Steamy story

I originally wrote this for a chick on a dating site who may or may not have been a dude... or a bot...

I'm looking at that picture of you in the black dress with the white polka dots. I can imagine you wearing that, one spaghetti strap dangling over your tattooed shoulder. Our eyes meet with a sultry glance and your hand teasingly reaches into your dress, exposing more of your creamy white flesh, but not enough to reveal aereola. From the bulge in my pants and the approving look on my face, you know the curves of your toned, slender body are driving me to the edge of sanity. First, you pinch, twist, and rub your nipples under the fabric of that lovely garment. I take a step closer, but you stop me with a wave of your hand. Then you remove your other hand from your top and press your ample mammaries together and lean forward, showing me an amazing glimpse of cleavage.

Mercifully, you do not make me wait longer. The other strap drops and you roll down the top of that polka dotted dress to reveal your magnificent breasts. I am entranced, but react quickly when you motion me to come closer. I kiss and touch them, licking around the nipples. I get excited and squeeze a little hard, but it is more exciting than painful. I spin you around so you are facing away from me. I cup your breasts in my calloused hands as I press my body closer to yours. I can tell your body is driven wild by desire as you involuntarily arch yourself backwards into me. One hand drops to caress your belly and I pull you tight to me, grinding my bulging pubic area into the valley formed by your stellar ass cheeks. A slight moan escapes your lips, the only sound either of us has uttered so far. My arm falls further to wrap around your hips. The other hand still firmly grasps your breast. Your arms are pointed straight up, but bent at the elbows so your hands can caress my head. I breathe hot breath on your neck before gently kissing it. I work my way up and down between your shoulder and ear. I tease your ear with my lips and teeth. I know it is getting you hot, because your head turns and your mouth is suddenly against mine. We kiss with an intensity that has not been felt by human beings since before the dawn of civilization.

I bring both hands back to your breasts during our primal make-out session and slowly bring them down your body, appreciating every curve. When I get to your hips, I pull you tighter, grinding my raging cock, imprisoned in cloth, against you. My hands caress your thighs as we kiss, and one of them presses hard against your crotch. I can feel the contour of your hot labia beneath the fabric. I slowly alternate pressure with my fingers and rub in a circular motion. Our kissing becomes even more intense. Without breaking lip contact, we maneuver so you are facing me again and now your legs are wrapped around my back and my hands are holding you up by your butt. Your arms are wrapped tightly around my neck. You wriggle like a snake, driving your steamy ladybits into my hardness. We stop kissing long enough to look at one another.

What color are your eyes, again?

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3 years ago
This made me laugh