Everything's Alright

After all the lectures and talks I’ve been told from my parents and relatives, you’d think I would be at least prepared for what the future holds in store for me – I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a fucking clue.

I’ve heard analogies of love, but the only one that best describes love is wind. Wind is invisible to the eye, but you sense it’s presence and you can feel it. Wind can hit you dead in the face abruptly and suddenly. So can love. Love hit me dead in the face and my knee-jerk reaction was to face it head on.

* * *
I was invited to a beach party for some “fun in the sun” time with a group of friends from the private art college I attend. I was surprised because the people I hang out with usually spend their time cooped up in a friend’s room, passing a joint around in a circle of people, and laughing about God know’s what. It was out of the “norm” for them, so, naturally, I was curious. I became even more curious when Phoebe, my roommate, nudged me on the arm with her elbow after a grueling art study with a 50 year-old professor from hell, Mrs. Herald.

“Ouch.” I hissed as I rubbed my forearm. She simply smiled and told me that I was a crybaby. I stuck my tongue out at her and she shook her head while grinning.

“So, you going to that thing?” She kept her head down as we walked to our dorm because she was fidgeting around in her bag looking for something.

“What thing?” I was looking at her rummaging through her bag. She snapped back her head with a smirk holding up a thin square of plastic.

“Gotcha!” She exclaimed turning to me. I gave her a bewildered stare as she grabbed my hand, placed the plastic in it, and sealed the bond by closing up my fingers around it. I opened my hand, my fingers peeling backward to reveal the same square, only this time; I noticed the faint shape of a circle inside of it. After scrutinizing this square for several seconds, I gasped, clamped and shot my hand in my pockets and scowled at my roommate.

She craned her head back and laughed as we walked up the familiar stairs to our dorm room. My feet literally stuck to the ground refusing to move as I watched her walk up the stairs. Noticing that I wasn’t close on her heels, she turned. She looked at me and shrugged.

“What the fuck is this for?”
She looked me up and down and shook her head with the biggest shit-eating grin I’ve ever seen.

“You know what it’s for.”
“No shit, Sherlock. Tell me why you’re giving it to me.”

She was still shaking her head as she walked back down the steps further towards me till she was standing in front of me. She motioned over to the staircase step and we sat down side by side. She rummaged through her bag again and pulled out two cigarettes, lighting both before handing one of the two to me. I slowly took a drag and exhaled harshly.

“Sher, you haven’t been layed in 3 months.” She said nonchalantly while looking out over the parking lot.
It felt like someone pricked me right in the ass – a personal question, eh? I looked puzzled and I involuntarily shifted my thighs bringing them close together and away from Pheobe. She chuckled and placed her hand on my knee. I ignored her and smoked away on my cigarette.

She took one long drag, parted her lips to let the smoke escape them and cleared her throat. “Sher, you really don’t have to hide anything to me. You know that, don’t you?”

I was twirling the cigarette in between my index and middle finger thinking of what next to say. Fortunately, Pheobe hates silence, so she took the initiative.

“Look, if you’re gay just say so. Don’t hide it. I only gave you that condom cause I want you to enjoy yourself at the party nonetheless. Sex with a man… or with a woman.” She turned to me, forcing my eyes to stare at her emerald ones. I was choked up to say the least. I guess a close friend can eye even the less conspicuous of things.

“I…” Could I admit it? Being a lesbian? My heart was yelling it out, practically screaming it. My brain was thinking on the logical scale of things; coming out of the closet during college isn’t the best thing to do, but on the other hand, I go to school with bohemians who are accustomed to the now revolutionized way of “life”. So, why not?

Pheobe was still looking at me intently. Her cigarette was a little lopsided looking because the ash was accumulating on the cherry of it. I took a deep breath, exhaled, took another drag, ashed, exhaled, looked at Pheobe and said it.

“I’m a lesbian.” I whispered looking away as if I were ashamed. Why should I feel or look ashamed? I don’t know. I knew I was a lesbian since the 9th grade, but I just couldn’t detach myself from the “popular” group of friends and risk my rank among the girls who were envied at school.

