Our First Time

You will get a knock on your door not knowing who it is you open the door. I immediately enter your home and start making out with as I am making out with you we start to move to your kitchen table as my hand moves to your supple breasts. I start removing your clothing as you start removing mine. Then I lay you down on the table and I start licking your pussy with long passionate licks. When I start to sense your high tend arousal I start figuring your clit between licks. Next I climb up on the table and we 69 each other until we both climax at the same time. Then I lift you up and fuck you hard as we move to your bed. When we enter the room you tie me up and go cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on me. After that you untie me and I lick your clit some more until I decide that we should hop in the shower. We make out passionately on our way to the shower. Once in the shower I turn of the orgasmic feeling water. With the water running down our bodies I press
you against
the wall and thrust so hard that you think your pelvis will break. After we orgasm we decide that we worked up quite an appetite so we make something to eat naked. While eating you sit on my lap with penis claiming residence in your pussy. After we eat we go out to your car and we see how sturdy the back seat is. Then we go back inside and see how long we can last in your bed, before we say our good byes, wishing that we had enough energy to go longer. But also thinking about next time.
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