Aunt Mary

Ok before you read, note that it wont sound too Storyish, its because im just writing down what happened :)

The following is this one incredible
night that happened to me a few years ago:

So here's the situation to start with.
I come from a f****y where everyone is very close,
and because we are all spread around Europe, its always
so nice to have them around.
I am very close to everyone of my f****y.

so this one time, my f****y from Holland visited us, (including my Aunt Mary, and my 2 cousins, one my age one younger)

My Aunt, is fairly attractive, not what one would consider "the ultimate MILF" maybe, but still pretty. ( 42, brownish blond hair, B-cup, very nice Ass)

So this one night, my Aunt said that my cousin should sl**p in the room next to mine, with my younger cousin, so we wouldn't talk all night and I could wake up early for school (which was pretty smart actually because we always talked until like 3 am ^^)

I have a Queen Size Bed, but there is enough space next to it for a small Matress,
which is what i slept on, so when my aunt went to sl**p she could sl**p in the bed, of ourse.

I went to sl**p around 10 P.M, because i had school in the morning.
I think I woke up around 12 A.M to my aunt going to sl**p, and shortly after (maybe 20mins?) because my cousin flushed the toilet, which is right next to my room)
after a few minutes the noises from the other rooms setteled down, i still hadn't fallen asl**p though, I dont think my Aunt noticed me waking up.

NOW BEFORE I GO ON: I want to say i NEVER thought about my aunt in a sexual way before, just once when she visited, i found one of her dirty panties on the bed she slept on, it kinda aroused me, but not thaaat much.

I closed my eyes, but heard a veery quite noise coming from the bed, it sounded like if your scratching yourself, but it was under the blanket aswell.
It went on few minutes, sometimes i couldn't hear it for a few seconds then it was there again.
Once I heard that the scratching sounded a little moist, I started to think she may be Masturbating.
But I thought NO way, why the hell would she do that.
But once i heard her feet move a little and something that sounded like the most quiet moan, i was kinda sure.
By that moment i got an almost immediate boner..
i couldn't think straight, i wanted to look so i can check, but the bed is situated maybe a foot higher that the mattress, and i didn't want to move, because i didn't want her do notice me!

then i started to get REALLY aroused, and i wanted to peek or even participate,
but freaking how?
what I did was, (I still have to laugh that i did this) while i was lying on my side with my back facing her, I opened that one button on my boxers, to give my boner a little air to breathe.
So now my boner was pointing out of those Boxers, i was still facing the other way, And my Aunt was Masturbating.

The next thing i did was: i turned around, like everyone does while they're sl**ping, and while turning, i pulled away my blanket a little so my crotch was now free. Eyes closed, breathing like if i'm asl**p.

my aunt froze because of that noise, of course.
she sat up in the bed, i still heard her breathing kinda fast, but my eyes were closed.
she didn't move in what seemed forever, but was probably something like 2 minutes. It was dark in the room with only liiitle light from the moon but i am pretty sure she realized my penis was out, since i was wearing white boxers.
So now there was my aunt, just stopped masturbating, seeing her nephew sl**ping, with a Boner, that slipped out of his boxers, definitely not something usual, right?

after those 2 minutes or so she just sat there,
she moved towards me, and grabbed the cover and probably wanted to just cover up my leg and my crotch, so i don't get cold.
But i kinda clamped the cover under my butt, so my crotch could be free when i turn in the first place.
she tried to pull veery gently, so i don't wake up, but it didn't work.
i felt her letting go of the blanket, and just sitting there on the edge of the bed. she still was breathing kinda heavily.
she started whispering my name to wake me up. she whispered:
"Ari... Ari"

I didn't move a centimeter, eyes still closed.
Again she said very quietly:
"Ari?...Ari?" i heard her voice shaking a very little this time.
then i heard her moving very lightly, i thought she was moving back towards sl**ping but what happened next, was the thing that led to everything else tat night.

After a few seconds of hearing nothing, i felt her touching my Penis!
but very very lightly, and she quickly pulled away again.
My thought was, she wanteD to tuck it back into my boxers, but didn't want me to wake up from that, so she wanted to see if that light touch would wake me up.

