Josie's first bbc, just a dream?

It was the usual routine for a Saturday night. Hit up a local bar, drink, dance and mingle with new friends. My girlfriend Josie has a wild streak a mile wide and after a few drinks she gets flirtatious and a bit rowdy but I love her and trust her so I pay little attention to the endless stares and conversations she ends up having with random guys. She is tall and thin with a tight body despite having three c***dren has the body of a toned goddess. As we were having conversation with a random couple she excused herself to go to the restroom. I watched as she headed around to the other side of the bar paying only glancing attention as I am still chatting with the couple seated next to me. As I glance Josie's way again I caught sight of her talking to a black man, my heart sped up a few beats as I watched her fixing the beanie on his head rolling it up just perfectly but the most interesting part was that she was glowing. Her eyes had a sparkle, she was smiling as they talked and her hands went from his beenie hat to the back of his neck and just rested there! It was obvious she had an immediate attraction to this muscular black male. He was smiling and I noticed how quickly they were closing the distance between there faces as they were both leaning into each other during the conversation. After a minute had passed she broke off the conversation and headed down the hallway to the rest room. I was excited yet relieved. The sight of them so closely connecting was both arousing and terrifying. At this point I wasn't paying any attention to the couple babbling next to me.

My heart was throbbing as I was dying to ask her what that was about. As she walked back he grabbed her arm f***efully and pulled her thin frame right to him, again she smiled and they chatted. A few times she glanced at me and went right back to him in flirtatious conversation. About 20 minutes passed and she broke free and returned to my side. "What was that all about?" I said. "Nothing he was just flirting and offering to buy me drinks." She then went on to tell me that she informed him that she was with her man and not available. He asked the usual questions, "Ever been with a black man? Ever wanted too?" She admitted she asked some questions of her own "Is it true black men have huge cocks?" Etc. She saw the concern on my face and implied I should relax, nothing's going on, just a question. I knew she loved to flirt so I let go and moved on with our night. Soon it was my turn to use the restroom so off I went. As I was returning I saw that same black man sitting in my chair chatting her up again! As I approached she smiled and introduced me. We shook hands and he offered to buy us a drink. He got us both a strong drink then went back to talking to her like I wasn't there, even worse she was eating it up right in front of me. I began to feel offended as he again bought her another drink. I chimed into their conversation that we had to get up early and should be heading home soon. She sensed my jealousy and just dismissed my comment out of hand. I needed some air as I stepped outside to smoke. I stared at them through the window watching as her body language gave off not so subtle hints to him that she was attracted to him. Again I marched in there and said we should go, he turned and looked me in the eye told me to relax. He then said he knows the bartender and offered to buy me another special drink and that if I refused he would be insulted.

My beautiful girl prodded me "Come on, take the drink......then well go." I hesitantly gave in and he waived the bartender over. He leaned over and whispered something into the female bartenders ear and she pulled back, looked at him oddly then nodded. She quickly poured my girl another strong drink and then went into the back to make mine. I asked why and she replied they were out of a special kind of whiskey. I took a few sips and it tasted okay so I slowly drank it.

"Okay times up, let's go babe." as I pulled her arm. I looked at him and said it was nice to meet you. As we headed for the door he jumped up "Wait just have a cigarette with me before you go." On the patio I started to feel uneasy. The place started spinning and I felt weak. "What's wrong baby" my girl asked. I tried to answer but I couldn't collect my thoughts. Then I felt the black guy grab onto me "He's just d***k, maybe I should give you two a ride home." She was down right thankfully but I knew something wasn't right, I didn't drink that much, did I? As he flopped my almost lifeless body in the back seat I could see everything, hear everything but couldn't speak, couldn't move. As they drove I noticed his hand reach over and grab her thigh and rub it. Next thing I remember was him carrying me into my bed and her stripping my clothes off. Was I d**gged? They tucked me in and shut the bedroom door as they exited to the living room. I could still hear her flirtatious giggles in the other room before passing out.

The next thing I remember is the bed moving slowly, gently. I could hear whispering and kissing noises but its almost as if in a dream. Then I heard the distinct sound of my girl letting out a moan of pleasure. Suddenly the fog in my head lifted, I tried to move but I couldn't the bed rocked slowly and rhythmically and I could hear her saying in an aroused yet subdued voice "Go slow, I don't want to wake him. I tried my hardest to open my eyes and finally got them to open just a hair. I could see the silouette of him on top of her thrusting into her missionary, her legs fully open receiving his black manhood. They kissed slowly and passionately and she whimpered with each slow thrust. I could see her occasionally glance over and look at me smiling with lust in her eyes to make sure her d***k man was still passed out. "Relax momma he's not waking up, he's d***k and he never has to know." With that he slapped me firmly across the arm. I was frozen, couldn't respond, unable to move any part of my body. With that he began thrusting harder and as she looked at my immobile carcass one last time she let go of all caution and began moaning loudly. I watched through the slit in my eyelid as he took over feeding her now obviously wet vagina his black cock. I could tell by the sound her pussy was sopping as he worked it over. Then my cock grew stif. As I watched her have one of the most violent orgasms I had ever seen her achieve. He was whispering naughty things as he fucked all the hesitation out of her. "You a bad slut fucking this big dick right next to your passed out man, aren't ya!?" " You feel like a dirty bitch don't you?" All she could get out was grunts and pants of "ugh yes." "God yes!" He was now pounding her hard and deep and for the first time I could see the massive power tool he was burying into her tiny cunt. As orgasm after orgasm gripped her she began begging for it, more of it. It wasn't long before he thrust deep and held it there filling her willing cunt with his hot seed! He laid there on top of her still inserted into her kissing her slowly. The next thing I remember is the sun was up, my head felt like it was in a vice and she lay there sl**ping. I thought to myself, was that really real? If so should I let her know I know?
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