continuation of my last story!
I drove niki's car home and sat through my parents lecture about "trust" and "respect" blah blah blah, then i went upstairs and I was so tired I just said screw it im sl**ping naked.
in the middle of the night i hear somthing move at the foot of my bed. i was terrified for some reson and I slowly reached up and turned on the lamp, to find my b*****r sitting at the foot of my bed jacking off. then he came on my face, but just before the cum hits my face, I wake up.
I rub my eyes and then turn over to look at my clock then jump when I see niki sitting in front of it.
"Finally your awake, you've been moaning your b*****rs name for the past 5 minutes!" niki laughed
"niki what do you want?"
"I had jamie drive me over to pick up my car, where'd you put the keys?"
"downstairs on the table..."
"okay, hurry up and get dressed!"
"Uhm for what?"
"uhh beach party today remember?"
"aw shit, what time is it?!"
"12:47, now get dressed and lets go!"
I quickly got dressed in my bikini with jeans and a white tanktop over it and hurried downstairs and outside to niki's car.
we drove for about 30 minutes talking about random crap, who we're having sex with blah blah, then we arived at the beach. when we got there, there was already alot of beer and alcohol. me and niki grabbed a beer and settled down near the water with some other guys from our school the day turned into night, and eventually we drove back to niki's house with two of the guys from the beach.

"Carmen you and Jake go have fun in the guest room... ill be in my room... cya in the morning!" niki shouted as she pulled jordan into her room.
I led Jake into the guest room and immidiatley started passionately kissing him, our tongues twirled exploring eachothers mouths after awhile we both wanted more, so I knelt down and took out his already hard 6-inch cock from his pants and began to suck it. after ahwile i removed my clothes and let him eat out my pussy, then he put his dick in and began to fuck my brains out, he definately diden't have the biggest dick iv'e had, but damn this k** knew how to fuck! he fucked me well into the night, untill about 2:00 in the morning when we both couldent take it anymore, and wen't to sl**p.

this is as far as im going.... im tired... haha but im going to write a fictional story.... gimmie names for the people in the comments!

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3 years ago
love it! how about Papaw Smurf lol
3 years ago
Such a short tease!