“Now, was that so hard?” Pheobe said and winked. She gave me a half hug and told me to go up stairs and get ready for tonight. I was still puzzled about my conversation with my roommate while scrubbing my scalp in the shower. Why was she asking me these questions? It wasn’t that out of character for her to do so, but still; I couldn’t help but wonder. I toweled myself off and noticed her on the phone, cupping her hands over the receiver so that I couldn’t read her lips or overhear her muffled conversation. I shrugged, went into the kitchen, leaving water droplets splashing to the floor in my wake. Pheobe sighed harshly and called me out that I would put someone at risk of slipping on the tile and breaking their neck.

“Well, it’s only you and me in here, so no problem now, is there?” I smirked and she rolled her eyes and continued talking on the phone. Pouring myself some Ginger ale, I was constantly reverting my thoughts back to who could be on the phone with Pheobe. She saw my confused look and just kept staring at me, smiling every now and then from what the person on the other end of the receiver was telling her. I mouthed and motioned to her: “Who’s on the phone?” She shook her head and was doubling over with laughter. Whoever was on the other end, she must’ve been more talented than George Carlin at cracking jokes; Pheobe only listens to the good stuff. And, I said she is on the other end because I could clearly make out a feminine voice on the other end.

“So, do I know this person?” I yelled over the laughter. Pheobe was holding onto her stomach practically choking on her laughter-filled sobs. I was getting annoyed at this point. So, what better way to retaliate than annoy back, right? Right. So, I dragged my guitar amp to the kitchen and Pheobe became quiet with suspicion. I had to re-wrap my towel around my self because it started to come undone. I hefted it on the counter and Pheobe kept asking me what I was doing. I took out my iPod and started sifting through the artists with my thumb on the glass screen. After finding what I was looking for, I tapped the screen, hooked up the amp to the jack, and the slow tempo of lazy guitars, echoing drums and lingering guitar solos drifted into the room. I smirked. I love Ska music.

“Ughhh…” Pheobe exacerbated a sigh loudly. The feminine voice on the other end clearly said, “What?” Pheobe gave another rather annoying sigh and she shook her head in a lazy manner.
“Pot-smoker music.” She said loudly as I turned up the knob. I started to giggle because I was finally getting my way. Pheobe yelled at me to turn it down but I simply turned the knob in a clockwise motion, which raised the volume level.
I was swaying my hips and had my arms up above my head, dancing and loving the way the music made me feel: like there was no care in the world, except feeling and being there. Pheobe got up from her seat and was walking over to the amp and I brought my hands out and grabbed her hands and f***ed her to dance with me. She half-heartedly laughed and was yelling at me to stop and turn the music down and I replied back with bellowing out the lyrics of the song:

“All this time that you think,” Pheobe was struggling in my grip, still laughing and trying to get away. “I would be here for your sake,” She was clawing at my shoulders yelling at me to stop, the feminine voice on the receiver asking something and for a second, I thought I recognized the voice. ”I hope you’ve got a bottle of wine,” Pheobe was impatient now and telling me to stop, but I knew her little tricks. I wanted to dance and she was going to dance with me! She annoyed me, so it’s only fair that I annoy her. “And, if it’s a drinking problem I’ll be laughin’ at the bottom because,” I felt her hands on my towel trying to push me away. I was forcing her to dance with me and I looked like a d***k doing so; this was just too funny. ” ‘because I already finished mineeeeeeeeAh!” Pheobe clawed at the towel and ripped it from my body. I quickly sheathed my hands like swords over my most private places on my body and Pheobe’s face was priceless. The music was blaring still and I was yelling at her why she took my towel in a panic. Pheobe was laughing so hard she fell to the floor, my towel still in her hands.

“You’re butt is as white as Michael Jackson! HA!” She was hugging her sides and the phone was laughing as well. I scowled at her, bending over myself to cover up my boobs and most importantly, my crotch. Pheobe’s eyes were watering up from laughing so hard but after a couple of seconds she got up, wiped her eyes with a big grin on her face and turned down the knob of the amp.

