Quickie - come home soon

“OK, see you in five.”
She put the phone down and walked to the bedroom to check her appearance. She had finished her chores and showered but hadn't decided on what to wear for the rest of the day yet. She was unsure of the purpose of his visit; he had been brief and business-like on the phone and had only mentioned that he was popping around and asked if she was free. She slipped into a dress that would be flattering if he arrived 'with intent' and casual enough if he was only staying briefly. The doorbell rang as she was running her fingers through her hair. “Shit!” That wasn't five minutes! She had a last look in the mirror – not too bad given short notice – and went to the door.

It took three steps backward from the door to know what the purpose of his visit was. With barely a grin and a deep whispered “Hello, sweet” his lips were locked on hers, his kisses already wet and smothering. She felt one hand on her back and another on her bum pulling her into him so that she could feel his erection pressing against her. She pulled back from his kiss long enough to murmur “Somebody's hungry, aren't they, baby?” but was immediately drawn back into his embrace and soft but insistent kiss. Drawing her in tighter, his tongue searched out hers as his hands rubbed over her buttocks, thighs and back. She could feel his obvious hunger for her beginning to have an effect. Already she could feel herself getting wet and responding by rubbing herself against his hardness.

Abruptly he pulled away and looked her up and down. “God, you're beautiful.” She recognised the look on his face and tone in his voice. She had seen him overwhelmed with lust for her before. She smiled and squeezed his cock through his jeans to encourage him. He pulled her in for one more deep wet kiss before dropping to his knees, lifting her dress and kissing her mound through her panties. With his eyes looking up at her, he pulled her underwear down for her to step out of. His eyes moved to her trimmed pussy, she saw his lips part as he mouthed “ahh”. His big hands pulled at her buttocks, forcing her pussy onto his mouth. She gasped and felt her knees buckle slightly but his strong hands kept her right where he wanted her. She felt his warm tongue poke inside her and his lips cover hers. She gasped again as he licked her lips and tentatively dabbed at her clitoris. As his tongue explored inside her she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. The feel of his warm wet lips on hers and his tongue moving against and inside her made her moan and grind against his face.

With his face buried in her crotch and his tongue making her shake and moan, she suddenly needed to see and feel his cock. Despite the natural size difference she pulled him, slightly surprised, up to his feet. “Baby, I hadn't finished.” he began but was cut short as she shushed him and determinedly worked his belt undone and shrugged his jeans down. His cock stretched his boxer underpants and pre-cum spotted them. Biting her lip in anticipation she traced her finger around his bulge a few times before tugging the fabric down, letting his hard cock spring free in her face. “Oh, you're leaking.” she murmured, catching his drooling pre-cum with a finger tip as she knelt before him. Knowing the reaction she would elicit, she looked up into his eyes, as her finger nails gently stroked his scrotum. Now it was his turn to shudder and shake. “Ah...ah...” He was always helpless when she did this.

Eyeing it approvingly, she gently took his shaft and looked at it from different angles before easing it into her mouth. Slowly, gently, she worked her tongue against his cock tip, pulling back to let her lips roll over his sensitive head, all the while softly stroking her nails against the underside of his scrotum. He stood, eyes closed, head thrown back in exquisite delight, barely able to process the sensations she provoked. Moving from his cock to his balls and taking each in her mouth, she let her nails continue their torment on his perineum and buttocks. As if snapping out of a trance he pulled away, grinning, “Hold it! Hold it! I haven't finished with YOU!” He pushed her back gently so that she lay in front of him, legs spread with him between them. He lowered himself to take her nipples into his mouth. Knowing she loved watching his tongue and lips on her delicate sensitive nipples, he turned his head so she could see each nipple being licked, sucked and caressed, and growing to full attention in his mouth.

Realising he was intent on pleasing her, she abandoned herself to his movements. Feeling her arch her back and press her sex against him he knew she was reaching a new level of arousal and desire. He kissed his way back down to her pussy, which was visibly wet and wide open to him now. Fuelled by his desire to please his woman, he licked and sucked, at once lifting her buttocks up so her pussy was f***ed against his mouth and tongue, also using his finger tips to gently tease her labia as his tongue worked around, under and over her clitoris. He felt her grinding her mound against his face, matching her rhythm he heard her moans turn to little yelps. Marvelling at her body's strength through the increasingly vigorous rubs against his face he maintained his action until her heard the beginnings of her orgasm. Grinding hard against his soaked chin, nose, lips and tongue, she arched her back up, with shrieks growing longer and louder until she screamed a long ragged cry of climax.

Giving her a few moments to recover, he enjoyed watching her beautiful pussy twitch and shudder and her breasts rise and fall as she regained her breathing. When she had stopped writhing and breathing heavily, he removed all clothing, knelt in front of her and pushed his aching cock inside her. She gave a deep gutteral moan “God, that feels good!” Taking his weight on his hands he pushed forward until he felt his cock hit the hilt and his balls being squashed between them. The sensation of her tight wet pussy amazed him. Slowly he worked his hips back and forth, lowering his torso to kiss her passionately. Locked at the lips, he picked up the tempo until his full erection pistoned in and out of her soaked cunt, balls slapping against her buttocks. Loving how he took her pleasure with her pussy, she gripped his hips and f***ed him in and out of her and pushed back to claim all of his cock. His thighs tensed, his balls tightened into a small tight bag and his climax began somewhere in his lower gut. Pounding her body and grimacing into a bellow, he roared as he came, feeling his hot cum flood into her. He continued pumping into her, trying to drain every last drop from his slackening balls and prolong the exquisite orgasm.

Eventually he slowed and stopped, exhausted above her. She squirmed, loving the knowledge that his cum has been pumped into her and he had clearly enjoyed it so much. As his cock softened and threatened to fall out of her she pulled him into her and wrapped her legs around him.
“Mmm baby” she cooed “you must come home for a quickie more often!”
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