Lick My Feet, Lick My Ass

Lick My Feet, Lick My Ass

Picture me if you can, wearing nothing but a vest and boxers, handcuffed by my wrists and ankles to all four corners of Salima's luxurious 5 star hotel room bed, and blindfolded with precisely 3 pairs of her unwashed stockings. Needless to say, I've certainly looked better. At this point, I was starting to have real reservations about the woman's sanity because just who brings 2 pairs of handcuffs along with them on a business trip? The bitch didn't even let me check into my room to unpack or clean up the mess I made from what she did to me in the car on the way down.
She said she wanted me to worship every inch of her but to be honest, I really couldn't be bothered. We had a long day ahead of us tomorrow, it was quarter to midnight, I was shattered from the drive down and honestly just wanted to get some sl**p. Still there I was handcuffed, blindfolded and spread eagled on her bed so there must have been some part of me that wanted to be there. It was at that moment when I heard Salima speak.

'When I said that you were going to worship every inch of me, I wasn't joking.'

Wow. If there was one thing I had to give that woman it was that she had a voice that was as soft as silk, smooth as chocolate, and simply oozed sensuality with every word and that was only made more potent by the fact that I couldn't see a thing and had to focus on her words. I found myself paying close attention to what she was saying.

'Before the night is through, you are going to worship me in all of my beauty and you are going to submit to the overwhelming power that I have over you.'

'Is that so?'

'Yes, that is so. We're going to play a little game, you and I, and it's going to work like this. I know that I own you, and I know that I can have you moaning, spasming, screaming my name, and shooting hot cum all over yourself at a moment's notice. All it would take is for me to press this sweaty foot against that dick of yours and rub it all the way up, and all the way back down again slowly and deliberately for precisely 1 minute and you'd be ruined.'

'Pretty arrogant, aren't we, Salima?' I replied, not at all liking this notion of her being so superior to me.

'Oh no darling,' she said, 'arrogance has nothing to do with it. This confidence and experience speaking.'

With that, a familiar scent slowly wafted into against my nose. It was the scent of leather, sweat and roses that I'd come to adore in the car drive on the way down here. It was the scent of Salima's foot which she was obviously resting right by my face. My God what a kinky tease this woman was. I turned my head towards it but sadly felt her pull it away.

'No darling, you don't get to enjoy my foot just yet. I've not finished instructing you on the terms of our engagement.'

'So what are your terms?'

It's quite simple. I'm going to make you cum harder than any woman you've ever been with and I'm going to do it without touching your dick even once.'

'That's all?'

'That's all.'

'I've got to say I'm sceptical about your ability to pull that off. It would be next to impossible at the best of times, but you do remember that I've already cummed tod-'

At that moment she brought her foot back and pressed it against my cheek while running her delicate fingers along the inside of my thigh. Her foot was still in the silk stocking that she'd been wearing all day at work and was damp at the sole. The sweat leaked through the nylon onto my cheek and nose and she rubbed it slowly, but deliberately along the length of my face. I turned around to face it but yet again she pulled it away, this time hovering it less than an inch away from my lips.

'The time for talk has ended, darling. Now is time for you to concentrate your energies on holding out for as long as you possibly can.'

She pressed the silky toes of her left foot firmly against my lips until they parted and told me to taste them. The woman was a natural born tease, there was just no denying that. Hell, even if I had the cheek to try, my quickly stiffening cock would have completely betrayed me. She kept rubbing the inside of my thigh in slow and sensual circles, moving closer and closer, inch by inch towards my cock which was growing along the length of my boxer shorts to meet them.

'I'm sure she said she wasn't going to touch my cock?' I thought. 'Oh well, I'm definitely not complaining.'

Between having her gorgeous, sweaty, salty, nylon toes in my mouth and her fingers dancing their way towards my hard cock, I was starting to really enjoy my current predicament. The fact that I was completely in the dark and couldn't see a thing made the whole encounter dangerous, scary, and intensely erotic. She traced her fingers until they felt like they were millimetres away from my swollen dick and just left them there, refusing to go any further and rubbing deeply against the muscles on the inside of my thigh. I was starting to get worked up and felt slightly frustrated. All I wanted was for her to touch my dick but she just wouldn't and completely refused to give me what I wanted. Those annoyingly seductive fingers of her glided over the muscular contours of my inner thighs but always stopped short of my swollen member. I shifted my position on the bed, trying to do the job that she wouldn't and create some contact, any form of contact between her hands and the bloated organ between my legs. You won't be surprised to hear that when I tried this, she laughed and quickly pulled her fingers away.

'Come on now darling, please don't tell me that you're getting desperate already. I know that I'm too much for you but I thought that you'd at least put up some semblance of resistance before submitting to me.'

I didn't say anything. Her words and attitude were starting to piss me off and I wasn't going to give this bitch the satisfaction of verbalising my frustration. She pulled her foot out of my mouth and kicked my face a few times, lightly but deliberately as if to reinf***e a point.

'Say something.'

'Say what?'

'Admit to the fact that you're already losing control over yourself.'

'Fuck you bit-'

She slid her fingers deep into the confines of my boxers, grabbed my left testicle and completely took me by surprise. At that moment, jolts of electricity burst through my groin as I felt a wave of pleasure that was completely out of this world. The skin on my balls became very, very sensitive, and everything was heightened. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around my left testicle and rubbed it firmly with her thumb bringing just as much pain as she brought pleasure. she was exploring every last inch of it and the feeling had me trapped somewhere in-between indescribable pain and totally immense pleasure. I didn't know whether to scream with agony or delight so all I could do was let out a confused moan at the sensation of what this bitch was doing to me. Then she started to tug on my ball, slowly pulling it away from my groin, slowly stretching the cord that connects it to my body. I'd never had anything remotely similar happen to me before.

'Oh my God. Oh my God.'

'You mean, Goddess.'

'Oh don't stop, please don't stop.'

She sat there with her fingers firmly wrapped around my left nut repeatedly tugging it like some sort of testicular hand job giggling to herself at the effect she was having on me. 'How long had we even been at this? One minute? Two? It certainly wasn't very long but I was already losing control.

'You see, I could quite easily milk the cum your balls this way and give you the most explosive orgasm you've ever known.'

I could feel the burning heat building in my nuts and radiating into her fingers. My heart was beating so frantically that I could feel it pulsing both in my forehead and through the veins in my testicles. All I could think was 'What the fuck is she doing to me? What the fuck is she doing?' as beads of sweat started to form in my brow and slowly roll down my forehead onto the worn stockings she used to blindfold me.

'Do you want to cum now?'

There was no denying it. I did want to cum, I wanted nothing more than to cum buckets of sticky wet cum for this bitch and she exquisite pleasure and agony she was giving to my balls. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't fucking believe it. She was actually going to make me shoot just from teasing my balls! It was fucking incredible!

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