-/- 11-30-11 : The BEST Sight I've EVER

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I was walking in the Cemetery one day . It was cold and rainy , butt I didn't care . It was a beautiful day and it was about to get EVEN better ......

While standing by a tombstone , someone in the distance caught my eye . I could see he had long hair , Black long hair , butt that was it . As I walked closer , he took my breath away . One word came to mind " GORGEOUS ". He was leaning against a tombstone . I saw him there , yet the look on his face said he was MILES away , deep in thought . I wondered what he was thinking , so I moved in closer . As I did , I could see tears in his eyes and my Heart went out to him . He looked so sad and lost . I thought , how could a guy this gorgeous be SO sad . TO me , he had EVERYTHING , nice body , Long Black hair , dark eyes , he was tall and he was dressed in Goth garb . I stepped back to give him some space , butt as I did , he reached out , pulled me to him , and hugged me , like I had never been hugged before . It was so warm , so passionate . I went to ask him what was wrong and he put his finger to my mouth , as in to say Shhh! I fell HARD for him in that instant . He seemed better now . It was like the sadness was gone and he now had the warmest smile I've ever seen . It felt good to see him smile . I commented about him smiling now and he said 2 words " It's you " . I'm like " what ?" . And he said " You're the reason I smile now " . My Heart skipped a beat . He said " I was lost in the DARKNESS of Life and you found me " . After that , him & I were together EVERY second of EVERY day . I took my breath away w/ EVERY look and touch . We now walked in the DARKNESS together , butt it was DARK Love . We camped out in the Cemetery , had sex in the Cemetery , listened to music in the Cemetery . I'd NEVER been w/ such an AWESOME guy before and I knew I NEVER wanted to be apart from him . He was such a passionate lover too . He had the HUGEST cock I'd ever seen and his cumshots , OMG , talk about FILLED . I loved EVERYTHING about him and I could tell he felt the same about me too . In time , we ended up getting married . It was a beautiful Cemetery wedding . Our colors were Black , Red , & Silver . We both wore Black , him wearing a Black tux and a Red Top hat w/ silver trim and I wore a Black lace gown ( see through ) , Silver Top hat w/ Red trim . We had a Purple hearse decorated w/ Skulls dangling from the back of it . In the background played Goth tunes . And there were Black , Red , & Purple roses EVERYWHERE . Him & I exchanged wedding bands ( for our left hand ) & casket rings ( for our right hand ) . After the wedding , we drove to the funeral home in our hearse , while the wedding party followed in a White Chariot , drawn by 6 Black horses , adorned in Red , Purple , & Silver . It was a beautiful cloudy day for our wedding and we lived happily ever after in our DARK world . We were together and that was ALL that mattered .


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3 years ago
omg this is so gay lol
3 years ago
cool gothic wedding. great story!
3 years ago
Wonderfulyl dark, compelling and so very sexy.