Bumskuh (Fuck-Cow)

Hello my horny Bumskuh (Fuck-Cow)

I'm always horny thoughts like these:

I come after work to Thee

You are in the kitchen.

You wear your gowns housewives, black socks and white sneakers.

You look hot.

You'll fall to my neck and we kiss.

I long you in the butt.

We kiss again.

I long to you under the coat and I realize that you're wearing any panties.

I get hot.

I befummle your bottom.

You looking forward to that you have surprised me.

I press you close to me.

I want to get you.

You befummelst my butt.

My dick itches.

You open up my pants and take out my penis.

You lick my dick off with relish.

My cock is stiff.

I have great pleasure to your pussy.

You continue to lick.

You turn around then you bend and stretch before you meet with your cunt.

I put my penis in your vagina.

Then I hit you.

First slowly and then faster and faster.

Your lust cave spoils my dick.

After a while I stand it no more and my cum sprayed in you

We kiss.

Then my freshly fucked wife goes back to the kitchen and making dinner.

My juice runs down your legs you.

I wipe my fingers with the juice of your leg.

You lick off my fingers.

Then we have dinner.

If it please you tell me. Kiss
It would be nice if my horny housewives Bumskuh would greet Sun

Your binoculars

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3 years ago
well that was interesting different that's for sure mmmm