Boy Scout Camping #1

As you know, or should by now ;), I have a bit of s “discrete, word of mouth” reputation. My son recently bridged over to Boy Scouts and this weekend was the first campout. I know several of the dad’s from cub scouts and other k** related activities but couldn’t attend myself due to Girl Scout commitments. BUT…I did need to take some extra supplies out to them last night (St. Patrick’s Day!). There is one guy in particular that I just don’t like…but to be honest he and my husband REALLY don’t get along and well…this past week or so has been a real pain with hubby so I figured I would have some fun. I knew the guy, Bob, would be there so I called him up and asked what they needed, besides the things already on my list so I could bring them over. By the time I got there it was about 6:30 and starting to get dark but hubby was with our girls at the Girl Scout Father Daughter dance so I had nowhere to be for a little while anyway. When I go there the boys were making dinner and the fathers were just hanging out by their own fire. I had dressed appropriately, cutoff shorts and a tight “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt … with no bra ;) It was dusk so even though I have huge nipples you couldn’t see that unless you were up close. There were about 5 dads there and as soon as I got there Bob walked over to help me with the supplies.

Bob is an ass…arrogant, overbearing, insulting…all the things I don’t like. BUT, he and my hubby hate each other so I was doing this one out of spite…and I freely admit that. Nevertheless, when he got close and noticed my outfit he just sort of stared for a few seconds. So I took the initiative and asked him what he was staring at. He looked up and asked if the shirt was an invitation or just in the spirit of the season so I figured my nipples had done their first job of the evening. Playing coy I said that the invitation was suitably sized to accommodate the size of the guest and he just laughed. Thinking I was just playing around he asked if my hubby was going to come out to the camp or if he was going to leave that to the real men so I played back and asked if he knew where I could find one of these real men. Didn’t take long after that for him to just blurt out that he thought I was hot and that my hubby didn’t deserve a woman like me (DUH!!!!!!!!!) and that I needed someone who could take care of my needs. Rather brazen, but to be honest it was a bit refreshing…so I told him we could always tell everyone I had forgotten some of the supplies and that we needed to go get more stuff. Ten seconds later he and I are in his truck and travelling out “for supplies”.

In reality we went about 5 miles away up the gravel road to a turn off and then walked to a rock overlook and wasted no time making out. That lasted for a few minutes and then my shirt when flying and he devoured my huge, sensitive nipples. His whiskers scratched my tits and made me moan loudly. Loud enough that he stopped and asked me what I wanted…so I shoved him down on a large rock, undid his belt and pulled his pants off. No lie, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. He deserves to be arrogant! He has a 8” cock, VERY thick, and shaved. A bit on the smelly side, he had been camping for over a day without a shower so it was understandable, but in a pleasant, manly way. I have to admit, I went crazy on him. I gave him one of my best performances ever…throating him, licking, sucking, nibbling, licking his balls and asshole…everything! I even told him he was a real man, the best cock I have had in years, and that he could fuck me anytime he wanted. Not to worry about my limp dick hubby and that I would be his whore anytime. I would alternate from throating him to begging for his cum as he told me what a hot slut I am and that I was a dirty whore who needed a big cock to keep her in line…all I did was serve and agree…repeatedly ;) As he was about to pop, about 10 minutes into it actually, I heard another voice from behind me. Turns out he had told one of the other dads where we were going and to join us. It was Kevin, a smaller guy but always very nice. Seems he had been holding a flame for me since we met 3 years ago and I never knew.

I didn’t miss a beat, though I was a bit shocked…I told him to drop his pants and as he was obeying Bob stood me up and bent me over. I was dripping at this point and he slammed that huge cock about half way in before he realized just how tight I really am. He laughed and mentioned to Kevin that I must be a big cock virgin. It didn’t take him long to fit all the gorgeous cock inside me…but by the time he was balls deep Kevin was in front of me with a smaller, but perfectly hard cock waiting. I devoured him as he ran his hands through my hair and spouted all kinds of nonsense about how beautiful I am and how much he has always wanted me. Believe me…it’s a bit different to have one guy fucking you hard and fast, calling you all kinds of names, while you suck off another guy that is basically falling in love with you while you do it.

No surprise, Kevin came first, and I kissed him while Bob kept slamming into me. I told Kevin what a beautiful, perfect cock he had and that I would gladly take care of him if he wanted…which sounds really funny with me gasping for breath between words as Bob basically ****s me from behind. Hearing me talk sweetly to Kevin must have sent him crazy because he grabbed my hair and really started working me over good. I had to make him cum soon or I was afraid that massive cock would do some damage LOL. So I looked back at him and told him what a horse dick he had and that a slut like me needs a real man to fuck her and show her what she is good for…not some pussy of a husband like I have. While he is about to pop Kevin is kneeling beside me, I am leaning on him a bit, and he is sucking my nipples. That was about all I could take so it was my turn. Lets just say, when a woman cums…and I mean really cums…the earth shakes. I came so hard my pussy nearly cut off Bob’s dick…he screamed, shot his load really deep inside me, and I think I told Bob I loved him. Not exactly sure but I think I did…and that he could have me anytime he wanted. Which isn’t true of course but he got the idea.

Given that the trip for supplies would take an hour, and that we actually all ready had the supplies, we had another 30 minutes to kill…so I asked Kevin if he was ready to give me what I needed. I had just finished being a real slut for a huge cock, now I wanted to have slightly more sensual sex with an admirer. I laid on his rain jacket and he raised my legs, Bob’s cum seeping out of me in globs…lubricating my tingling pussy. Kevin fit into my stretched pussy with ease but I was still tight enough that he and I enjoyed a very passionate and fulfilling 15-20 minutes of amazing sex while Bob just laid there and moaned. Once we both came I cleaned them both up, something I love to do, and we got dressed. Kevin went back first and we waited another 10 minutes or so, during which time Bob and I talked about future camping trips and how he had already talked to the other dads about how hot I am. Seems I have quite the following, though most of them are too scared to approach me about something like that. Which is fine…between Bob and Kevin I think those camping trips are going to be just fine ;) Their styles compliment each other very well…and what else can a lady ask for? Big cocks, hard slutty fucking, softer more passionate fucking…and a sure thing for an orgasm.
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2 years ago
Be prepared!
2 years ago
Great Story!!!!
2 years ago
Nice and dirty the way they should be.
2 years ago
damn,, i wishg scouting was that fun for me
2 years ago
Wish you would visit on our scouting camp