Aunt Mary Part 2!

Okay so here it goes.
I'm just assuming, you guys read Pt 1 already, so I dont have to do
the long introduction again. If you haven't, do it now, so you know whats up :)
Please forgive my bad grammar in advance..

Okay so this is the newest stuff that happened between me and my aunt, since the last time.
That was 2 years ago, and eversince, there hasn't been a single thing, that is worth mentioning... t was just, that either my uncle was here too, or the situaion didnt allow me to try anything.
and my aunt, shes didn't even give me a look or anything.

I'm gonna fast forward to the beginng of this last December '11.
we went to visit f****y in Holland,
and having just written the story about what happened 2 years ago, i was kinda motivated to try something.

so we got there, i was full of hope and thinking of how i could approach her.
Having my 2 cousins, my uncle, and of course my parents there, was a problem of course.
I took the panties she left, with me, and hoped i could give her a hint.
but, not a chance, it was soooo damn frustrating.
but long story short, NOTHING happened, i couldn't even go into her bedroom to place the panties into her drawer or something.

then when we got back they called us, and confirmed that they would be here for christmas until new years.
new hope. of course :D

when they got here it was very fun, my little cousin is a little older now, so we hung out, my cousin thats my same age was as fun as usual. an awesome f****y holdiay.

my uncle couldn't make it because of work, so the sl**ping situation was this:
my parents in their room, my aunt with my female cousin (my age) in my s****rs old room, and my little cousin in mine, on a matress next to my bed.
(considering the fact that our house was full all the time, my hope sank deeep down.)

on the 27th, we got surprise visitors from sweden, who were on the way back from Frankfurt, and decided to stop by. ( they were 4, Husband-wife, two k**s)
which made our sl**ping situation difficult.

it ended up being this. my little cousin and the younger k** of them, slept in the living room (playing PS3 all night ^^)
my cousin and the daughter slept in the top floor.
and the husband and wife in my s****rs old room.

YES, it meant my aunt had to sl**p in my room.
we met in the bathroom while brushing teeth, and she asked if it would be okay, and she would sl**p on the matress.

but the way she asked was so serious, it kinda stoped my hopes for the night.

we k**s stayed up long every night. so when i got to bed, my aunt was looong asl**p -.-

but just thinking about what happened 2 years ago gave me an errection.
but i hat no clue what to do, she was lying there next to my bed on the matress.

after just lying there, i started slowly masturbating, and just seeing her face in the very little light of the night, was enough to get me going.
i knew she was in a very deep sl**p, by hearing her breath the way she did.

so i sloowly pulled away her cover to see her body, of course i couldn't take off her clothes without her noticing it. but it was enough to make me cum.
yet i was disappointed that it was the only way i could finish..
i fell asl**p pretty soon.

next day, no important events, im gonna skip to the night, which turned out to be veery intresting..

i went to bed at like 5 a.m and i was sooo damn tired, that i couldn't even get myself to masturbate or do whatever (what made me mad afterwords)
i literally fell asl**p as soon as i layed down.

i woke up at like 2 p.m , and just as i was about to get out of the bed, i noticed something pretty damn weird: my boxers were gone, and i was lying there with my bottom part naked.

i was SO cofused, and having just woken up, didnt help.
after a few minutes of looking around i just noticed the bed having an away-fading wet-stain, on the height of my crotch.

still i couldn't figure out what happened, and i slept through from 5- 2, so i dont remember a single thing..
i found my boxers, next to my bed, weirdly not the side my aunts matress was on.

but i put my clothes on, went downstairs, where everybody was just about to eat luch.
nothing special, not even an important look by my aunt.

the day passed by without any event important for this story.
actually, my aunt walked in on me while i just got out of the shower, but she didnt even look properly, just closed the door very quickly agin.

so i got to bed a little earlier that night around 1.30 am. all the adults went to sl**p at like 11 or something, so again my aunt was asl**p.

i layed there being soo confused, and thinking about everything again,
i figured either my aunt gave me a blowjob or had sex with me.
that was for me the most plausible explanation of what happened.
maybe she just touched herself, while looking at my cock. i didnt know.

i just knew that it was the last night, that the sl**ping order would be like this, since our friends from sweden were about to leave next morning.

first thing i did was take off my clothes (this time it was 100%ly me :D) .
still i had no plan on what to do.
after a little while of thinking more, i got up on my knees, on the bed.
and started masturbating, its pretty rediculous i know ^^.
but i had no better idea, either she kept on sl**ping, or she woke up.
and considering what happened last time, i was pretty confident, that the worst thing she could do was just hide under the cover, or try to tell me to stop.

i kinda wanted her to notice, thats why i didn't masturbate in a, get it over quickly way. i took my time.

sometime then, my bed made a horrible crack sound, which woke her up instantely.
and that moment of realizing she just woke up, took all my courage, to keep masturbating. i kinda threw myself on my side, but the blanket was not in my reach, so she saw me, lying there naked with my errect cock.