“Alrighty. Yeah, we’ll see you when you get here. Bye, ‘mystery’ person.”
The phone laughed a goodbye as well and Pheobe pushed the END button and turned to me.
“They’re coming here?” I exclaimed, motioning for my towel. Pheobe looked me up and down and wolf whistled. I stuck my tongue out at her and motioned for my towel again. She didn’t let up. So, I was fed up and said to myself inside my head, “fuck it.” Apparently, I must’ve said it out loud because Pheobe’s eye gave me a blank stare when I removed my hands from my body and walked back over to the counter, took a swig of the Ginger ale, walked back over to her, retrieved my towel from her grip and walked out of the kitchen swaying my hips to “throw” it in her face.

* * *
The party was full of life by the time Pheobe and I were exiting her vehicle. We towed our own liquor and beer with us because we knew there were people there at the party with a certain taste for the “classic shit”. As we walked on the cobblestone steps to the patio out back, John poked his head out of the second story window and practically climbed out of it before he managed to air high-five us. We returned the friendly gesture and walked in on the scene unfolding before us:

There were beer bottles everywhere. Everywhere you looked there was a beer bottle. I paused while taking in the view and shook my head wishing my friend Jan were there to enjoy it with me; he loves beer.

I dropped my load off on the bar table and asked the bartender for a Rum and Coke. I nearly lost my balance when I realized it was Janice from the local youth group on campus.

“Preacher by day and drink mixer by night. Sounds like a comic book character I would want to read about.” I said as I smiled to her while watching her hands go to work. Janice smirked and asked me how I was doing with classes. I shrugged and told her the truth.

“It’s going well, I guess. I’m just struggling with my personal life.” I was surprised I was opening myself to Janice after just a sip of alcohol. I guess I keep surprising myself with every minute that passes by in my life.

I finished my drink and averted my gaze to the sound system that a couple of my friends were crowding around, fighting over the iPod plugged into it. I laughed as one of them was pushed into the pool. There were profanities and swim-suit tops flying everywhere and before I knew it, I had Kyle (a friend from the studio) toy-fully playing with the strings of my halter top. I politely padded his hand and removed it from the strings and told him nicely that I just simply wasn’t interested. He shrugged and went in search of another possible target. Just as I was feeling the buzz in the core of my body my favorite Techno song came on. Escape Me flooded the backyard with the echoing beats and raspy tones. I felt my hips rocking back and forth with the familiar tempo and Pheobe came up from behind and started dancing with me. I laughed a hearty laugh and started grinding and swaying my hips left and right when I heard the chorus. I even yelled out the first part, holding my drink in the other hand.

“Black out tendencies! Forrrrrget about the-“ And, then Pheobe joined in, “Futuuurreeeee!”

We laughed together and I felt her leave my body to go and greet another person. I wasn’t paying attention because I was so enthralled in the music. And, it was weird but at that moment, my brain froze on the image of the girl I had been obsessing over for months. I always thought chat sites were cheesy but after roaming around on xHamster for awhile, sooner or later you’re bound to receive a ton of PM’s. And, I couldn’t have asked for a better time to be online when a gorgeous girl started talking to me. It was just small talk for a couple of days and then, gradually, we built up the courage to talk about sex to one another and slowly but surely, the passion kept growing. Like an insatiable fire of lust, and that lust quickly turned to love. I loved this woman who lived hundreds of miles away from me and it would pain me each night to leave that chat site; when would I ever be able to see my beloved girl? The thought kept dangling from a nonexistent thread in my mind as I heard a squeal from Pheobe. My vision was a little blurred but I could make out her figure hugging another girl who seemed petite in form, a couple inches taller than me and dark brunette hair. I immediately thought of the mystery person over the phone and shrugged while taking another sip of Rum and Coke. I reverted my attention back to the beats of the techno song blasting from the speakers and slowly rocked my hips while looking out at the couples holding hands and kissing whilst dancing. I was about to ask Pheobe to drive me home (cause I was pretty tipsy at this point) but then I felt arms around my waist and a pair of lips on my neck. I gasped and wanted to turn around but was pinned to the spot; my feet literally stuck to the floor again. The pair of lips were moving along my neck and humming into it which my head spin, aside from the alcohol coursing through my body. I needed to see who this person was but her grip was much to strong for me.

