Stranger Danger: Gangbanged by my friends!

The night was furiously hot and vigourous as I strolled into my coffee shop for my hardworking shift. I was wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt. Just as I reached up for the creamer, Dave, Drake, Andrew, David, Seth, and Richard walked in. Stopping frozen, my skirt rode up, only to reveal my thong. I spun around and saw them. Immediately I remembered a few weeks before I had been through a dogging session. "Hello, what would you like to order?" I knelt down to pick up my notepad when I spotted some of them coming my way. "Uh, what are you doing?" I saw all of them crowding me. "Um, I really think you should-" They grabbed my arms and drew me up. I tried to run but soon they grabbed my feet. Lifting me off the ground i said "Please, let me leave!" They pulled off my skirt and they carried me to the table. They wouldn't let me go no matter how much I struggled. "Hey, guys, her ass looks like it needs a good fucking!" "Help!" I screamed. They pulled their hands over my mouth. They ripped my clothes off and then pinned me to the table. "Here, you hold her and I'll -" I kicked them. "Ok that's it." they picked me up and held me in the air while they individualy took turns sucking my tight pussy. I felt a sensation of warmth as the took out a phone and called some guys to come over. After a while of pure fucking, I heard the door open and my friends Jared, Patrick, and Dylan rushed in. "ooh, what do we have here?" "hey, it's alica. " they said. Well, they fucked me hard and good.
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2 years ago
yes more details & discriptions
2 years ago
Thanks for the advice i'll add pt. 2... :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
more detail! getting fucked by 9 guys should definitely be longer than a paragraph lol but ur off to a good start