She knew what i was doing, since i was breathing heavily and everything.
and the way she looked at me! oh my god... it was a terrified "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!

i was so scared of what she would do, after like 10 seconds of staring at me, she was lying down again, but turned away from me.
i felt soo incredibly humiliated. i was like what the fuck was i thinking, i didn't even dare to move.

So I was lying there, the same way as before, having 2 million thoughts.
but then my aunt did something truely amazing.
So she was lying there with her back facing me, when I heard something move under her blanket.
She was slowly pulling away her her blanket, so I was now looking at her back, still in a top, and sl**ping pants.
I was so confused, I couldn't get a single straight thought.
She now was slooowly pulling down her sl**ping pants, so she was lying there in her panties. My mind fucking exploded.
I was like FUCK YES^^.

So I started moving towards her, when she turned around, gave me an angry look, and a "go away- handsign"
I was even more confused, but thought she probably just wants me to finish masturbating, and thats it.
I mean I was now looking at her ass in panties, so i wouldn't have a hard time masturbating, but that wasn't what I wanted.

So I sat on my bed again, and watched as her hand slid down her panties, and she started touching herself.
It absolutely 100%ly blew my freaking mind.
then I thought to myself, maybe if she got herself going a little, she'd be down for more.
I watched her for like 5 minutes, just blank staring at her.
It was the most arrousing thing i've seen in my life,
she was lying in front of my, as her breathing got heavier, and her body started moving, as she was touching herself. and frankly, just watching her made my breathing just as heavy, when i touched my penis after a while
(I didn't want to touch it that much to prevent some early explosions)
I noticed how wet it got, it was just throbbing with precum.

Which was the first time I felt I was in my body again, because watching her, did something weird to me, I couldn't focus, just seeing my aunt pleasuring herself infront of me, it was like an outer body experience.

I just thought now or never, since I was sitting on the bed right next to her, I had to just move a little bit, and I just layed next to her.
That made her stop, but she didnt say anything like go away, like right before.
so I just slid my hand down her panties and continued for her.
First the touch was like a little shock, but since I felt how incredibly wet she was, I realised that she was enjoying it very much.
she lowered her left hand, and grabbed my penis too.

I can't even explain what went through my head, because I just don't know.
I was literally in trance.
After a few minutes I got up on my knees, right next to her.
She instantely knew what I wanted, but looked at me a little reluctantely at first, but she still lifted herself up a little, and put my cock in her mouth.

( Now if you read the first story, you know the first blowjob i gót from her, lasted only a few short seconds, then I came)

So again, I can't explain what she does and how she does it, but her mouth felt so unexplainably good, that i had to focus sooo hard, not to cum instantely again.
my body was in shock, for a minute or two, I didn't move, I was just focusing on not blasting my load to early.
but then I kinda got a hold of myself again, and thought that I was still planning to go on.

So at that moment I was kneeling right in front of her face, and what I did was:
I lyed down sideways, and very slowly, so that she still was blowing me, but now I was on the heigt of her crotch too.
I took off her panties, and looked at her perfectly shaven pussy.
Long story short 69 happened.
But unfortunately just very short, because while licking her pussy, I couldn't really focus on anything else, and I had to pull my cock away, so I wouldn't cum.

I sat up again, and continued pleasuring her with my mouth.
I felt her coming twice i think.
(Judging by her bodymovement becoming more rapid, and breathing heavy, then just kinda falling back, and not moving for like 30 seconds, and then slowly shaking again)

So then I pulled my head away, sat on my knees, and we looked at eachother.
Both knowing what was about to happen next, I kinda got really excited.
right when I was about to lower my upperbody onto hers, and start fucking her,
she moved to.
She kinda pushed me back, so i fell on my ass, and she sat up, climbed on me, and took off her top.
My aunt was about to ride me, and oh my fucking god, in that moment I couldn't think of anything I'd want more than this.