I knew it was a woman because her hands were slim and slender in front of me. I kept asking who she was but she kept giggling in my neck and every now and then I would feel her teeth on the skin of my exposed neck. I felt like a helpless human being about to be viciously murdered by a Vampire; and I was very surprised to feel the moisture between my legs grow from that violent thought. She kept giggling and I felt her lips trail kisses up my neck, getting closer and closer to my ear. When her lips reached my ear lobe, I gasped as I felt the loose flesh being sucked into her mouth. I was unaware of my surroundings at the moment. The only thing that mattered to me was who this woman was and how amazing the feelings she made me feel were. My eyes were closed as I felt her tongue move into the grooves of my ear, feeling, searching, tasting. I wanted to be defiant, but that feeling was in hiding. My hands had minds of their own as they slowly enveloped over the mysterious woman’s hands, caressing them. I hadn’t had sex for 3 months and I think my hands didn’t have a care in the world who was giving me the attention that was at first unrequited, I was clearly excited.

“Who are you?” I whispered as I felt her lips curve into a smile on my ear.

“You know, I would’ve thought you’d have guessed by now, my little bear.”

I froze. I knew that voice anywhere. I slowly swallowed as I whispered her name slowly, my eyes wide, the blurriness from before dissipating with every passing millisecond. I felt her head nod on my shoulder as I felt my strength return. I pushed with all my might and quickly found myself doing a 180-degree turn in her arms. My face was inches from her when I beheld the love of my life: Her 5’6 height only barely toppled mine as the brown locks on top of her head cascaded down to her shoulders. That wicked smile turned into a devilish grin as my eyes took her in. Her tan skin complimented her fit figure: the small but prominent curves of her breasts beneath her tank top, the exposed lining of her belly and the bones of her hips slightly protruding against her skin. She had my mouth watering by the time my eyes flew back to their original state, staring back at her eyes. I had no control over myself as I stared into her deep brown orbs. They hypnotized me. I felt a hunger in me I had never felt before with anyone and as I contemplated how delicious she looked in front of me, I quickly lost all train of though as her lips crashed onto mine.

I moaned into her mouth as she sucked my bottom lip into hers. It felt as thought she were sucking all of my insecurities out of my mind via my mouth. My tongue moved of it’s own accord as it slid out and lightly tapped her upper lip. She parted hers to take in my offer and both of our tongues were tangling together in a massive dance. I felt her hands on my waist pulling me closer and I responded by sliding my hands through her hair and clenching onto her mane whilst pushing her further into my mouth. She moaned her approval of my behavior and I was unaware that all eyes were on us for about a second or so. I reluctantly detached my lips from hers and looked into the eyes that were capturing the scene I was laying out before them all. It was silent for several seconds and then Pheobe darted up behind us and she bellowed out.

“HELL YEAH! FIRST GIRL ON GIRL MAKE OUT OF THE NIGHT! WOO!” And with that, there claps, yells and whistles of approval coming from all inebriated lips in the vicinity of the backyard of the house. Pheobe laughed as she came around in front of us as the scene of me and my girl kissing gradually was forgotten. I was looking at her, at my girl, then back at her asking for answers with my eyes.

“She contacted me wanting to surprise you and I just couldn’t help it! You looked so cute together so I just had to!” She gave me a huge smile and hugged me. She winked at my girl and said in a nonchalant manner, “Oh, you know. Not like it’s any of my business and that these are the keys to that room (she placed a key in her hand) but um, there’s not supposed to be anyone in that room on the 2nd floor of the house. So, um… you guys should keep watch, capishe?” She looked directly into both of our eyes, bit her lip and walked off. I looked at my girl and was completely capture by her beauty all over again. I giggled as she shook the key in her hand as if she were fumbling with a pair of them about to kiss me goodnight outside her front door. I couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed her hand and darted into the house with her close on my heels. I felt her hands on my ass on the way up the stairs. I was giggling uncontrollably as she slammed me into the wall and began kissing her way along my neck with passion.

