the caravaner

i live in a remote part of the country were not much happens,this is a true story so names have been changed.Hannah turned up one day with her parents on a camping holiday, she was 18 5ft2 a size 8 to 10 i guess,at first i took no notice of her but later that day i was on my way to my shooting ground when i bumped into her comming down the lane "hi what are you up to"she asked i told her and carried on my way after half an hour i had had enough and started to walk back down, thats whem i saw her again only this time dressed to kill,she waved for me to go over i did and saw an dead crow in the grass "it wasnt me "i said "i know ive been watching you,coul you tell me were the pub is my mum and dad have gone and left me"i said "well if you dont mind wating half an hour ill walk you down ive gota get changed first" ok she said we walked back to my place
i told her to make her self comfortable an i went for a i opend the door Hannah was standing there i was just about to ask her if she was ok when she kissed me soon we wre on the floor on the landing undressing each other like it was the end of the world i ran my toung down her bodykissing and licking all the way (i have a tounge like gene simmons) till i found her shaven pussy she gasped as i worked it into her tasting that sweet nectar i found her clit and worked away till she came on my tounge,i took her to the bed room and layd her on the bed we never said a word to each other she just took my cock in har hand climed on top of me and road me till i almost came she stoped got on all fours i didnt need asking i got behind her and started to fuck her for all i was worth it didnt take long for us both to cum Hannah screamin and shuddering and covering me in cu and me exploding deep inside her tight pussy.We lay there till way afetr dark till she said are you taking me to the pub then so i did the looks we got when we walked in form her parents and my friends hahha she told me later that it was her first time with an older man.
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4 years ago
there is more to come
4 years ago
nice story, you should expand on it or maybe theres a second installment... did you ever meet again? did the parents ever nab ya? i think you could take this story further, but i like it so far !! five x's !! ^.^