[True Story] My friends Mom.

This is a true account of how I lost my virginity. I have changed the names
in the story but the rest is pretty much how it happened

I grew up in a mainly black neighborhood, all the guys I hung out with were black apart from the odd Hispanic dude. Whilst growing up, I wasn’t really interested in anyone, most of my mates had girlfriends, said they lost their virginity already and me not wanting to be left out said I lost mine as well but of course, it wasn’t true and my mates picked up on this seeing I hardly dated anyone. They started pointing fingers at me saying I must prefer guys (which is not the case at all) . So, after my mates questioned my sexuality I was determined as ever to lose my virginity so just grabbed any girl and dated her for the sake of it. However, a virgin I remained.

During high school we moved to another city and I attended a school where the majority were white, some half-caste or other ethnicity's but only a few black students. Whilst there I met a white dude Paul from one of my classes. At first I didn’t really hang out with him around school, just during class but that all changed when I went to his house to work on a school project in which we were teamed.

I will always remember that day, the day I first laid eyes on his mother. Shes not what one considers Hollywood’s version of ‘Desperate Housewives’. To most shes just your average suburban mom, but to me she was everything. It was like my internal light switched on as I finally found what I was attracted to, that being beautiful, older white women. I probably should give you a brief run down of what she looked like, shes a brunette but dyed her hair dark red at the time (my best description) she was about 38 years old, blue eyes, of slight build with nice curves and of fair height. Embarrassingly, I got an instant hard-on when I was introduced to her. Lucky my jeans were baggy and I used my books to disguise my excitement. You know when you first meet someone and you get that instant attraction, well that’s what I felt, although I wasn’t sure if she felt the same, with me being a teenager ( a black one at that) but for a second there I thought our eyes locked.

Needless to say, Paul became my new best friend. I was over his house at any
chance I got so I could peek at his mom. One time she caught me staring at
her, her gorgeous butt to be exact but I didn’t realize this until she asked if things were OK....I got spooked and ran. You see it was from this point I noticed she started wearing sexier clothes, sexier as in tighter fit, showing more cleavage etc..not the leather skirts or anything like that just no more “mom clothes” she usually wore.

Well, one day I was sitting in the living room when Pauls mom walks over to the kitchen table reading a magazine (you can see the kitchen table from where I was sitting). She sat down in the chair facing me, when lo and behold, I saw the most amazing sight peeping from beneath the table. She was wearing a short skirt which revealed the triangular shape of her glaring silky white panties when she parted her legs making my cock immediately jump into life. My words do an injustice to the intense emotions I was feeling at the time, such was the excitement.

This was the first of many times I caught a 'glimpse of her’. Now, I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose since she didn’t give me any hints or eye contact, but it felt like she positioned herself in the best spot for me to take full advantage whilst looking like she was going about her business and I just happened to be there at the right time and place.

Another time we were all in the living room, myself , Paul, his mom, dad and
k** b*****r Ethan, when after my daily ‘viewing’ of her she asked me to grab something from the kitchen. I was a little shell-shocked by the request as I was in my usual ‘hard’ state and I would be in plain view of everyone. It also dawned on me that my judgment of her not being so innocent might not be true, thankfully, I was able to hide myself with a cushion. Well, this sort of carry on was a regular occurrence. Her asking me to do things while I happened to be hard. Until one day, while we were both alone in the living room (she occupied with the newspaper) asked me to change the blown light bulb above. Growing frustrated with it all, I didn’t bother hiding my stiff. I stood on a ladder and proceeded to change the bulb with hard-on in full sight to her if she bothered to look up or to anyone who happened to walk in. Next thing I hear the footsteps of Paul's dad walking thru the back door, I thought to myself... fuck-it, shes been teasing me for so long that I wasn’t going to hide it any more so just continued what I was doing. Mind you,I didn’t have to wait long for her bluff to be exposed because as her husband was nearing the living room she jumped out of her chair and climbed on the other side of the
ladder making out she was holding me in place but I knew she was shielding
my hard-on from her hubby and boy was it fully stretched at that point. I looked down to find her chin not even an inch away from my joy-stick. I also noticed her cheeks blushing bright red and I knew at that moment that I was right about her all along but more importantly, she was going to be the one to “pop my cherry”.

Not long after I went around to their place, Paul was at self defense class
so it was just his mom, dad and Ethan home. His mom was helping Ethan with his paper mache project for school. I asked if she needed a hand, and at first she declined but I was persistent and was soon shoulder to shoulder with her in the mushy mixture of gooey paper clippings. This was the closet I had ever been to her, our hands touched when we dipped them into the paste, sometimes we would rub against each other, feeling her breast brush my arm sent shivers to my core. Kinda reminds me of that moment in the movie “Ghost” with the pottery making scene....

{cue :Righteous b*****rs theme song – Oooooh…my luv…}.

Paul's dad says he'll run into town early to pick up Paul so he can catch his last session, His mom tells him to buy some things for Ethan's project and tells Ethan to tag along so he knows what to get leaving me and her home by ourselves.....

