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****NOTE: Friendship requests, Due to the number of friend requests we get we will only accept people with similar interests and content posted and at least fill out your profile a little.****

Bio: We enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic candle lit dinners, romance.....errr....scratch that shit, we aint here to look for romance but to get our porn fix like everyone else.

[He is originally from America but has been living in Australia since 2002 after marrying his now ex-Australian wife and she is Australian born n bred and we're both straight and enjoy the same interests. He is usually online with this account and incase you havent guest yet, he is younger and I am older ;) ]


- AMATEUR is best, cant stand the Pro crap, they turn me off. However, one problem I do have with amateur footage is either the poor quality or the poor camera work. Poor camera work can spoil a good fucking.

AMATEUR CAMERAMEN DO NOT DO CLOSE-UPs!!!! because you suck at it!
Half the time is spent looking at the ceiling, walls or a close up of an elbow, leg or foot and it gets worse when the cameraman does a close-up of the womans face when shes about to come and all the action is happening down below. Best just do a wide shot so you get everything in but change positions from time to time and dont tilt the camera on an angle thinking its a spectacular shot because it isnt.

The participants just need to concentrate on fucking like they usually do, dont fuck for the camera because it looks staged, just ignore the camera and fuck like its not there. Self-cams/holding camera while you screw sucks, so either put the camera on a stand or get someone else to film it. Also, dont play loud background music or dub over the natural sounds with music and please Mr Cameraman...SHUT the fuck-up!!!!we dont want to hear you talk and please just concentrate on filming not watching with your own eyes while the camera is looking at the ceiling.

I guess I'll add to my rant above when I think of other pet hates later but a lot of the good fucks we see on here are ruined by bad camera work and bad editing which is a pity....Remember-WIDE ANGLE ONLY FOR AMATEURS.

Anyway, I love older white women with younger black men. The more natural the woman the better, so PAWG, cellulite, wrinkles, natural curves, bbw, natural breasts and a bit of 'fur' down below is a huge turn on. The more paler the woman and darker the man the better. Love the redheads too and of course creampies are best.

After seeing many interracial amateur footage over the years, I have many favorites. Some straight amateur and some Pro-Am. These are a list of my favorites so if you're like me and like seeing Mature White Women with black men, then you should check these out;

