Josie gets brainwashed to worship black cock.

My beautiful girlfriend Josie just started a new Job at a recycling company. After a few days she began to realize that all of the women at her work were dating black men exclusively. Although odd she thought nothing of it. Her coworkers were all ranting and raving about this psychologist the office was paying for, he came to work and would have a private session once weekly with the people who sighned up. Josie wasn't feeling the need but the other women in the office were insistent that his sessions were the****utic and besides you get to relax paid for an hour a week. She finally agreed and sighned up. Maxwell was a bit more than she expected when she walked into the back office the first time. Tall, charming and most of all black. She froze as she gazed at him the first time. She half expected a woman.

The first few sessions were easy going and relaxing just chatting about life. After those first few sessions I began to notice subtle changes in her behavior. Her sex drive went through the roof at first but despite my best efforts she wouldn't/couldn't climax which drove her even crazier. What was so easy before now seemed impossible. She confided in her shrink and be made suggestions to try renting porn and masturbating, straight, lesbian, interracial he recommended them all.

After watching several we noticed no change and zero arousel until lastly the interracial movie he recommended. It was about a group of black men using and abusing this little inocent white girl on a park bench, A few minutes into that and she exploded into one of the most violent orgasms I had ever witnessed as if all of her sexual frustrations were damned up and those big black cocks were bashing right through her mental block.

Feeling our problems were solved I again tried to engage in sex, but it was as if her desire would just die as soon as I touched her, with no explanation she insisted that she would keep seeing her shrink to get to the bottom of this, meanwhile interracial porn was all that could get her off, so being the loving guy I am I bought more and more of it to satisfy her insationable appetite for it and the orgasms it brought her. Months went and Josie was working late more And more. Our sex life was dead except me masturbating to her masturbating to interracial porn nightly. I had enough I thought, time to go have words with the shrink who seemed to have little in the way helping.

That Monday I was off work and just gotten off the phone with Josie who was on her lunch and then going in for a session. Apparently as luck would have it as she set her purse down it called me again. I listened on the phone as I could hear her small talking with her shrink Maxwell. He then told her to lay back and relax and be was going to continue his hypnosis. What the hell!? I thought as I listened in intently. He talked in a soothing monotone voice as he put her under his control. Then the truth of it all came out slowly. You want to obey me bitch don't you? He said. Yes sir was her drowsy reply. Your not allowed to have an orgasm with any white men bitch, you will find the idea of sex with white men repulsive, repeat after me so I know you understand. She repeated his statements in a groggy tone. You can only cum to black men fucking you, you are only sexually attracted to black dominate males who use you for the pleasure. Again I heard her voice repeating his suggestions he was implanting deep into her subconscious mind. Suck your owners cock bitch he ordered, with that I could hear the slurping sounds of him violating the mouth I kiss! I listened to him face fucking her for a few minutes before he ordered her to hike up her skirt and surrender her pussy. She complied and I listened to her getting a Nasty fucking and it was hot sounding! I could hear her getting hammered on the whole majority of the session all the while the suggestions of her whoring herself to more and more black men were being programmed into her! Then her phone went dead. As I stood there in shock I realized that my own cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum down my thigh. I quickly pulled my pants off and masturbated myself to the mental image of her physical and mental fucking by Maxwell. My cock erupted violently to the images I had conjured up. Josie arrived home exhausted from her session and I asked her how it had all went? She really didn't know what was happening to her and that turned me on even more. I decided that for the time being I was going to keep quiet about what I had discovered until I could figure out how to approach the issue. In the meantime I put on her favorite bbc movie and understanding why she had become consumed by black cock I watched as she f***ed more and more fingers deep into her pussy, I decided then to do some exparementing of my own. Josie...would you like me to buy you a black dildo? The confused passion in her eyes was hot as she fought back the guilt and slowly nodded yes.

To be continued.............
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1 year ago
That was awesome!
1 year ago
I hope you continue real soon.