A Very Happy Birthday

Too bad no one had wished him a "Happy Birthday" today-- Someday this was turning out to be... "Ohh well, I'll just go back home and call it quits" he said to himself.
It's a long drive home when you're all alone. But this was getting to be a routine for James. He lived in a single bedroom apartment with a typical setup, small living room and kitchen when you first walk in, the living room leads to a hall way with a quite large bathroom on the right and at the end of the hallway was his room.
He finally get to his door and opens it only to find that all the lights are off his apartment, but he notices something a little off when he walks in. It smells good in here, not to say that his apartment stinks or anything but it didn't smell like this. It was some kind of cinnamon scent that made his nose tingle when he took a deep breath, but it also made him feel warm and relaxed on the inside. Another strange thing was that all the lights were off, James always kept the light above the stove on. No one was in the kitchen or the living room, so he took off his coat and proceeded with caution to the back of his apartment. As he crept in the dark he thought to himself "Who the hell could be in my house? And better yet, why?" As he's about halfway to his room he can make out a silhouette in his door way. It takes him a second but as his eyes adjust to the pitch black he can make out that the figure is a feminine one and not a bad looking one from where he was standing.
James can make out luscious curly shoulder length hair, a beautiful slender neck, nice slim shoulders, medium sized ample breasts and from there it led to hips that could make any man go crazy...as he kept looking he saw a nice pair of thick thighs and athletic calves... This woman had a body that would make a Coke bottles jealous.
But "Who the fuck was she?" he questioned to himself
"Excuse me miss, but with all due respect Who are you? and What are you doing in my house?"

The woman responds back, a little quicker than he expected. “I heard you come in, it sure took you long enough to get back here.” She said with a laugh.

"You still didn't answer my question miss!" said James, raising his voice.

The figure stands silently for a minute. Even though he can't see her face, he can somehow tell she's smirking in the darkness just a little bit. Her arm shifts over to where the light switch in his room should be and she says "What's wrong? You don't recognize an old friend?" Then she turns the light on and James' eyes almost burst outta his head. The woman standing in hos doorway is...
His best friend from high school, Krystal. They had not seen each other in a long time because he was always working, but he gave her the key to his apartment just in case she ever needed a place to stay or something like that. And she had picked the weirdest, but the best time ever to stop by. She had changed a tad from when he last saw her. Her once light golden skin complection had changed into a smooth soft caramel color, she'd probably moved to somewhere hot where it was sunny all the time-- she did always talk about moving to Florida. She had also gained a little more weight, Krystal wasn't the little almost stick figure girl he had once known. The weight she put on went in ALL of the right places... he had almost caught himself drooling when he thought about it. And that brought him to his next observation; Krystal was wearing this black lacey bra that really showed off her breasts. On top of that she wore on of his plain white button up work shirts—it flowed around her body beautifully. James moved his gaze downward and noticed she was wearing a black laced thong to match her bra. His jaw almost dropped.
Krystal broke the silence by saying “So are you just gunna stand there, Birthday Boy or are you gunna come say “Hi?”.
Still dumbfounded he walks toward her, “Even though the she had revealed why she was here, that still didn’t explain why she was in a bra and a thong.

So James walks his doorway and gives her the biggest hug ever, he picks her up and spins her around. They haven’t seen each other in almost a year, so along hello was definitely in order. After he finished spinning her around, he set her down on her feet and took a good look into her eyes like he always did. But she wasn’t satisfied. You're really not gunna gimme a kiss?! she yelled out.
A little taken aback James looked at her funny. She had never asked him for a real kiss before, come to think of it she had never asked for a kiss period. But he thought "What the hell, I might as well go for it." So he went in for the kiss; As he bent his head down a little so that their lips could meet he watched her close her eyes and so he closed his too. As his eyes closed their his lips met her plump juicy lips and he felt like a rainbow had just exploded in the back of his eyes, he almost went limp in her arms right there. A kiss had never felt so good to him...EVER. She grabbed the back of his neck and gentley but firmly pressed her lips against his. She darted her tounge forward to meet his and again his was hit with another explosion of pleasure and passion, it was amazing.

They finally stopped kissing and they pulled their lips away from each other but stayed in each others arms. She held him close, with her nails stratching into his his back, looking at him with a feral smile. He knew what she wanted, but why she wanted it now was a mystery to him.

"I know what you're thinking" she said. And she was probably right, she usually always knew. "I don't wanna fuck you because I'm horny-- well maybe a little-- but I really wanna fuck you beacause it's your birthday today. I know how you are nd I'm guessing you hven't had a lot of female companions sticking around here. She was right, he hadn't really had a serious girlfriend since high school, he still didn't like to think about it. Sometimes just the thought of the things that happened between him and his ex made him shudder. Krystal gentlely intrupted his thoughts with a kiss on his chest.

"You know I love you James and I know girls haven't been fair to you in the past but I wanna show you that heartless females aren't the only females that exsist." "Today I wanna take care of you, please let me."

