hot tubbing

I haven't talked to my s****r in years, our f****y kind of moved apart. Recently I got a call from my
s****r, she invited me over to talk later that day. So after work I drove over and walked up to the door. Loud music was coming from the upstairs bedroom. I thought maybe her roommate was home and we'd have to be candid. I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked louder. Nothing. I ran the door bell and heard, "Come in, damnit!" So I opened the door and sat on the couch. The music continued to play, still no-one.
"s*s? You here?" I waited a few more minutes before heading toward the stairs, just then she calls out. "I'm coming, keep your pants on!"
At the top of the stairs she stood, towel wrapped around her body, putting her still wet hair up. I could almost see her legs meet under the towel.
"Hey s*s." I stammered. She smiled. I walked back to the couch and stood there. She walked to the kitchen signaling me to follow. We met in front of the fridge and she asked, "You want anything?" She bent over and dug in the fridge. "MGD, Coors, Bud?"
I murmured, "Your ass is fine."
"What?" surprised she even heard a sound;
"Anything is fine." I quickly answered.
She grabbed two beers and headed out to the patio.
"You coming? She asked. I followed and took my beer.
She had the hot tub going, walked to the edge and dropped her towel, revealing her black bikini, the kind that ties (or unites) everywhere.
"Feel free to join me."she said as she climbed in.
"I'm not wearing a bathing suit."
"That's ok, your boxers will be fine."
"Um... I don't wear underwear." A smile gleaned across her face.
"That's ok, not like I haven't seen it before. Ok look I'll turn around." She turned and I removed my shirt and pants. Getting in to the tub I could see the wet fabric cling to my s****rs ass.
I looked away quick and sat down, the bubbles obstructed any real view if anything I was sporting. "Ok I'm in. Can we talk now?"
"Ok, where do you want to start?" she ask with a light in her eyes.
"Well," I began to think, "do you regret anything? I was much older than you. Did you feel like you had to?"
She looked like she was confused. "No, I actually saw you and (our older b*****r) and thought that's what siblings do. And when I figured out that we were different, I thought it made us special. Like we loved each other more."
I was surprised, "what did you see?"
She giggled. "Everything." My mind raced. "It's ok." she said, "I thought about it a lot and was waiting for one of you to make me join in." She scooted closer, putting her hand on my knee. She leaned over, my eyes locked on her glistening wet breasts. My cock started to harden. She smiled and said she missed it, "the b*****rly love" she called it. She knelt in front of me, her breasts now almost floating on the water, slightly jiggling from the bubbles. She pulled me into a hug.
"Is that why I haven't seen you in forever?"
"Yea, a little I guess." Her stomach now pressed on the flesh of my shaft. It jumped and she noticed. "Not much has changed has it?"
"I guess not."
She smiled and asked, "well, what now?"
Confused, I shrugged. "You answered all my questions."
"You sure you didn't want to ask one more?" Her eyebrow raised as her eyes shifted down my body through the water toward my erection. Our eyes met and she sighed loudly, "fine, let me."she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. It felt good, familiar.
"I know this is why you came over." She stated strong my shaft. "This time, I know what I'm doing." Her knees spread and rest at my sides. She squatted on my lap, I could feel the wet fabric outline her pussy. She rubbed my head inward across her thigh. Moving her bikini bottoms to the side she adjusted me to face her hole. My face planted now in her breasts, my hands clawing at her top. Finally loosing her large tits from their almost shear prison. She f***ed herself down on my lap. With much resistance I entered her. Her walls closed around my shaft.
She leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "Bend me over."

To be continued...

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6 months ago
should be posted now, if you want to read more or have easier access to my stories just add me. nut be sure to have content without passwords. verification is a plus
6 months ago
good start
6 months ago
When something says "To be continued", generally it means there will be a part TWO or three, or whatever..
6 months ago
I need to hear more of this story!!!
6 months ago
So what happen .......NO "HOT TUBBING" Too???