I gasped and could have sworn I saw stars. I couldn’t believe I could possibly reach an orgasm just by having someone suck and kiss my neck. Could it possibly be because the absence of sex? Or was it something more? The thought dwelled in my head as I felt her hands slide further up the back of my thighs until she cupped them in her hands and I was lifted off the ground. I felt my body being tossed over her shoulder and I squealed as she smacked my ass, me hanging over her shoulder as if she were carrying a bag of heavy dog food. I was clenching her ass cheeks through her jeans as they swayed back and forth as she walked us to the top floor’s door that was off limits. I was still giggling as I felt the bl**d rush to my head from being upside down for a little over a minute. I heard her stop at the door and decided to surprise her as she was starting to shove the key in the door. I raised my hands high above my head, gaining momentum and then in a fast and harsh manner slammed them hard on each of her cheeks of her ass. She gasped and I felt her weight push against the frame of the door.

”Score!” I thought as she quickly regained her balance and growled her disapproval of my act. We were in the room but it was too dark for me to focus my eyes on one thing. I let my hands fly freely in front of me and then it felt like I was performing a summersault. I was rammed onto the bed, my back burning and my head spinning as I moaned incoherently. She snickered her glee from her comeback and went back to the door and closed it. She locked it swiftly and came back over to me. My legs were bent over the foot of the bed, my head swaying from side to side trying to get my bearings. I didn’t know what was happening. I felt lost and found all at once. I knew I was in for it as I felt the buckle of my shorts being practically ripped off. I suddenly regained actual consciousness and yelled, “No!” I felt her stiffen and she was still for about a minute. I licked my lips and whispered it quieter this time.

“You… don’t want to?” She practically whimpered from above me. The window shed some light on her face from the lights outside. Her reaction in her voice was almost as painful as it was to look at her contorted features of her face. She was clearly on the verge of crying. I softly held her hands as I slowly lifted my back off the bed. My head was tucked under her chin and I craned it to her neck and kissed it softly.
“Our first time is not going to be f***ed.”

Then, I heard her laugh for the first time in a long time. The sound would make even a melody of mermaids singing jealous. I wanted to relish the sound of her sweet joyful chuckles further but at that moment, another familiar song came on. The soft intro to, “Everything’s Alright” drifted through the window and it was the only thing we could hear amongst the soft clatter of beer bottles and cries of laughter downstairs. I got up and reversed our position so that she was laying on the bed and me in front of her. I pushed her on to the bed further, kissed her lips slowly and quickly got up and walked to the foot of the bed. I turned around and let the flannel I was wearing hug my shoulders slightly as my hips began to sway.

I was finally going to do this the way I wanted to do it. When the music took a much more upbeat turn to it, I took my hands grasped the collar and pulled it to one shoulder. She could clearly see my exposed shoulder and I knew she was getting anxious. The music picked up and my hips were rocking back and forth as I unbuttoned the flannel with precision. It was off and hit the floor just as the soft clash of the drums faded into the second verse of the sung. The halter top was coming loose as I playfully pulled the tie and it fell to a heap by my feet. My bare back was visible to her as it began to move to “Wickie” like sounds of the guitar, building up to the slow tempo the song. I turned around and slowly thanked the shadows for hiding my exposed breasts to her. I slowly walked into the light as I felt the music vibrate off my skin. I lifted my arms, swaying them back and forth as my hands went into my hair. My head shook to the left and right as my hips worked their way to their own rhythm. I was making her squirm on the bed as she witnessed by body work to the slow beat of the song.

