Staring out my parents bedroom window that summer while they were at work I watched the Big Chevy Truck pull up across the street. In the truck the dark haired man sat half smoked cigarette underneath the thick mustache. collected his gear and got out of the truck. As he began to work i wouldn't dare take my eyes off him and would stay there waiting until he'd come back outside and Chain smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes collect more tools and go back inside.
I was young and had never seen such a smoldering-ly sexy Construction working Marlboro smoking man. The Dark hair, thick mustache, worn in jeans, thin wife beater, tool belt worn to the side revealing a worn in crotch spot lightened up pulling your eyes. A Dry Waller working on the parents master bathroom,…I though next time he comes outside to chain-smoke I'm gonna go across the street and say something … but what ?!! Eventually i went over asking about my friends whereabouts,he told me the f****y was at the beach for the weekend! I lingered around and he would ask me to hand him a hammer or a drill this and that cigarette clenched in his lips under that thick dark mustache. I stared at his mouth watching him pull and blow out the thick intoxicating smoke. My eyes slowly wandered down his amazing brawny chest and arms to his stomach and eventually stopped, stuck, lost, found , staring at his bulging crotch …is it growing getting bigger right before my eyes … watching his hand hold the cigarette down by his crotch, i was mesmerized, the smoke curled and spiraled around his growing bulge and … "HEY!" "What are you looking at?" Stunned i said nothing my wide eyes tried to speak to answer but nothing came out until he grabbed and squeezed his bulge and said... "You want to suck it?" I nodded yes! EXHILARATED ! Heart racing, he directed me into the house to the parents master bedroom sat me down on their bed and stood in front of me, lit up another Marlboro and said "Take it out!" l was shaking so bad I could not get his belt buckle unbuckled ...he eventually got fed up and unbuckled his belt in two quick motions and popped the button fly open and his THICK rock hard dick leapt out of his tight jeans and hit me in the face in an effort to leap into my mouth !! He stood there smoking and directing me on to his thick throbbing cock to suck it as he stood there smoking, Grunting and moaning occasionally. He would then push my head down on his dick gagging me with his cock all the way down my throat as i would pull back choking he would lift my face and kind of kiss me to f***e feed me his exhaled smoke from his Marlboro RED. Choking an gagging he put me back on to his cock for more and with his deep thick accent he told me to smoke his Fucking Dick! it was SO INCREDIBLY HOT he repeated this pattern over and over until finally without warning he held my head down on his dick and I felt an explosive warm sensation gushing in my mouth and splashing the back of my throat! with an taste that flipped my stomach almost causing me to throw up. It was his cum. Immediately he pulled his dick out and closed my mouth with his big dirty hands and said don't you spit it out either. He grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me to standing and with his other hand swatted me on my back causing me to swallow it and I took off running back across the street! I got home brushed my mouth and tongue continuously over and over to try to get the taste of his cum off and out of my mouth and tongue. Then in my bedroom had a moment of Religious guilt thinking I was surely going to HELL. The guilt subsided by the images of him smoking and his dick filled my mind until I could no longer take it and would master bate 4 times in a row to the memory of my first experience - I was DONE ! and would never be the same. Oddly I had 3 other experiences like it with other random Portuguese men in my neighborhood all blue collar, landscapers, construction working, truck driven, Cigarette smoking, HORNY, hard working men that could care less that i was a boy they were horny and saw an opportunity to get some impromptu head and bust their nut off. All of course while they took a smoke break, I FUCKING LOVED IT AND even today I often go back to those experiences and love to stay there in those memories!.. It wasn't until i was 20 that i began smoking Marlboro mediums and it wouldn't be for another ten years before i realized i had an fetish for men that smoke. After thinking about why i had this fetish .. it all came flooding back in …I was 11 years old and there was this Marlboro Chain smoking construction worker across the street ….

I think Ive been searching for the ultimate Marlboro Man since the first time I saw the smoking mustached cowboy man in magazine print ads. I have been hoping for more experiences like my past with a construction worker mechanic blue collar type, a hot biker bad ass Stud, a Thick mustache, beard or scruff stubbled hard man etc. Bottom line if you love smoking just as much or more than you love taking and controlling a hot piece of ass., or you've just gotta smoke and you keep a smoke clenched in your lips or teeth all while getting your dick sucked and fucking some good ass then you've got me ...its my Kryptonite and I'm powerless to a cigarette smoking hot top man, completely at your smoke blowin mercy and will do anything ANYTHING for HOT SMOKIN MARLBORO MAN!
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