- [Helen] the Mature white slut who loves to fuck black men.
- [Katie] whos another mature black cock slut and is straight amateur.
- [Brenda] is one sexy white mature/milf who has a few good videos on the net.
- [Deina] who has a lot of older footage (havent seen any new footage of her).
- [Lynn Carroll] has a few good vids floating around, lots of gangbang.
- [JanB] a sexy natural looking milf from the 80/90s with loads of bbc footage of her.PS, RIP Mike her husband who I heard past away in 2010.
- [Susan Reno] is a Pro-AM gorgeous mature white lady with good videos.
- [Cindy McDowell] loves to cream all over bbc.
- [DFW Knight] is the man when it comes to pleasuring white women.This brutha always gets that pussy wet.As the saying goes...'size doesnt matter,its the way you use it'..well this guy has size and definitely knows how to use it.
- [Naughty Alysha]One hot mautre milf who has a lot of bbc action.
- [Virginia Knight] another gorgeous sexy mature blonde doing bbc.
- [TerryTee3] who is an xHamster memeber, shes got some really horny videos out there.
- [Chicago Sue] is one fine ass mature blonde who gets blacked in many of her videos.
- [DeeXrated] aka Dee Taylor, a naturally built mature white woman who has some hot footage with bbc and she likes em big!
- [Janet Mason] her earlier stuff was great when she was still amateur,now she looks more PRO these days which is a pity.Check out the videos she did with "Mr Big",those are hot.
- [Caja] has a couple of good videos.She all natural and amateur with bbc.
- [Laura Mitchell] shes a gorgeous natural mature milf who loves bbc.
- [Karen Kay] a hot mature woman who has been around a while and has some hot videos. She has also been black preg at least once that I know of.
- [Creampie Cathy] shes an Australian mature white woman with a sexy body. She does bbc's all the time.
- [Afrobraut] is the xHamster alias she goes by.Shes from Germany but fucks lots of black bruthas.Her videos are hot especially with Clitorusbreaker.
- [Tish] Shes a mature mama and has some bbc videos.
- [Candice or Candy] A sexy mature white bbc hungry milf.
- [Leilani Lei] A silverback Mature white women who gets dicked by many bbc, shes a member on here.
- [Anne] shes a slim mature blonde lady who has a lot of bbc gangbang footage.
- [Ruthie or is it Baby Ruth] She does anybody including bbc and all bareback and creampies too.
-[Miami Amber] I have only seen one or two of her movies and one is a bbc Gangbang.
- [Lana Love] A brunette milf with some serious bbc gangbang footage. I think the one she did in New Orleans was up there with the best.
- [Lori, I think its Hotwife Lori] Gorgeous milf with some hot bbc action.
- [Taylor and Gabrielle] Two white milf's who love bbc. I recall Taylor has been black preg a couple of times.
- [Holly] a petite blonde milf who loves to get creampies from a bbc.
- [Hotwife Tara69] Shes an Xhamster member who I recently discovered and can be seen in some hot bbc action.
- {Lady D] Big tittied bbc gandma. Her best would be the ones with nig Rod.
- [Wanda] An eye-patched Granny that worshiped bbc.
- [Elaine aka Elaine4blk's on Xhamster] Shes a milf who loves bbc and I hear she has been black preg before. You most probably have seen her videos around, short, dark hair and loads of bbc cum.
- [Tracy Licks] Another short haired blond bbc milf who is also on Xhamster.
- [Jackncarol] XHamster members, They also have their own website. She is one hotwife who loves bbc.
- [Blonde4blacks] XHamster member, A gorgeous blond mature milf who loves bbc.
- [Kitten_is_hot] XHamster member, a natural, mature white lady who likes bbc.
- [MrNuttz]xHamster member, got some good videos on here and the good thing is he does the natural looking gals including bbw's.
- I also like the 'Blacks and Matures' and 'Blacks and Africans' videos. They are PRO-AM vids but they have some HOT looking woman with dark bbc.
- Some of the PRO mature women I wish were Amateur but have some good interracial footage are Nina Hartley and Deauxma(minus the fake tities).

I'll think of some as I go along.I have favorited the videos I think are "HOTT Interracial vids."
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1 day ago
ur bbc vids are awesome mmm
2 days ago
Thank you for the all nice comments! :)
10 days ago
Happy 2015! XOXO :)
24 days ago
Great profile !

╔════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╗
*♥✿♥✿....HAPPY NEW YEAR !.... ✿♥✿♥*
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27 days ago
Thank you for the add:) Nice profile.
1 month ago
In love with the bbc
1 month ago
1 month ago
Your Page is
Very naughty galleries and Videos!
1 month ago
1 month ago
thanks for the add, amazing IR content, love it
2 months ago
Thanks for adding me. Great profile with some fantastic pics and vids!!
2 months ago
Looking forward to checking out your movie collection. Hope you like the ones of my wife :)
2 months ago
great profile and great list.
I know of most of them and I'll check out the others too
2 months ago

Thanks for your invite.

2 months ago
i know that's right get your porn fix on i think that's why we all stop by here
2 months ago
Nice profile..!
3 months ago
Thank you for the friend request, I love it that you are excited by me!

I am currently the #3 Top Studio in Interracial catagory at clips4sale!

Please support my new career and get some full videos! You will get off Guaranteed!!! Lol

Here is a link to see how I submit to my bulls:


They are reasonably priced and you can download them to get off anytime watching me do what I was born for....

I really am wanting this new "career" I have chosen to take off!

Slut for life,
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite! Nice profile and enjoy my vids!
4 months ago
Outstanding content. Thank you for sharing
6 months ago
super profile.
6 months ago
Thanks for the invite. Check out my wife. She would love your comments and maybe a tribute.
6 months ago
Thanks for the friendship :)
6 months ago
Thanx for the invite.
6 months ago
Thanks for the invite! :) We love the profile!
6 months ago
Thanks for the invite...Also hate the pro shit
6 months ago
Hey, thanks for the invite. Great profile. I agree with your list of favorite amateur/pro-am performers. Many of them on my list of all-time favorites.
7 months ago
Thanks for the invite....really love your profile
7 months ago
Great profile!
7 months ago
Love your list of favorites,these are mine to!!!
7 months ago

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