’Gotta get me high and dry’. The chorus beckoned my sexual arousal as my thumbs curled around the belt loops on my shorts as I tugged. The belt flew off and into a corner as my shorts were becoming looser. I looked directly at her as I slowly unbuttoned my shorts. The guitar riff was making my skin crawl and become loose all at once as I teased her with unzipping my zipper playfully. The shorts were down to my ankles by the time the song was halfway done. I grabbed the shorts, turned around and showed her my tan ass shaking in front of her, clearly visible that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I turned around to her and I saw that she was practically oozing with lust. Her eyes said it all. I walked slowly to her, my hips and legs still moving slowly to the guitars and drums meshing together and my knees touched the edge of the bed. I lifted one leg onto the bed and began to crawl my way to her. Her legs were sprawled out of the bed and I could clearly see her stomach was exposed to me. I looked further up and took in the sight of her removing her top. Her breasts swayed and jiggled a bit as her arms threw her top to the side of the room. I flashed her a smile and crawled in between her thighs. I was kneeling my head down to her crouch of her pants and smiled as I heard her pout when my face quickly darted away. I began kissing her tan, smooth stomach sending a whirl of emotions through both of our bodies. She was moaning when my tongue licked it’s way around and in her navel. I kissed and explored with my lips further and further up her glorious body until I reached her chest. I kissed the space between her prominent globes and kissed my way to one breasts.

I felt her suck in her breath harshly as my mouth clasped onto her nipple. I was tonguing the areola softly at first and then took the nipple between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. I felt it plop back against her chest and she moaned with ecstatic edge to it. I moved my head around whilst sucking her nipple and noticed that drove her over the edge. I returned the same amount of attention to her other nipple and did so back and forth as she was squirming beneath my touch and licks. I moved my lips up her body as they finally rested back against her mouth. We resumed our passionate kissing as my hands did the talking. I had her pants off in record-breaking timing as I tossed them to the floor. I felt her weight shift underneath me.

She purred her affection for me by licking her way around my neck and then to my full breasts. Her tongue was absolute magic. My hands digging into the pillow above her, I felt her nurse my breasts with so much passion and love… I was at a loss of words. The only thing I could do was live in the moment. I was enjoying my breasts being licked and played with as I felt her hand drift to my sex. I swallowed harshly as I felt her finger slide along my wet opening. I gasped and she moaned onto my breasts. I couldn’t help it; I fell on top of her.

My knees gave into the blissful treatment and before I knew it, I was bucking my hips to her thrusting motions of her fingers. Her two fingers were flying in and out of me as I moaned and met each thrust with as much strength I could muster. I felt her mouth suck my bottom lip and I moaned so loud, I was surprised I didn’t peak the curiosity of horny college boys downstairs. My moans could’ve awakened any hard sl**per. I was gasping for breath as the inevitable build up was beginning to throw me into a continuous cycle of passion. I was fiercely meeting each thrust with my hips and hearing the wet smacking sounds of her hand in my pussy was driving me wild.

Her lips traveled along my jaw and to my ear as she whispered, “Come for me, Sher. Oh come for me, baby. Come for your baby.” And that was all I needed to hear. My back arched and I cried out her name several times as the pleasure built up to an intolerable level within my body. I was convulsing to her fingers jerking motions and heard my pussy making squelching noises, which drove me to another rising orgasm. I clamped a hand firmly to the back of my head and the other to her breast. I was well on my way to a third orgasm rolling past as I screamed out her name this time. And, when I say screamed, I mean SCREAMED. My hips were bucking to her touch as I moaned the last of my rampaging orgasm onto her shoulder, spent. My ragged breathing shocked me. I haven’t ever felt such a powerful, overwhelming feeling of pleasure from anyone’s touch before like that – ever. My body was exhausted but my brain and heart were hungry for more. I slowly turned my head to my love of my life and looked lazily into her eyes. She smiled up at me as she removed her fingers.

I flinched a bit as the walls of my pussy loosened from her departing touch. She brought her fingers to my lips and I opened them without hesitation. I became ravenous as I vigorously sucked and licked her fingers. My juices were just the elixir I needed for the boost of energy to take my girl to ‘The point of no return’. I made of sucking/kissing sound as she replaced her fingers with her tongue and I gladly sucked it into my mouth. Her tongue felt around my mouth and I clashed against it with my own. I was kissing her as if she were Aphrodite the goddess in the flesh! And, then – the shock of that thought shocked me. I quickly shook that thought out of my head. No, I thought to myself as I kissed her with such passion, She is MY Aphrodite. She is MY goddess. MY blessing of this earth. And, with that, I quickly traveled down her body to her moist center. I smelled her before I even tasted her. The sent of her was intoxicating to me. My nostrils flared with heat as I took in another wiff of her tantalizing aroma.

