fiona 2 sneak peek

beginning of the next part of the fiona series... just cuz.

Jordyn woke up on her couch, with jeremy nowhere to be found. she quickly made herself some breakfast and left for work.
The day passed normally, a few douchbags at the bar, who were quickly "e****ted" out of the bar by the bouncer.
she left work with her hoverpack, when she noticed some guys from the bar were following her, she brought them up onto the
comm chanell, asking them what they wanted. she got back the reply "you" and noticed them speeding up. she quickly sped up,
trying to lose them, when all of the sudden she turned a corner and her hoverpack cut out... she looked behind her to see
one of them had shot her hoverpack... shutting it down 400 feet in the air...
80% (2/1)
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3 years ago
seems like its an exciting read cant wait to see more. keep up the good work