Again i didn't move a little, all it did was release a little amount of Precum.
(I want to note at this point, that this was not my first sexual experience, if it was, i probably would've blasted my whole load on that touch)

so My Aunt waited a little, and touched it again, lightly, but let her hands on my Penis for a little. it blew my mind, actually it literally did, i couldn't get one straight thought into my head, everything was blurry, and it was SO friggin hard to keep my eyes closed...

she was touching my penis with two fingers, it felt as if she was exploring it.
she moved it around a little, what kinda reassured me that she was just trying to tuck it back into my shorts.
(by that point i had to think of biggest turnoffs, just so wouldn't even get close to cumming)
My only thought was, she is probably staring right on my eyes, so don't even think about peeking.

but when she rested her fingers on one place of my penis for a few seconds, i heard, that "light scratching on a moist thing" again, thats when everything inside me turned upside down.

was MY AUNT ´really masturbating while touching my cock???
1243 scenarios shot through my head, and not one of them included trying to stop all this.

for maybe 30 seconds ( i really had NO feeling of time whatsoever), she touched herself while her fingers were resting on my penis, not moving.

then all of a sudden, she grabbed my penis with all of her fingers, not firmly or anything like that, but that unexpected touch made my whole body twitch.

my aunt pretty much jumped away from me, and slipped under the cover, now breathing very very heavily.
and i was like FUCK i blew it.
but i was so incredibly horny, that all i wanted were her fingers on my penis again.

my Eyes were closed, my penis still out, easy to see.
what i did was, i moved my hand towards my penis, and started touching it.
my thought was either she turned away, and pretended to sl**p, or she was still in. (I know that sudden things like that can be a lust killer)
i kept my eyes closed, i didn't really masturbate, for a few minutes i just touched my penis softly, hoping something would happen.
i heard her head move slowly, now probably towards me, on the pillow.
now she definitely realized what i was doing, and i prayed she would do something too.

what happened next was not what i expected, to say the least.
i heard her moving, i head no idea what the hell she was doing because i didn't want to open my eyes, i just hoped she wouldn't run out of the bedroom.

the next thing i noticed, was something... how can i explain.. it felt like if something was pushing the mattress away, like if she was pushing it away, with her hands.

i felt one thing on like the side of the mattress on the height of my waist, the other "hand" a few inches lower.
so i was like what the fuck is that?!
it literally felt like she was pushing the mattress away?!
by that point i couldn't focus on hearing anything.
my heart was just beating very fast, and i was trying to figure out what the hell she was doing.

so i moved my hand very slowly towards those spots on the sides of the mattress.
then i felt something that confused my but also made me freeze.
it was the back of her foot?!
I moved my hand a little down on the mattress and there was her other foot.
by now you probably are aware in what "position" she was in.
but in that momentum i couldn't think straight.
between her feet i felt something, that felt like a blanket, i slowly lifted it and finally opened my eyes, my heart was pumping insanely.

what she did was this:
she bent over on the edge of the bed, with her knees on the floor, but because there was not that much space between the bed and the mattress, she was kinda pushing her feet into the mattress.
(i think by intention, i would have NEVER realized any other way)
she was lying flat on her stomach, her ass pointed towards me, i couldn't see her face.

so there i was... i was looking at my aunts ass, she was still waring her panties.
i had no idea what to do.
my heart still pumping insanely fast
i softly touched her calf, she twitched at the touch of my hand, which probably was pretty sweaty.
i touched my penis with my other hand, and just realized how insanely this all aroused me.
i don't want to exaggerate my penis is probably a solid 7,5 inches.
but it definitely felt thicker than normal.
i started moving my hand up, towards her thighs, she started breathing heavily but quietly.
i moved up very very slowly,
just when i was about to reach her panties, a little light hit my brain:
"do you REALLY want to do this??". sadly ( or not) enough, i didn't give that thought the tiniest bit of attention.
i touched her panties very lightly, and realized that she was very wet, which kinda gave me the final green light. she IS enjoying this..
i started rubbing it lightly. then i was like: fuck it, either everything or nothing.