“God, you smell so good, love…” I whispered throatily as I leaned in for the kill. She cooed her delight as I kissed the top of her mound softly. The smacking of my lips on hers was the best sound in the entire world. I was certain that I would soon find myself dreaming every night of that sound whenever she would be away from me. My lips drifted lower. She could feel my hot breath evaporating the dampness off her mound. The feeling of heat and cool were almost too much to take. My hands came together as I ran them up the insides of my lover’s silken inner thighs. They drifted closer and closer to her slit and right as she was taking in a breath to release some of the tension built up in her body, she harshly let it out as my finger found it’s way to her wet entrance. I was exploring the various folds of her pussy with my tongue. I would take her lips and suck them deep into my mouth, which I was rewarded with a bl**dcurdling moan. The very tip of my tongue would trace the opening to her pussy, whilst my nose pressed against the flesh of her pearl, pulling the hood up, but never totally exposing her rock hard nub. She was arching her back now to my touch and licks as my finger left her cunt momentarily and was replaced with two fingers sliding in and out with ease. I picked up the pace while I began lapping at her opening wildly. Her hips thrust wildly into my face as I felt her heat bounce off my face. I was coated in her juices with each slide her hips made along my face. I was relishing the scent and taste of her all around me as she began to quicken her movements. I replied with quickening mine as well. How she began to buck when I took two fingers and ran them up the length of her, drawing one on each side of her pearl, slowly stretching the flesh around it and pulling her hood back until that little sensitive piece of flesh was exposed to the tip of that tongue that kept pace with my fingers. I pinched her clit and rolled it back and forth as she was writhing on the bed, crying out my name over and over. I moaned into her pussy again, only this time, it was a begging moan. I begged her to come for me with that moan. I wanted to feel her contract against my face, my fingers, me as a whole.

I saw her body language drastically change as she clawed at the sheet of the bed with one hand and furiously pushed my head further into her pussy. She was about to release. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked deep, working my tongue in a fluid up and down motion as my fingers were curling into her cunt to that one special spot I knew I could reach. Her cries lifted to a higher note as her ass and hips lifted off the bed as well. I put both hands on both cheeks and focused on her pearl only. I was sucking it in my mouth with such poise, such vigor as she convulsed and I hear her scream my named out.

“SHER! OH GOD! OHHHHHhhhhhhh my Sher!” Her hips were flying now. She came hard, thrusting her hips up into my face along with the lapping of my tongue. Wave after wave crashed on top of her as I tried to hold onto her as best I could. I don’t know how many times she came, but the feeling of her quivering body slowly and gradually returning back to earth was enough to send me into spirals of oblivion. Her breathing slowed and returned back to normal as I slid up her body and planted kisses along her length. We kissed for awhile, because her longing for me only increased in intensity as she tasted herself on my lips. She sucked my bottom lip back into her mouth and tugged on it with her teeth. I let up for a second and removed my mouth from hers to catch my breath. I crashed on top of her as our breathing slowed and returned to a regular rhythm.

It was quite for awhile as we listened to the party dying down. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the time showed 2:45 a.m. I yawned and curled up next to her. She turned her body and spooned me from behind, wrapping her arms around me into a warm and loving embrace. I was sealed for life right there – she really is the best cuddler in the world. Her head in the crook of my neck, she was purring softly as our sl**piness caved into our spent bodies. She planted several kissed along my shoulder and neck every now and then. I was slowly drifting off right before I heard her whisper in my ear, “Everything’s Alright, my bear.”
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excellence in wordsmithing & erotica
4 years ago
How can I possibly love you more than I already do? I know...read thos story you wrote for me again!!!! I love you!
4 years ago
One of the best stories I have read on here. Both beautiful and full of sex at the same time.
4 years ago
One hell of a read
Thx for posting