yanked it out of their jobs. Startled Beate let go of the tail and pulled her hand from his pants. No sooner had the guard over, grabbed the negro Beate's shoulders and pushed them past the other passengers. He remained standing in front of the laundry room, shoved Beate and came immediately. Grinning, he closed the door behind him. "We fuck alone, now we" whispered the negro. With these words he lifted Beate and covered her face and her mouth with passionate kisses. Then he put Beatrice on the sink, rolled up her sweater and put his sinewy hands around her breasts. "Boobs very well," he murmured, leaning over her and began to lick enjoyable Beates hemispheres and beknabbern. Restless Beate slid her butt into the tub back and forth. The negro made her crazy. She was able to subdue the longing for his tail and his wide, strong body, barely. Your brain is signaled only fuck, fuck. Involuntarily she threw herself into the arms of the man who answered his hot kisses and let her hands flying over his chest. But the man shook his head. "You dick," he muttered, stepping back and pointing to the bulge in his pants. Beatrice obeyed. She quickly opened the zipper, put his hand into his pants, pushed her tight panties to the side and pulled out a purple, throbbing leg. Beate weighed it in her little hand and was just amazing today. This was not a male member, which was the tail of an adult stallion.

Threat thick, long and dark on the cock bobbed up and down, banged on Beate's knee, and waited to be mopped with a delicate women's hands. "Prima tail?" Asked the negro, and tucked between his branch of Beate's knee. The young woman swallowed a few times, still staring at the black piece of meat, and only nodded speechless. Then came the negro again nearer, lifted by Beate sink, she pressed down and stroked his belt by Beate's face. "I want to lick him," Beatrice asked hoarsely and took both hands to the hard-on. When she finally got hold of him, she dabbed a few times against the narrow slit and then stuffed the black penis in her mouth. She had to tear him far hineinzubekommen at least the glans tip, but that was enough for the Negro does not work now. He held on Beate's head and then struck with a violent jerk his cock halfway into Beate's mouth. "Bubbles," he commanded, and rubbed his tribe on Beate's teeth. Beatrice began to gurgle, swallow hard and then felt the branch deep in her throat. Choking Afraid of the hard piece to have, "she began furiously to the hot rod sucking and licking. "Very guut" groaned the negro and attempted to penetrate more deeply into women's mouths. But there was simply no more room; Beate's mouth was swollen and completely filled by the penis. As she began to rhythmically move her head back and forth, what the man before her very pleased. He rolled his eyes wildly, painfully pinching her tits and pumping with loud groans his cock in her throat. With his second hand he pulled her skirt from her body and pushed two fingers so deep into her pussy, that the young woman moaned aloud. But the throbbing cock in her mouth stifled any sound. In this position, the negro began fucking faster and faster. The first drop of semen gushed out of his Nillenschlitz and ran in Beate's mouth. When she was afraid that the man would aufgegeilte squirt his load into her mouth, he suddenly pulled out his pint out of it and turned his backside towards her. Then he pressed her head in the sink, kneading his hands a few times her firm ass cheeks and let his tail Straddling pop on her butt. He spread her legs, pushed his cock between her and looked at her wildly panting column.

No sooner had he found the narrow gate, he laughed loudly and said hoarsely: "Good, warm hole. Dick fucking now. "And then suddenly he pushed into her cunt with such f***e that they believed to be cleaved by a sword. The first took her almost the sense of pain, but then spread to an enormous pleasure in her body. "Fuck 'me, finally, you black stallion," she begged, and held out her butt. "Come on, peitsch 'your branch in my cunt. Jaa ... nor ... deeper. Up to the eggs you need to put it to me clean. I'm so incredibly horny. I will have him. Yes, ooooocchh ..., I can feel him ... to the neck "Beate raged at each joint. The man grabbed her dangling tits, her back was bent and hammered mercilessly into her dripping cunt. To this end he gave loud, clear, but unintelligible words. Beate hung helplessly, down by huge waves and pleasure torn, in his arms, weeping and moaning, banging his head against the mirror and gurgled: "Yah, so I was screwing None yet. Oooh, is heavenly. I ... I come ... now. Jeeetzt "Then it exploded, their bodies reared up and stiffened. At the same moment, the man sprayed her his semen into the canal.
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