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Laura walks into her front room wearing a short ass black pleated skirt, black and white striped stockings that stop at the skirt with a see through black fishnet top and silk red bra with maybe matching panties, shiny gloss black lips and nails. She answers her phone as its been ringing for quite some time.

After some conversation, Laura's friend Jenna invites her over for a drink and a chat, so she comes over. Laura's blonde bimbo friend answers the door after a strange one minute delay after knocking.
opening the door, Laura is met with her friend Jenna who surprises her by only wearing a tight white micro mini skirt and heels with a little silver boob tube and silky pink lips.
Jenna is overexcited and pulls Laura into her house closing the door behind them and Laura notices something... Jenna's not super clean but, the house is spotless but not just that- her hallway is jammed with a couple of coffee tables from the front room and one of the arm chairs...
Laura begins to ask about this but is abruptly pulled around and through the obstacle course, Laura sees Jenna watching her stripey thighs part to get through and licking her lips not realizing Laura can see.
Both almost fall into the kitchen where everything is as usual. Laura asks Jenna what was going on out there but is met with shrugging and a large glass of vodka and coke. Laura hesitates before sipping the drink and coughs and splutters as it is very very strong- Laura is positive there's half a bottle in her glass!

so she continues to sip slowly while Jenna shows off from her bag, her freshly bought underwear and a new dress or, as Laura thought, the lack "of" a dress.
"Jenna that is really hot- whats up with that?" Laura asks.
"Oh... well if you're up for one hella party today, ima wear it mami, what you think?" Jenna says while holding the barely covering "dress" to her body.
Laura blushes so bad her pale cheeks grow rosy, making her look more embarrassed than she actually was. Jenna grinned and giggled seductively sinister at Laura who asked where the party was.
"Oh its not far from here..." Jenna sips her drink and walks away to the fridge to get a long thick chocolate bar out, unwrapping it and licking the tip.
Laura laughs nervously, "Jenna you bitch, what the hell you on, girl?"
Jenna looks up and sucks on the chocolate bar before biting and chewing it. Jenna didn't reply but, bent over in front of the fridge to reach for something Laura couldn't notice as she was too busy watching the micro mini skirt ride up Jenna's thighs...

"So..." Laura asked "Where's this party going to be?" sipping so much out of nerves, Laura had half a large glass left...
"Oh you wont know it girl. You never go to that neighbourhood" Jenna said cryptically, Jenna swallowed all the chocolate bar as she had tilted her head back, Laura gasped at the sight.
"Think you can do it too, girl?" Jenna asked.
"Me do... what?"
"what I just did..." Jenna walks over to Laura sipping and swaying her hips side to side.
"Um... I dont know Jen"
Jenna stands so close to Laura, Laura's nerves show through her quivering gloss black lips.
"I think you can baby... You'd look so good after a while"
"After a while of what? eating a chocolate bar?" Laura laughed while Jenna's eyes were glued to her.
"Not exactly eating sweety..." Jenna giggled again.
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