Getting straightened out Part 2

You may remember from part 1 that my uncle had a poker party with some friends and 2 of them stayed after for some special playtime with the 17 year old blond niece :)
This is what I remember...
I had mentioned earlier that night that I thought two of my uncle's friends were nice. I said nice, not sexy! But I guess my uncle took that as being good enough because after two of the guys left around 11:00 my uncle and the two I had mentioned turned on me like a pack of hungry wolves. As the lights from the other guy’s cars left the drive they all turned to me with this look in their eyes.
Bob and Joseph were both in their early 40s, or thereabouts, but Bob was overweight in a stocky sort of way with very short cut hair and lots of hair everywhere else. I mean lots! Joseph was hispanic and a little out of shape even for an older guy. Both had salt and pepper hair. My uncle said, "What do you think guys? Was I right?" and both of them rushed right in complimenting me and talking about how unbelievably sexy I was...almost like I wasn't even there really. Then Bob said how he hadn't believed my uncle but he was very glad he had come to the poker party tonight and Joseph just kept going on and on about how gorgeous I was.
By now you should know I am a sucker for compliments and having 3 married, older men fawning over me was quite a turn on. My uncle had obviously told them about our frequent playtimes so I thought I might as well ask to see what all they knew. Turns out he had shown them a few pix of me sucking his cock and told them about how much I enjoy it. Joseph asked me if it was true and I thought I might as well have a really good night and told him that I love sucking cock and that the only way to prove it was to show it.
I left the kitchen and walked into the living room, knowing they would follow me. After they all sat down I turned off some of the lights so it was bright enough to see but darker than normal while my uncle turned on some music. I had danced for him a couple of times before so I knew that was what he wanted. I was wearing a button up plaid shirt and cutoff shorts with my hair up. I started dancing and after 10 minutes or so I had lost the shirt and let my hair down and each of them had their pants around their ankles. They were all pretty well hung, though my uncle had them beat. I started with Joseph who had an average length cock…but VERY thick. Sitting on his lap I rubbed against him while he sucked on my nipples. I did the same with Bob and then moved over to my uncle. I knelt in front of him and asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock while his friends watched. I guess he wanted to show off a bit because he didn’t answer, he just grabbed my head and guided my mouth onto his cock, then started throat fucking me a little rougher than usual. He kept that up for a little while…but not long  He came loudly and after I swallowed it all I moved up and kissed him passionately, whispering in his ear that I was going to be his slut tonight and make him look like a freakin stud to his friends. Meanwhile they were beating off really hard and I looked over at them and told them to stop before they hurt themselves…why jerk off when there was a perfectly willing teenage blond who wanted to suck and fuck them all night!
I didn’t know older guys could move so fast LOL! Joseph and Bob rushed over and somehow my shorts went one way while I was picked up and carried in another. They laid me on the sofa and Bob started kissing me and playing with my nipples as Joseph went straight for my pussy. He licked me until I was dripping wet. I told Bob to give me his cock so I could suck it and I went to work on him while Joseph kept eating me out. I must have sucked Bob’s cock for 10 minutes or so when he grabbed my hair and started thrusting hard and fast into my throat. He came so much I couldn’t swallow it all, some of it ran down my chin. I hate it when I miss some ;) I didn’t find out till a few days later from my Uncle that Bob had divorced about a year prior and hadn’t been laid since. Joseph on the other hand had a very uptight wife and though she fucked him whenever he wanted it she didn’t do oral, giving or receiving. I guess that is why he spent so long licking my pussy!
After cumming, Bob needed a rest but Joseph was ready to go at this point. He moved up and sucked on my nipples as he slowly worked his cock into my tight pussy. He was the first one to fuck me that night and it took a while to fit him in. He was very thick and really stretched me out…so it was probably a good thing he ate me out first and got me so wet. After we managed to get him in he slowly fucked me until I loosened up, at which point he went off like a jackhammer, pounding into me as hard as he could. A bit too rough for my tastes really but his fat cock felt so good I kept yelling for him to fill me up and shoot his load inside me. The funny thing I remember is that he was wearing a gold cross necklace and every time he slammed into me the thing would slap me in the face. Anyway, he finally came and collapsed on top of me, kissing me and telling me I was awesome…which I already knew but appreciated anyway :)
I was wondering what happened to my Uncle, turns out he had been busy taking a few photos :) He eventually came over and laid down beside me, kissing me slowly. He knows how much I love to kiss and between that and the other two guys playing with my tits and pussy I was really getting worked up. I straddled my Uncle and slid down on his swollen cock, the cum from Joseph more than enough to lubricate me for easy entry. I rode him slow and sexy until I had my first orgasm of the night. I came so hard I dug my nails into his chest…he had to keep my Aunt from seeing that for days after LOL.
I sucked and fucked each of them that night but after my orgasm with my Uncle I went on to have one with Bob and two with Joseph before I finally collapsed. They went home around 3:00 with me completely worn out but very very happy I played with each of them one on one over the last few weeks of that summer. Bob liked to take me to dinner and then to a hotel. We did that a couple of times. Joseph on the other hand really enjoyed parking lot blowjobs. He was particularly fond of a church parking lot in Austin…King of France catholic church or something like that. He lived in Austin nearby and I even spent a night with him while his wife was visiting her f****y one time. I sucked him off at the church at least 3 times…and we even had sex in the back of his pickup one night.
That was one amazing summer!

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