Food play

 I slowly walk towards you in my Lacey black thong and bra I smile seductively as I lean forward and tie you to the bedpost. I blind fold you , making sure that you won't see anything. I climb on top of you and grind my hips slowly against your cock as you groan out loud. You're hard and ready as I climb off and unzip your pants and out pops your beautiful pogo stick. 
I take the whip cream that I set out and rub it on you. You shiver as I lower my mouth to your throbbing cock. I hear you gasp as I start licking you up and down, moaning in the process. I feel myself getting wetter and I stop as I feel you're about to cum.
I take off my thong and toss them aside. I straddle you again, letting my pussy rub against the head of your cock. You try to grab me by the waist yet your hands are bound. I giggle softly as I slowly lower myself over you. As soon as you enter me, I  start riding you, squeezing my pussy mucsles which causes you to gasp and tell me it feels so good. I feel myself wanting to cum so I climb off you. I lay on top of you and whisper in your ear that you're going to eat me out. You nod your head. I crawl up and lower myself over your warm mouth. 
Your tounge darts out and starts licking my ripeness. It's so intense that I begin to claw at the walls, screaming and moaning. You lick me faster and soon I begin to cum, warm strawberry smelling cum. I can see you smile as I begin to untie you. In a flash you're on top of me and grinning at me evilly...
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2 years ago
very good story