sat up, moved the panties aside, and started licking her pussy. after a minute i knew she was enjoying, and when she went trough my hair with her hand, i was certain she wasn't asl**p either ^^.
i stopped for a second, got out from under the cover and looked at her,
her face was turned away, she gave me one very quick look, then i went down again.
she enjoyed it most when i was focusing my tongue on her clitoris.
that really got me going. i stopped. took away the blanket that was covering her, took off my boxers..

right when she lifted her head a very little to look at me what i was doing, i moved forward, and just kinda rammed my penis inside her pussy.
in that moment she suddenly threw her head up opened her mouth like she wanted to scream and closed her eyes very firmly.
i was afraid i hurt her, but after a few moments she lowered her head again, and started grinding my penis lightly.

that was the first time i really noticed the feeling of my Aunts pussy, it wasn't the tightest, but oh my fucking god did it feel amazing... i started moving my penis in and out a little faster, at first she pushed my stomach away a little bit with every-time i put my penis in, but that f***e got weaker every second.

every little while i had to pull out, so i wouldn't cum. i wanted to do this all freaking night. she bit on the blanket so you couldn't her the noises she made.
after a little while my Aunt did something i couldn't believe.

when i wanted to put my penis back in after i pulled it out, she grabbed it softly, and lifted it a little, towards her anus.
i thought she was mistaking, so i pulled away again, and aimed for her vagina , but she stopped me, let go of the blanket in her mouth, looked at me and said:
".. do it"
her just talking to me in that moment almost made me cum...

i never did Anal before in my life.. but i sure as hell wanted to in that moment.
so i tried to push it in, it didn't work the first time..
i spat on my hand, put it on her anus, and tried pushing a little more firmly.

she grimaced with pain, while i was slowly entering her, (it didn't look like she was enjoying it very much, but it was her choice..)
after a little while i finally could move my cock back and forth in her anus,
it was so incredibly tight!!
she seemed to make louder noises into the blanket, i didn't have the feeling she was really enjoying it,
but it was doing something to my cock i can't explain, i enjoyed the feeling and also enjoyed looking at her being in pain because of my cock.
after a little while, i pulled it out and aimed for her vagina again.

quickly after i was in her vagina again, her body was moving as if she was having an orgasm.

she was as loud as she could be so you can still consider it "whispering".

She came.

after a little while she got more quiet again, and when i pulled out ,
this time she turned around, and sat up.
she looked at me, then bent down.

she put my penis in her mouth, this unexplainable heavenly feeling of my AUNTS mouth on my penis, made me cum almost instantly.
she twitched when i blasted my load into her throat, but it looked as if she was smiling.
only by the feeling i can imagine how fucking much it must have been.

then i fell back on my mattress, and nothing in the world could've bothered me in that moment, i put on my boxers again, while my aunt slipped back under her blanket. she turned around once more and said
"goodnight honey" in the most normal way an aunt could say it
"goodnight" i said,
now curling up under my blanket, and falling asl**p very quickly.

my Alarm woke me up at 7 a.m
i sat up on my blanket, and my aunt was indeed lying on the bed sl**ping,
at that point I honestly couldn't tell if all that happened or not. i got up and started my day, she didn't wake up, or didn't want to show she did.

i walked around for about 2 weeks thinking about this event, when i came home one day, i wanted to take a new pair boxers, and in that drawer i noticed:

my aunt left behind her black panties, the ones she wore that night,
the ones i moved to the side to fuck her.

she left them for me! that was finally the proof for me, that that night happened...
even after two weeks, i could still smell something on those panties (don't judge me for smelling)

After that event not the tiniest thing changed between me and my aunt,
neither the way i look at her, or she looks at me, nor the way i talk to her or she looks at me, just my lovely aunt.
Who gave me something to think about for the rest of my life

now i want to return her panties in a way, that she notices, when i visit her.

so i hope you guys stick around for part 2, which will come soon,
as soon as i visited my f****y in Holland
95% (59/3)
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Okay, so I just found out, that well visit them on December 10th, ill post what happened right when i'm back :)
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