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I was in college busy trying to get my degree like we are expected to now a days. I was working part time and other than that had a lot of free time. I was always horny. I jerked off almost any time I got free. One day I got tired of the alone action and wanted more fun. I always had a fantasy of being fucked so i decided to try and find someone to break my anal cherry. I wasnt very good with meeting people and trying to meet someone to do that to me was def hard to think of how to do. I turned towards craigslist. I sent out posts for women with strapons, guys... Guys were all fat or gross n no women to reply. I then one day looked in the t4m section. I saw a post for a Beautiful drag queen with an 8x6 cock! I have never been fucked before andonly played with toys. I wasnt sure i would be able to take it and didnt want hurt.. But she looked good dressed up and the cock was so big and sexy and shaved completely smooth making it hotter!

I sent an email and pic to the post in hopes she liked what she saw n picked me. I was a skinny 145lb 5'10" white boy. She replied with a phone number and we got to texting. It was the middle of the day n she was ready. She told me where to go and i headed that way. The whole drive i was horny, scared, all sorts of nervous. I finally arrived and walked to the door so scared. She opened up and to my surprise was taller than expected which was hot for me because now i was going to be able to be more submissive being smaller than her. Her tan skin, 6"+ height n the knowledge of what was in her pants got me horny again.

I had no clue what to do next and so asked how we go about this.. She directed me to the next room and then she walked to the other side of the bed. She asked if ive ever sucked a cock before. Having only sucked one for a moment juss trying it before i told her no cuz ive never to the extent i knew i would here. She dropped her pants and laid down on the bed and told me to suck her. Omg it was big even soft! I was hard instantly. I stripped completely naked and got onto the bed next to her. My hard thin 6" dwarfed by her thick cock. I was so nervous but so horny i jumped right into it and picked up the soft cock and put it in my mouth. It felt so good on my tongue. Her head was so soft n warm in my mouth. I licked and sucked her as she slowly grew hard in my mouth making me so horny and scared of how this was going to be inside me shortly. As im sucking her she gets some lube on her finger n reaches to my ass n slowly starts working a finger in me. She tells me i suck cock good n that only made me enjoy it more. As she starts fingering me i can feel how tight it is for her to get a finger in me. I knew i was in for a time. She was fully hard now n she told me to get on all fours with my ass up for her.

I turned around with my head on the end of the bed n stuck my ass in the air. I was so horny by this point. My ass was spread wide n ready. She got more lube and continued to finger my ass. She kept telling me to relax and just take it. She told me to let my ass loosen up. I had never done this before so i wasnt sure how to relax.. I just let my mind leave worry and i focused on taking her fingers and made myself hornier by imagining her inside me. Next thing i know she stops fingering me and i feel her huge cock on my hole. She pushes into me and owe! I pull away in pain. I tell her that hurt n she calls me a bitch lol. I lay there on my stomach waiting for my hole to quit hurting. Luckily she didnt push harder. The pain subsided n i was still horny n wanting it.

I put my ass back up in the air and tell her slower. She puts her huge cock back to my hole and does it betterthis time. I feel her pushing slowly in and out gradually loosening my hole. Finally i feel it. Her head pushes in and omg! My ass felt amazing then. She pushed slowly deeper and started pumping in and out. I was loving having this huge cock in my ass! She pulled out and stood on the side of the bed. I could tell she wanted more leverage. I turned while still on the bed and gave my ass to her wanting that cock back inside me.

I turned to side of the bed with my ass and she plunged back inside me. It felt so good but i couldnt take her deep thrusts. She was too big and i put my arm back to push her back. She just kept thrusting and fucking my virgin ass. I was pushing away but letting her fuck me good. I couldnt take all the cock and each deep thrust hurt a bit but it felt so good as well i just let her have me. Before i knew it she pulled out and came all over my ass. I hadnt gone yet so i told her to keep fucking. She wiped up and plunged back in. I strted jackin and came so hard with her pushing deep in me. She pulled out and i knew that my ass was built for this fun. We got dressed n i left. During the drive home my ass hole felt used.. Never did i think such a feeling would feel so good.
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11 months ago
Thank you for reading and enjoying my first time :)
1 year ago
Mmmm Sounds Good I Can Imagine My Ass Being Used Like That. ME Too Have Never Been fucked. I Only Wish I Could Find A Shemale To Fuck My Virgin Ass Hole
1 year ago
not bad! hope to hear more :)