Bellboy becomes our bull during our vacation in Af

So my girl and I are into having bulls fuck her and unload their load in her, on her, wherever. So when we get a chance, we look for a bull whether we are out of the country or not.

So we went to South Africa last week for a short vacation. On our way there, we talked about whether she would want to just enjoy the vacation or enjoy the black cock. During our flight, we talked for a while when she came to the decision that she wanted to fuck a black guy while we were there. So as we arrived after a long flight, we took our hotel shuttle.

As we arrive, a particular bellboy helped us with our baggage, and I noticed that he was eyeing my girl. This gave me a thought, could this dude be the guy that unloads his sperm into my girl pussy while we're here? I kept it to myself to see if he continues to eye her. He did, the whole way to our hotel room. It was my girl walking in front, then him, followed by me. Almost the entire time he was just looking at her ass, which is nice and plump if you must know.

After arriving at our room, I gave him a tip, completely acknowledging the fact that he wants to fuck her hard( I assumed this at that point).

So we do our vacation stuff for the day and return to our hotel room at about 7:00 pm. I waited until she hit the showers to call that same bellboy from that morning up to our room. A few minutes passed and I hear him outside out room. Going straight to the point, I told him how I saw him staring at my girl's ass that morning to which he denied. I said its okay because we're that kind of couple and I really wanted him to fuck her brains out. At first he was surprised, of course, then it took me a few minutes of convincing to assure him that no one will know, unless he himself actually tells people. We agreed that after his shift tomorrow night, he would come to out room for the fuck session, then stay the night. Before he left, I gave him a very clear hint that I wanted him to unload in her by telling him that condoms are optional.

All this happened without the knowledge of my girl, I was hoping I would be able to surprise her instead.

So the moment finally comes around. He arrives on time dressed in his casual clothes, and I could easily see his dick, hard with anticipation to fuck my girl, Patricia, that night.

He arrived when she was in the shower,he then took off his pants and the rest of his clothes, revealing his big black cock. He started stroking it as he walked into the toilet where my girl was taking a shower. He was seen almost instantly as he walked in, through the glass doors separating my girl in the shower and him. At first she was surprised, then settled with the fact that she was about to take young, big back cock in her.

He then stepped inside the shower with her, still stroking his cock. He started feeling her up. Her B Cup asian tits, her big plump ass, and her nice soft cunt. He then started slapping her ass, watching as it jiggled with every slap. They were facing each other when he slowly started slipping his cock in between her thighs, just sliding across her pussy. After it was in place, he started moving his hips, thrusting back and forth to my girl's pussy and thighs. After a more thrusts, she took it out and proceeded to jerk him off real well, while kissing him.

She then took him to out bed, pulling him by the cock, and gave him nice head for about 10 minutes. After this, he took her and out her down on the bed, where he paused of for a moment to take out his condom. I objected to this by taking it and throwing it into the bin behind me. This made it clear that I wanted him to cum in her once he was done.

He then got on her, missionary position, and slowly inserted his 9" into her vag. She started moaning as it was going in. He then proceeded to fuck her aggressively, going in and out of her for about 20 minutes. He then picked her and started fucking her in the reverse cowgirl position to make sure I could see his black balls slap against her shaved asian pussy as he fucked her. After a few more positions, he put her on all fours, and started slapping her ass and feeling it up. He then entered her ass, slowly , followed by Patricia's moans of pleasure. Fucking her anally for the next half an hour, I was sure the hallway could hear her moans. He then flipped her on her side, where he slowly slid his 9" member into her anus once again. Fucked her good for about 20 more minutes in the ass. After that they got up from the bed, made her kneel on the carpet and made her suck his hard erection. I could clearly see Patricia take that cock in her mouth. Those lips around that cock, her beautiful face being entered by a young man's dick repeatedly. He then started facefucking her, hard. He took hold of his hair, and started slowly fucking her mouth at first with so much passion. After about 5 minutes of this, he increased in speed. Fucking her mouth amazingly.

They went back to the bed after 15 minutes of that, continued fucking for a while.

To finish her off for that session, he put her on top, revers cowgirl once again. Started fucking her real hard. It really turned me on seeing his black dick going in and out of her shaved pussy and his balls slapping again her asian muff. After a few more thrusts, he then shoved his cock in her as far as he could in her, then released his load inside her , soft, asian, fertile womb. I could see his balls pulsating as he unloaded his sperm inside her that moment.

He fucked her throughout the night, cumming in her ass, on her face, down her throat, on her stomach after a missionary, and releasing some more of his sperm inside her.

He became our bull for the time stayed in Africa. After a busy day of exploring the city, enjoying the views, he would fuck her brainless and finish off by unloading inside her.

On the day we were leaving, he asked if he could fuck her once more. To which I agreed, that session was the really nice as he made himself last. While fucking her doggystyle, he unloaded a few knots of semen in her. He then took a picture for himself, I then asked if he could send it to me for pleasure. He said yes and that was our vacation.

Hope you all enjoyed!!

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7 months ago
mmmm love hearing about her getting used as a three hole fucktoy
7 months ago
Hot, but no condom ..hmm
7 months ago
7 months ago
She sound like
A hot one
7 months ago
great story, wanna see the pic he took though