Love of food

*Another food play: this is a fantasy...*

I love food. Now don't get me wrong everyone loves food but I found my love of food through cooking class. Now I know the intro part is going to be mundane...
Hi my name is Melody but I like being called Mel for short. I'm 5, 3 with long curly red hair and green eyes. I have a bad temper...I have a curvy figure.
There now that's settled let's go on with the story.
  I was sitting in my room one warm Saturday evening eating strawberries with chocolate cream. There was other stuff laid out like berries and whipped cream along with other exotic fruits. I was on my bed, my perfect bubble butt bulging out of my pink see through booty shorts. My  red tank top wad tight around my breasts as I laid there. My hair was loose and framed around my face. 
I ate the last strawberry while my fingers were covered in chocolate. I absentmindedly started sucking on my fingers, swirling them around in my mouth. One thing you should know, I get high on sugar...litarally. I started thinking about Trey, the guy I share my room with. He's about 6, 4 and 1/2 with tan skin. He's got the deepest green eyes and an overall great build. From what I've seen his member is pretty big. 
I kept pondering all this that i became so wet it was leaking through my shorts and creating a big wet spot on the bed. The smell of my arousal lifted into my nose. I groaned fell back against the bed, my fingers slipping through the thin material. I started finger fucking myself, adding fingers until I started cumming. 
I heard the door open to my room and in walked Trey, shirtless his abs glistening with water droplets. His swimming trunks were dangerously low on his waist. Not thinking, I moaned out loud as I saw the huge buldge in his pants. I saw his eyes drift over to the food and back to me. He smiled like a cat and walked over to me. Slowly he bent over me, his arms caving me in. One hand slipped through my tank top and found my left breast. I arched on contact. Next thing I knew my shorts were off as well as my tank top. I was now lying naked with Trey over me. He took some of the whipped cream and spread it all over my breasts. He then started licking and sucking them. I ached against him, my pussy directly in front of his cock. It was hard...very much so. 
"Kitten..." He warned dangerously. I stifled a giggle which he stopped my kissing me, hotly. He tasted like fruit and seawater, which to me wad like the perfect combo. His lips then trailed down to my stomach and stopped at the edge of my pussy. 
He flipped me over and I felt something warm and sticky cover my arse. I looked over my shoulder and saw the chocolate cream. He was now stripped, his body nude and shiny. I moaned when I felt his tounge start licking my ass. It was playing havoc with my nerves. When he was done I flipped over and pinned him to the bed. I slowly started grinding myself against his member, grinning evilly. He gasped and bucked his hips, impaling me on his member. He was fucking huge. 
I rode him hard, up and down, like a pony. I felt him starting to cum so I gladly welcomed it. To my surprise pinned me to the bed and started plunging in and out of me.
"Kitten, you're so...fucking....wet!! I'm going to cum in you, and you're going to take it all in that pretty lil pussy of yours, you hear?!?" He said through clenched teeth. I bucked my hips, gladly matching his speed. Soon enough, he came. All inside me, his warm sticky cum shooting inside me. He was now on my bed, both of our breathing labored. He looked at me, all hard again. 
"Kitten," I shivered at my new nickname. " I'm fully loaded again. And I can see you're wet. I'm going to taste you, and you're gonna cum all in my mouth." He said getting up.
We spent the rest of the day saying each other, lifting each other higher and higher until we fell asl**p clutching each other for dear life
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