Banging a co workers wife at Office party

(True story) At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed my co workers very attractive wife getting d***k as hell on the liquor that was flowing during the party. I must've admit I found Marie very attractive blond blue-eyed late 30s.. they were typical yuppie couple, very conservative .. He was bit arrogant & she bit stuck up, but she was definitely getting hammered and I was watching her as she got plastered. By the time the party was starting to die down I had noticed that Marie had left and made her way to the restroom on the next floor up. I took the opportunity to follow of her and wait outside the restroom while she did her business. Eventually she made her way out the door and stumbled along the hall to the point where she leaned against the wall closed her eyes and started to pass out. I saw the opportunity and took full advantage of it she had fallen down and was sitting Indian style along the hallway I walked up and asked her she needed help and reached down to pull her up.
She slurred her speech, I pulled her up to her feet leaning her against the wall I took my left hand in cupped her left breast and squeezed as I kissed her deep on the lips. I let my tongue' explore her mouth as I squeeze and rub her tits. My cock in my pants gets hard and stiff I wanted to fuck her so bad ..I yank her dress up around her waist and slide my left hand down into her panties, quickly finding my finger into her pussy and start to finger bang her still with my tongue deep in her mouth. She moans with the rhythm of my finger fucking as a break our lip lock and start to suck on her neck as I finger her. I couldn't believe, I'm here m*****ing a co workers wife in the hallway at a party... that notion hit me when i hear " oh shit" I spin to turn around notice another guy ...stunned at what he was seeing. He was a guy that worked in different department I wasn't even sure his name. He started to apologize then he noticed who the woman was... wait a minute isn't that Jay's wife ....holy shit it is. I start to stammerer a bit, a bit embarrassed and busted ....but the guy continued ... So the bitch is d***k, nice... way to go... Fuck that cunt for all of us in the office,he smiled. I knew I was in the clear . I said yeah she came onto me I'm just here to fill her needs I said with a wink.. Not sure what I was thinking ....and asked if he wanted to double-team this slut I could tell he got a hard on over the thought right away. "Fuck yeah" I fantasize of wanting to fuck this whore" was his reply "but let's get her out of the hallway" he suggests we wrap her arms around our shoulders and we make her way to the nearest office closing the door behind we lock it.
Marie still slurring her speech wasn't making much sense but we were unconcern of what she had to say about it. Once inside the office we had Marie between the both of us her face facing me the other guy pulls dress up from behind and buries his hands into her panties as I had done before. He wasted no time getting a couple of fingers deep in her pussy figuring her from behind I took the opportunity to open my pants reach down and pull out my hard fucking cock I asked the guy to bend her forward as he continue figuring her. I took a handful of her golden blonde hair and pulled her moaning mouth down on my hard erect cock. "You Fucking bitch suck my cock" I said sternly. Holding the base of my cock I put it into her mouth. Fuuuck I let out a moan... I couldn't believe it my friends wife's mouth is wrapped around my cock. Meanwhile the other guy finger bang her hard all the while squeezing her tits with his free hand. I faced fuck Maria and I could feel the pre-cum building up I knew I wouldn't last long.. such a hot taboo taking a co workers's wife and using her like the slut I imagine she was. I got my cock deep down her throat a few times making her gag. As I said it didn't take long I blew my load deep into her fucking mouth ..half down her throat.. half of it dripping out of the side of her mouth. My cock drained and went limp and her mouth at that point the other guy grabs her by hair "I got the fuck this bitch"...still bent over he pulls her back swings around directs her onto the top of the desk in the office. Her dress bunched around her waist he reaches up, pulls her panties Down around her ankles opens his pants and pulled out his cock. Marie moans as he slips his cock into her pussy.The guy, now hard as hell grabs her by the hips with the thrust starts to fuck her. Marie lets out a big moan as she's penetrated. "Oh yeah" he moans "you fucking whore I wanted the Ram your pussy for the longest time... With every thrust he throws insults at the bent over the desk Maria getting fucked from behind. "You slut does your husband know, were fucking you right above him" he says nastily to the d***k Maria spread out over the desk. He Pounds, Her hard, she moans with every deep drive, her heels coming off the floor. He has one hand around her waist one with a handful of hair. "Take it you fucking whore, you yuppie bitch take my cock".... I admit the scene made me hard again I was ready to get back in the action. I started to jerk off... the guy noticed me said you wanted piece of her pussy I didn't have to answer he pulled aside and I took my dick into her pussy and fuck her hard as I could. I pumped Marie pussy with fury thinking get it over quick, before her husband came looking for her. Once again it didn't take for me to cum I pulled my cock out and I shot it right down her leg. The guy had been whacking his cock as I fucked now it's time for me to finish this bitch he tells me as he takes my place . He took his cock in slides up her ass.. Maria d***k or not screamed from the pain ...for sure they must've heard it's downstairs... He didn't give a shit, he grabbed her by her hips pulled her back and ass fucked her hard. It was a hot scene to see ...I could tell Mrs. conservative, Marie and never been butt fucked before... She was getting it now from one of her husbands coworker. He pounded that ass, with out mercy, that she was slobbering onto the desk.. half saliva, half sperm, as the d***k whore got fucked in the ass. Her hands holding the edge of the desk, trying to hold on at the abuse her tight ass hole was receiving. I noticed her expensive
wedding ring on her hand as she helplessly gripped the desk, my dick grew hard again. The guy started to Moan I could tell he was about to cum.. With one last big thrust.. he came up her ass... what a sight to see...he held his cock in her ass as he collapsed on top of her bent over the desk empting his load deep in the married woman's ass. He pulled his cock from her ass and she slid back falling down he grabs her the last moment laying her on the ground. Fuck he looks up at Me, can you believe we just did that shit... As he zips up his pants. "And to think I didn't want to come to this party tonight but my wife made me" he laughs he then turns around and leaves the office with me and Marie there alone again. Maria was setting up right with her hand on her head trying to figure out probably what just happened... I bend down and surprise her with another long wet tongue kiss. I then leave go back down to the party, look at her husband, smile & walk to my car.
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AWESOME!!! ;-)