And with her beautiful hazel eyes and the way she look at him with them, there was no way he could say no. "Okay, so what do I have to do?" said James after a moment of thinking to himself.
"You don't have to a damn thing!" purred Krystal. "Just lay down and lt me take care of you."
She undressed him until he was into nothing but his boxer briefs. She told him to lay on the bed and relax, so he followed her intructions. She waited for him to lay down and after a few silent minutes Krystal mounted his back to give him a back massage-- she was naked. They hadn't even started anything and he was already getting turned on. Just her soft smooth warm skin touching his was making him horny. She leaned forward, put her arms under him so that both hands were touching his chest muscles and her bare tits were touching his back. Then she flicks her tongue out and into his ear, and ever so softly she whispers "Just relax, I'm gunna take care of you tonight." Krystal gets the warm oil that she had already heated up and goes to work. Her dainty hands some how fine the strength to knead and roll James' rock hard muscles.
"Damn she remarks, I'm sure glad you kept in shape since we left high school." And as she admires how good his body looks she gives him kisses on his spine that make his body tingle. Starting with his shoulders she works her way all the down to his lower back, admiring every bulge and cut along the way. When she finally gets to his lower back she stops. Waits a moment, then they remove his underwear.
So far James had kept himself under control. But now that they were both naked and had flipped over so she was straddling his frontside. Krystal leaned in for another passionate kiss, she made him try to sit up for more, but broke away leaving him wanting more. But she started moving lower and lower on his body, alerternating between kissing and sucking on his abs as she went. Then she got to his dick, which was already just from his dirty thoughts and her teasing.
"Ohh tsk, tsk James this won't do at all." "Let's see how hard that dick can..." She cut her ownself off as she put her luscious lips on to his throbbing manhood--he let out a soft moan as she did. Krystal started off slow, just taking him into her mouth little by little, jerking him off as she did. Next she came up and started licking the tip of his dick while she looked at him.
James was emotionally strong, but when it came to the bed he was a little more sensitive than most; Krystal loved that about him. The faces he was making while she pleasured him we making her pussy wet. But she was all about giving him what he wanted today. So she gave him a treat. She put her mouth back on the head of his now rock hard rod, she took the full length of it and took all in her mouth till it touched the back of her throat. James layed there and watched almost his whole dick disappear into her mouth. Then she took it out and lick it from the base of the shaft all the way to the head-- it was making him go crazy. His hand snaked behind her head putting his fingers at root of her curls, just like she liked at the same time he firmly but gently pushed and pulled her head up and down on his dick. It felt so good...but her wanted more.

He took his hand from behind her head and then she looked up at him. As soon as she did she knew what he wanted. She defintely wasn't gunna hesitate to give it to him, so she straddled him. She took his thick throbbing manhood in hand and inserted it into her soking wet pussy. When he was inside her they both let out a little gasp. Neither one of them was expecting how good it was gunna feel. But Krystal was always a little bit of a tease since forever. She woulldn't let him go to work right away. She lifted herself up till only the head of his dick was in her then she jus bounced on the tip of it, making James want it more and more as she did it. He would try to lift his pelvis so he could put then full length in her, but she would just push him down everytime he did. It was killing her amlmost as much as it was killing him, she loved the antisipation so much though.
As she was having this thought, she found heself being flipped over to the missionary position. It took her aback for a moment but she like James' f***efulness...when he chose to show it. "It's you birthday, I'm jus here to help you enjoy it, James-- Fuck me how you want to James!!!
And that's exactly what he had in mind as he slowly put his full self inside of her, then pulled it out and out it back in again-- it was his turn to tease her now, but only a little bit. He picked up speed looking into her eyes as he slammed himssefl into her each time, bitting his lips as he did. She watched all 180lbs of muscle bulge and ripple as he thrusted his rod into her over and over again. It was getting to the point where it felt so good she was moving all over the place.
"Ohh my god!! Please keep going!! That shit feels soo good..." she screamed. The rest of her sentence was cut off by her moans as James entered her once again, fucking her pussy so good she had to cover her mouth to keep the neighbors from complaining.
"You're moving a lot babe, you know we can't have that" said James in a low sexual tone. "Turn over" he commanded.
As Krystal turned over, bent over and out both hands on the headboard all the while think about how much they were both gunna enjoy this. She turns around to ask him if this is his favorite position, but she she's cut off by her own involuntary moan as James slips into her already dripping wet pussy. He grabs her by the waist, feeling her curves as he fucks her gently. As he slips more and more of himself into her he starts grinding his hips so he hits the walls of her pussy. He leans forward, supporting both of them with one arm and rubbing her clit with his free hand. He didn't even know he could do all of this, but Krystal's words and teasing had brought it out of him. He moans into her ear as he fucks her, which makes her moan more and more and bring both of them closer and closer to an orgasm.
"I want you to cum James, fucking cum inside of me babi." she moans. James starts thrust his dick inside her slowly but hard, forcing a half moan half whimper out of her everytime he does. Krystal starts squeezing her pussy muscles together as they're both seconds from cumming. James makes one last thrust into her with on hand supporting them and the other on her beautiful supple breast while she came on his rock hard dick and he came inside of her.

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very good more details on her