I started licking her breasts, that were right in front of my face right now.
she placed herself perfectly on me, held my penis to aim right, and lowered her pussy on my cock ( I don't know why I didnt think of protection, but try not to judge me).

I still even consider her having magic sexual powers, because this feeling...
Her vagina on my cock, and her starting to slowly move up and down, it felt so unfucking-believably good.

It was probably thinking, that my parents, and all the other guests were pretty close to my room, or just the fact that it was my aunt, that made this feeling even more exciting.

I wish i could explain that feeling better, but I can't.
It is the best feeling i could think of, times 1000.
Zhe only think i didn't like, about that position was, that i couldn't pull out right before i came, so i could go longer.
But after a few minutes, she semi-collapsed on me..
She just came again. I lowered her down, so she was lying on her back again.

She was lying there for like 2 minutes, until she opened her eyes again, smiling.
She then turned around, got on her knees.
that sight... Omg. but she wasn't on her elbows, she was still exhausted, so her butt was in the air, but she was lying on her face.

Not having to say anything, I placed myself right, and thrusted into her.
She immediately bit the pillow, and moaned into it.
I loved this position, and i can't explain why, but my lust for her just kept growing.
I noticed her cumming a few times, what got me going even more.
She pushed me off a little bit, and pointed my penis a little more up, towards her asshole, having learned from last time, i knew what she wanted.
But before I did it I got up very quickly, went to the drawer next to my bed, and got a condom and lube.
She smiled as I sat back on my knees again, I put on a condom, and lube on her asshole.

I noticed how exhausted my aunt looked, but still she started playing on her clit, waiting for me to enter her.
I guess this all got her going like it did to me.
I placed my cock, and started pushing gently,
I noticed my aunt grimacing in pain a little, although I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure on that point.
it took a little while until I was able to move my cock in and out smoothly.
she seemed to love it, she was fingerfucking herself with 2 fingers, her eyes were closed, and her mouth wide open.
I liked the feeling very much, altough it was a little too tight.
I fucked her anally for like 10 minutes. then I pulled out, because I almost came again, but this time I stipped off the condom, and started fucking her in her pussy again. she looked so exhausted i almost thought she was asl**p.
after another while I pulled out, and moved up, towards her face.
she knew what I wanted

she sat up, the moonlight was now perfectly on my room,
she was looking at me, with her sweaty face, put my cock in her mouth again,
and while staring me right into the eyes, she took more and more, until she had my whole cock in her mouth.
and that topped everything by far.

I wanted to close my eyes and ejoy it, but I couldn't take my eyes off of hers, and after her moving up and down a little more, I knew what was about to happen.

I grabbed the side of her face, a little firmly i think, and right in that moment, i came.
this orgasm was beyond any other feeling, I have ever had.
I could only imagine how much it was, but it was a lot.
she moaned, but still moved her head up and down, milking every single drop I had in my balls.

I closed my eyes, and in that moment i realised how exhausted my body was.
it felt like I ran a marathon.
still feeling the orgasm, i slowly sat on my bed, I didn't even bother putting on my clothes again,
I fell asl**p in an instant.

I have no idea what time it was, but I woke up at 3 p.m
hearing everybody in the house up, and talking loudly as always.

I thought back to last night, again, it felt so unreal, I wasn't sure if I dreamed it or not.
but noticing that I was naked, and my bed being wet, from my sweaty body, I was sure.

I went right into the shower, where I instantely masturbated to the thoughts of last night.
when I went downstairs, things could not have been more normal.
my aunt said good "morning", making everyone laugh, since it was 3 p.m already,
I sat at the table and ate my lunch.

Although my dad insisted, our friends from sweden didn't stay..
so it was back to before.

And in those remaining days, Not once, I met my aunt alone..
very very very unfortunate.

But again, I didnt get a single look from her that I would notice as "special".

Everything was normal.
Leaving me with the memories of the most amazing night I've had in my entire life.

Its been 2 weeks now, but I haven't heard when I'll see my aunt and cousins again, maybe they'll visit in febuary for my birthday.

So I think you all know what I'm wishing for my birthday..

Aunt Mary part 3?`
I hope so!
100% (11/0)
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