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It was early afternoon and I was out, of course, riding my bike around the neighborhood as usual scouting for hot smokin men. As i turned onto the next block I see a man at his grey Chevy utility truck my eyes quickly take in the whole visual; Dark short hair, thick dark mustache, shades, tight fitted blue jeans, black crew neck pocket shirt, lit smoking cigarette under his thick dark stache. In the pocket of the crew neck shirt a pack of Marlboro Reds. the top of the box barely peeking out. I had seen this sexy man before in his truck driving in around my neighborhood either coming or... Continue»
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[Story] My Neighborhood LANDSCAPER

It was summer and i was home all day unless I was to go to swimming lessons at the city center. So daily i had chores to do before i was allowed to go anywhere. Already a few days into Summer and i had perfected and mastered my chores and knew how to knock them out early so i would have the whole rest of the day to do what i wanted which was ride my bike around and scope out the Hottest smoking studs possible and then hope that i would be able to somehow speak or talk to him and from there anything was possible.
So with chores finished, I hopped on my bike and decide to take a small ride ... Continue»
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Staring out my parents bedroom window that summer while they were at work I watched the Big Chevy Truck pull up across the street. In the truck the dark haired man sat half smoked cigarette underneath the thick mustache. collected his gear and got out of the truck. As he began to work i wouldn't dare take my eyes off him and would stay there waiting until he'd come back outside and Chain smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes collect more tools and go back inside.
I was young and had never seen such a smoldering-ly sexy Construction working Marlboro smoking man. The Dark hair, thick mustache, w... Continue»
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