When we finished we cleaned up in the bathroom. She had the sink full of water and washing her hands, I stood beside her and dipped my hands in with hers. We never really spoke in the bathroom just the odd giggle. She pointed to my face and washed the bits I had on there and I returned the favor before dipping our hands in the sink again, this time, washing each others. I slipped in behind her, my arms now positioned around her body with both hands in the sink. I tried my luck and pressed myself against her to see what reaction I got. Nothing at first but Im sure I felt her push back on me. I then placed my hands on her hips, still no reaction, so I lightly rub up and down until cupping her arse. She looks back at me, pausing as our eyes lock and just when I was about to lean in 'for the kill', she turns away. She managed to slip past me, dry her hands and walk out. I was a little bummed at that point, but that feeling didnt last cos as soon as I walked out of the bathroom I saw her at the end of the hallway leaning against the door that leads down to the basemen, looking my way and without saying a word she opens the door and walks in leaving it slightly ajar.....{of course I followed.....}.

Amongst the junk down there, there was a bed which she motioned me to sit on while she pulled up a chair across the room. Apart from the sound of our breathing and the thumping of my ferociously beating heart, it was dead silent. I sat there watching the movement of her torso when she inhaled and exhaled, it was such an intense moment. With a cheeky grin she places her hands on her knees, she slowly gathers her dress till it reaches her upper thighs, then parts her legs revealing her 'pot of gold'. She asks, if I like what I see..... if I wanted to touch her. Myself being a red-bl**ded teenager was unable to speak just nod in anticipation (you can guess where all the bl**d went to). She tells me to stand, staring at the tent I pitched in my pants and asks if Ive been with a woman before. Not wanting to embarrass myself , I shrug my shoulders but she gets the message. She motions me to come over and kneel in front of her. She runs her feet up and down my body, under my shirt, along my arms and chest before coming to a rest on my crotch, massaging me down there with both feet. She takes my top off and lightly runs her hands all over me, softly kissing my neck and chest. She tells me to do the same to her, I hear her sigh as I place my mouth on her breasts and flick her nipples with my tongue. She then stands, turns the chair around and puts her left leg on it showing off her panties. She tells me to kiss her feet and as I do she guides my kisses up her thigh, I do the same with the other leg. She pushes her panties to the side and runs her finger along her pussy lips before dipping it inside her. I didnt need an invitation so I replaced her finger imitating its action with my tongue continuously slurping her moist lips...

{....her sweet taste will always remain with me.}

Before I knew it, she has her hands wrapped firmly around my head, humping my
mouth and had me drinking from her pussy in no time. After she calmed down she had me help her out of her clothes then lay down on the bed. She reaches out for my hand and guides it to her pussy, using my finger to gently touch her lips, rubbing it up and down her slit before moistening it by dipping it inside her. I continue pleasuring her with my fingers when she starts rubbing my hard-on thru my pants. She unbuttons me and helps me out of my briefs before taking me in her mouth, giving me an oral make-over. We continue foreplay for some time until she reaches for my arms to bring me face to face with her.

{Yes, its that awkward moment in every young mans life.......how do I, errrr....}

Sensing my difficulty she reaches down and handles my stiffness between our bodies, she guides it to her love-nest, holding it in position, rubs it up and down her pussy lips then in one movement she launches herself towards me, letting out a faint cry as I feel the tip of my penis enter her. With her hand still in its position she continues raising her hips off the bed until she has reached half way up my shaft and starts humping herself on me. She then moves out from beneath me, pushing me on my back and jumps on top, working herself until shes fully impaled on my shaft.

{God dam she looked gorgeous, a beautiful white woman, one I had lusted for, for so long, taking my innocence, definitely a dream come true for any young man.}

Back and forth, round and round, up and down she moved as I watched her have uncontrollable fits of pleasure on top of me. The feeling her pussy had as it clamped itself around me was the best feeling in the world. Lucky we were in the basement cos the noises of our love-making was getting louder by the minute, squeaky old bed springs to her crying moans, not to mention the squishy sounds coming from the area where our bodies were momentarily connected. Before long I was getting the hang of things, releasing the shackles of my 'trainer wheels', I was on top, in missionary, thrusting myself inside her. I could only hold off for so long before I flooded her pussy with my seed. Being the young horny teenager I was, I wasn’t done yet but she wanted to clean up before the others came back. With my shaft still at full stretch I scurried after her, catching up to her as she was making her way up the stairs, grabbing her by the waist and entering her from behind. Her protests fell on deaf ears as I was determined to nut inside her once again. She got back into the swing of things thrusting back at me as I continued pounding her like there was no tomorrow, I didnt think I would last that long but just as we heard the car pull into the driveway I released myself inside her. She jumped up and headed to the bathroom, I scrambled for my clothes and managed to make it to the living room in time and hide my now deflating shaft, thankfully they didnt suspect a thing.

Well, that was my experience, we continued having an affair for a while after until I left for College in another State. I only saw her a few times thereafter as they too moved elsewhere.

19% (11/45)
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10 months ago
great story bro
1 year ago
Why are some words censored?...especially when they arent rude words at all.It is worse with my other story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
When I was in college..I got nice tease show from a milf mom of college buddy too
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Hot story
2 years ago
Very nice story. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
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